The Mafia's Little Devil

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Chapter 5- Hoodie

Lucia's POV:

As soon as I woke up I headed straight down the hall to see if Nova was here. I even did it without checking my phone, which I think tells you something.

When I got to her closed door I thought about knocking but couldn't be bothered so I opened the door carefully trying to not wake her if she was in there. When I looked inside I released a breath I didn't even know I was holding and could see Nova laying on top of her duvet in her clothes from last night with drool dripping out her mouth.

I decided to run back to my room to get my phone and take a picture of her before she woke up.

About an hour later, after I had worked out in my home gym we both started getting ready for school as Nova had woken up about half way through my cardio session and joined in to wake herself up a little, much to my dismay.

We had put on our fake clothing and had an amazing breakfast full of pancakes and croissants that Nova had made when she came back from her 'date' yesterday with Luca. She did that for some reason unknown to me but I didn't complain. And no, she still hadn't told me about it like she told me she would at the diner yesterday. But, after breakfast we headed off on the long walk to the high school.

While we were walking in peaceful silence on the side of the road, it was so cold that I contemplated just buying a new car solely to get to school and back.

About a half hour later Nova and I split up for me to go to math and her home economics. Once again, she is a lucky bitch. As I entered the classroom, I could already feel the eyes of half the class staring at me. I looked on the bright side and said at least it wasn't as bad as the day before?

While trying to find a decent seat, weaving over and around stray limbs in the sea of crowding students, I could see Marco slightly smirking at me from the corner of my eye as I realised that the only seat that wasn't occupied was right next to the joker himself.

I really was hoping to avoid the whole trio. I guess I'll just have to ignore him every day... a real shame. You could probably tell I didn't like making many friends.

I reluctantly waddled towards the empty chair, because of the bag of my back that felt like it was full of bricks and cement, and sat, not bothering to take out a notebook or pens as I already made sure I was at least three weeks ahead so I could just take a nap or something in class.

I put my head down on the desk, hoping to catch up on the sleep I missed while waiting for Nova the night before, but right as I was dazing off I heard a kind of snake sound coming from around me but decided to ignore it.

"Psst, Lucy?" It kinda sounded like someones voice but I still decided to take no notice of it. "Lucy, psst, psst," I heard. It was just getting annoying by that point. "Lucy" I then recognised it as Marco saying my name in a sort of sing song voice.

"What," I snapped, getting weird looks, causing more attention to be placed on me while waiting for the teacher, who was really lat if I may add. I calmed myself down ad asked "w-what? What do you want Marco?"

After realising that I wasn't in the mood to play, his mood dampened slightly and I should've felt bad really. But I didn't. " Well, I was just wondering wether you and Nova are still going to have lunch with the three of us today." He asked.

"If I say y-yes, will you leave me alone and let m-me fall asleep?" I questioned trying to strike a deal with him.

" Mhm, I promise" He quickly shook his head up ad down agreeing with my terms.

" Then yes, Nova and I w-will meet you guys at your table, but I'm not p-promising we'll do this every day, va bene? (okay?)" He did the motion of zipping his lips and throwing the key behind him which brought a small smile to my face as I brought my head back down on to the ridiculously small table that was situated in front of me.

In the next period, which was, for me, chemistry, I saw Luca sitting in the far corner of the class brooding while looking out side the window probable daydreaming about Nova or something. Actually, you know what, it better have been Nova or I'd beat his ass to a pulp. Never mind, kinda getting off topic here. But he wasn't in that class the day before, I wondered where he was.

Probably skipping class to get cigarettes or something, I could tell he smoked because of the way he was always clutching that black and white intricately detailed lighter, in his hand like it was the only thing in the world.

While doing basically the same thing I had done in math, the bell rang and I was determined to be the first one outside of the classroom before the hallways started it fill because it was just the beginning of lunch. Maybe I should go to the library and say I was sick. But, before I could even finish my thought I saw Luca had started grab my bag and take my arm dragging me outside of the classroom towards the cafeteria.

"L-Luca? Where a-are you taking me?" I asked with the stutter, genuinely confused as to why he was physically dragging me in the hallway. "Cafeteria", he said using a one word response not even caring enough to look at me. "O-Okay?" I responded, still too tired to argue with him but I was gonna head there anyway so I guess it was okay.

A few seconds later we entered the room full of sweaty, hormonal teenagers and they all stopped to stare at us as he pulled me towards the middle of the room, probably wondering what a 6'1 person was doing dragging me, and even with my 5'7 stature he makes me look tiny. He gave me my bag back and we sat in awkward silence waiting for the others as everyone slowly started to go back to their own conversations ignoring us both in the middle of the room.

While it felt like decades, only a few minutes later Nova was being dragged in by Marco as he tried to find out where we were sitting, but Santo had already found us and headed straight here not taking his eyes off me once, even when he sat down pretty close next to me.

I guess most people didn't notice Marco dragging Nova over here because he wasn't nearly as frightening as Luca was, but the three who did narrowed their eyes and started stalking towards us, or mainly Santo. As they got over here Sinnamon (with an S) splayed herself all over Santo's lap as he sat their trying to push her off ever so slightly without making it noticeable.

"Are these girls bothering you Santy?" She asked in a shrill voice as he looked at her straight in the eye and said "No they're not. Now can you get off me? I'm not going to ask again." He responded with a deadly glint to his eye. She completely disregarded his comment and started to eat the fries that he had just brought himself. It looked like he had, had enough so he quickly stood up, causing her to fall off of him and onto the cold, hard ground, mumbling "cagna".(bitch)

I am pretty sure no one else heard it because a laugh escaped my mouth before I could catch it, that probably wasn't the best thing to do while she was picking herself up from the floor in ridiculously high heels, while trying not to break her ankles, because next thing I knew Addison, who was one of her 'minions' had taken the milk from my tray and poured it all over my T-shirt, while saying how I shouldn't have laughed and how it was insulting to their 'best friend'.

The milk caused the shirt to become completely see through and while I was patting it down with tissues trying to get some of the liquid out, Marco, Luca and even Santo had stood up and told them to... let me try to put it nicely... leave us alone? Anyways, after a lot of cursing and shouting while Nova and I were trying to dry my shirt we got them to leave us alone for now, but my shirt was still see through and I didn't have an extra one.

"I think I have an extra hoodie in my locker if you want it because I know neither of these guys have one" Santo offered while Marco and Luca were looking at him as if he had grown two heads. " Are y-you sure?" I asked because I didn't want to just take his shirt if he didn't want me to have it. "Yeah, it's fine, just follow me." He waited for me to collect my things before we said bye to Marco and Luca, but Nova wanted to stay so we said bye to her as well and I followed him out to the lockers.

When he opened his locker he pulled out a folded black hoodie and handed it to me as I took off my shirt because I had covered my tattoos in the morning with makeup and I don't really care who sees me in a bra, it is just like a bikini but for the air and not water. As I pulled it over my head, I could just see his face was wide eyed and quite surprised because he most likely didn't expect the 'shy girl' to pull off her top just like that. But, before I could even get a good look at his face his expression became emotionless yet again and closed his locker.

By then it was the end of lunch, so I called Nova and asked her if she wanted to skip the rest of the day with me as I had to prepare for the fight that night. After she agreed, I waited for her to get to the front gate and we easily jumped over it and started off on our journey back home.
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