The Mafia's Little Devil

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Chapter 4- Italian

Lucia's POV

I had been enjoying the view ,for the past two minutes, of the stars in the sky that had hints of all different hues of pink purple and blue. Until Santo had to interrupt my day dreaming and completely ruin my view on him.

"Look, Lily, don't think that just because we sat at the same table and I asked you a question that I like you. The only reason I actually asked you a question was because I was shocked that someone like you understood Italian. And don't come up to me at school and talk to me like we're friends, because we're not. Okay?" He rudely explained with an Italian accent coating his American one.

'Great, he's one of those guys that thinks they're better than everyone else and can't remember peoples names' I thought as he was waiting for me to answer his question.

"O-okay, I won't c-come up to you at school and w-were not f-friends," I confirmed while pushing the hair in my face behind my ear. He gulped and nodded back. We then continued our way to my apartment.

After another few minutes of silence passed we were getting closer to the building I live in. It kept annoying me that he got my name wrong and I had no idea why I couldn't just let it go, so I decided to just correct him and we could go our separate ways and never talk to each other again, like he wanted.

"It's Lucy or Lucia" I said softly forgetting to stutter.

He turned his head. "What?" He asked probably not hearing me the first time.

"You s-said Lily. My n-name is Lucia but e-everyone calls me Lucy" I added stutters for effect.

"Okay" he said out loud, but whispered 'Lucia' afterwards so quietly I could barely hear, as if he was unsure how to say it. Or maybe he was just trying to see what it sounded like in his voice. I guess I'll never know.

Until we got to my apartment less than a minute later we were sitting in complete silence apart from the song 'Demons' by Imagine Dragons, that he had turned on a few minutes before.

He stopped his car just where the apartment complex's reception and valet service was. The parking attendant loves me so he lets me and Nova get free valet without telling anyone.

I opened the door of his beautiful car and stepped out. "Um g-goodbye Santo," I said. But knowing that he wasn't going to say it back I started to close the door.

Before I could fully shut it he surprised me by saying "bye," in the most bored tone that I had heard from anyone but myself. Nonetheless, it still surprised me after the lecture he said about us not talking or being friends.

Suddenly he took off so fast that my hair was swept behind me as I headed up to my apartment after that exhausting day.


As I unlocked the door I was waiting tell Nova about how much of a jerk Santo is but as I entered I sighed while I realised that she was with Luca at the movie theatres.

I placed my keys in the fruit bowl in the middle of the dining room table and checked on my phone what time it was. It was 10:45. At 11 o'clock I had to have a phone call regarding when and where I'll be fighting, with my manager, Mateo.

I've know Mateo for my whole life, I consider him to be like my second father. Mateo was best friends with my Mom and Dad years before I was born. Along with my father he taught me how to drive and fight, they both basically taught me everything I know. My Dad used to organise my races and fights, but after he died exactly 2 months and 17 days ago, Mateo stepped in and offered to help until I got the hang of it on my own.

'Do I have time to have a shower?' I asked myself as I started taking out my contacts, fake braces and taking the wig off in the bathroom. By then it was 10:50 and I quickly got into the piping hot shower, but only after turning on music in the built in speakers in my shower. Street fighting and racing actually pays pretty well if you go up against the right person.

After I washed my hair, shaved my legs and got dry I decided to put on the pyjamas that Nova had got me for a joke for my birthday last year, it has her face printed all over it and they were surprisingly quite comfortable. Besides, no one will see me in them.

It had just turned 11, so I got myself comfortable on the sofa in the living room with a bar of chocolate next to me awaiting the call. As soon as I had started to eat the massive bar of chocolate my phone started to ring on my lap.

"Hello?" I said finishing my mouthful of Cadbury chocolate.

"Hi Lucifera" he teased me with a Mexican accent. He was the only one that called me by my illegal name when I wasn't in the ring or on the tracks because he knew that I hated it when anyone got my name wrong.

"How are you? It feels like I haven't spoke to you in ages," I explained popping another piece of chocolate into my mouth.

"I'm good, but you might not be" he spoke in a more serious tone as I sat up straighter in my seat.

"What? Why not?" I asked hurriedly waiting for my answer.

"Before I tell you this you can't get mad at me" he warned.

"What did you do Mateo?" I asked a little irritated at what he hasn't told me.

"WhenIdidabackgroundcheckonallofthecriminalsthatliveinLAIforgottomentionthepartabouttheItalianMafiacurrentlystayingthereforthetimebeing." He said so fast I couldn't even understand him.

"Say that slower" I gritted my teeth together.

"When I did a background check on all of the criminals that live in LA I forgot to mention the part about the Italian Mafia currently staying there for the time being." I could hear the regret in his voice so I decided to take a few breaths and calm down before I went off at him.

"How in the hell do you forget to tell me something this big?" I asked with annoyance lacing my voice.

"I am so so sorry, but there is one more thing." He apologised.

"Which is..." I waited.

"It looks like they want to recruit you into their Mafia so that you can fight for them, so you need to be careful where you go after your next few fights and races Make sure they don't follow or kidnap you," he explained.

"Okay I'll be careful, but speaking of races and fights when is my next one?" I questioned but not forgetting about the whole Italian Mafia thing.

"One second let me check" The phone went quiet.

"It looks like it's going to be tomorrow at 10:15, you'll be fighting the viper, at the club Lux which also has an underground ring in the basement," he read from some kind of file as he doesn't trust computers. He only has a phone because I had to buy it, install it and reassure him it won't spy on him.

"Yeah, okay that's fine but next time could you give me a heads up and not tell me the night before it is happening?" I explained.

"My bad, sorry, I gotta go, see you and Nova at 10:00 tomorrow. Yeah?" He said.

"Yeah, we'll see you there. Bye." I confirmed.

"Bye" he hung up.

After that I decided to order a cheese pizza as I was starting to get a bit peckish even though I had just eaten a burger, fries and two giant milkshakes. I could eat for days and still not be full.

'If I don't finish it I could always eat it on the way to school in the morning.' I thought. Pizza always tastes the best the day after.


20 minutes later and the pizza had arrived, but 10 minutes later there was only one piece left, which was either for my breakfast tomorrow morning, or for Nova when she got in. For some reason she always just forgets to eat if I don't remind her, its like her stomach doesn't constantly ask for food every five minutes like mine does. Is that weird?

I waited another half hour for her to get back home when I got a text from her. It said 'Go to bed because I know you're still up waiting for me. Don't worry I'll be back when you wake up. I promise.' But just to make sure that it was actually her and not some psychopath I made her take a picture and stick two fingers in the air.

After she did that I was satisfied and texted her goodnight while yawning and covering myself in my sheets already falling asleep.
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