The Mafia's Little Devil

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Chapter 8-Secret

Lucia's POV:

"Don't play dumb, I know who you really are." He said with anger lacing his words.

"What? W-what do you me-mean?" I said with confusion in my tone. I really hoped that what he said didn't mean what I thought. He grabbed my wrist and harshly brought me over to a nearby alley way with only a few street lamps, causing there to be a very eerie feeling.

"Stop stuttering Lucia," he came closer. "Or should I say Lucifera?" He whispered in my ear, leaning over my shoulder as my body tensed and eyes became wider.

I stepped back a few steps but he kept inching forwards. "I d-don't understand" I nervously told him as my back hit the wall behind me, narrowly missing the misplaced nail sticking out of the bricked wall.

"Now you're just getting on my nerves" he said while inching even closer to me, leaning his two arms on the wall levelled to my head and glared down at me. "You want to know how I know?" I glanced up at him catching his eyes, but quickly looking back down towards the uneven ground. He chuckled while his slight Italian accent shone through. "When you took off your shirt earlier, for everyone to see, I caught a glimpse of that distinct little tattoo that you have sitting right here," he said while gently skimming his fingers delicately over my upper ribcage as I shivered not only because of the breeze.

"I had my suspicions about you, but when you gave a sharp uppercut to that amateur, some of that makeup you put on there smudged and once again I saw those three black roses, so intricately designed onto your body" he said grasping one of my wrists tightly, keeping me in place.

I realised that there was no denying what he said, even if I had tried to lie and say something along the lines of, 'whoever you're talking about must have a similar tattoo to mine' he would probably hike up my shirt and see it for himself again.

So with his ringed hand still stationed on my wrist, I flipped my arm over his head unexpectedly, causing him to face the wall while I pushed his arm close towards his back, making it impossible for him to move freely.

As he grunted with the force of my turn, I slightly came up onto the balls of my feet and came onto the balls of my feet while using my free hand to grasp the handle of the knife that I had been carrying with me all night. Except from when I was in the ring of course.

I brought the blade toward his neck, still tightly holding onto his forearm and pushing him even harder towards the damp wall of the building.

As he felt me press the cold metal along the front of his neck he tensed but didn't seem to panic as much as they usually do. "You tell anyone, even one of your little friends, and I will kill you, if you try to run and hide, I will kill you, if you go to the police, I will kill you, but, if you go home and pretend nothing happened, I'll think I might spare you" I said whispering in his ear menacingly, just as he had done to me only a few minutes ago.

"You really don't know who I am do you," he said while chuckling, not bothering to hide his accent anymore.

"Why should I know you," I said genuinely confused.

"Because I'm the king" he said while turning his head making the blade slightly puncture his skin, causing a bead of blood to slowly trickle down into his black button up shirt.

I froze suddenly. Italian accent, 'friends' following him everywhere, fancy cars, 'king' and I even overheard him saying something about owning the club we had just left.' I'm holding a knife to the leader of the Italian Mafia's neck. Shit.' I thought as he took the opportunity to flip me over with my back harshly rested on the wall, but, I still had an advantage as my knife was still held firmly to his neck.

"I've been looking for you for quite a while now Lucia" he explained while steadily holding a blade of his own towards my heart and twirling it around, but not hard enough to draw blood, yet. "Do you have any idea what I could do right now, I could end you and your 'little friend's' life" he said mocking my previous words, pressing the knife deeper into my skin.

"Are you sure about that?" While forcing my knife hard enough to draw more blood, I said.

"Hmmm, let's make a deal, you come work for me and train my followers. You will do whatever I tell you to do, within reason of course, then I won't kill you or your friend over there, I'll even throw in a bonus of you sitting with us at lunch. Only as long as you're loyal." He said smirking.

Knowing that there was nothing I could do pained me to no extent. I couldn't let another person I cared about die, not after the last time. I had to protect Nova, no matter what it took as if it wasn't for her I would've died a long time ago, by my hand or another's.

"On one condition I will do what you say... within reason. You have to promise Nova and I's safety for as long as I work along side you and forever afterwards." I said with a straight face, staring him straight into his eyes.

"Done" he nodded while withdrawing the blade from my chest as I reluctantly did the same.

I harshly pushed him causing him to stumble back and shoot me a sharp glare as I shot a sweet smile back. "Didn't anyone tell you to never make a deal with the devil?" I said sticking my two index fingers behind my head imitating horns before turning my back on him and walking away.

I felt his eyes lingering on my back, so before I made it all the way out of the alley way I stuck my middle finger out making sure he could see and started laughing maniacally as I heard a blade swerving past my head. "You can't kill me" I shouted back taunting him in a sing songy voice while ripping the uncomfortable wig off and shaking my hair out.


When I got close to my car and in Nova's eyesight, I could see her start freaking out over the absence of the wig on my head. "We're done" I said as I looked intently towards her, to see her reaction first hand.

"What L, we're done with what" she said exasperated as she threw her hands up into the air.

"We are done hiding from everyone." With that her eyes instantly lit up as she threw her hands around my shoulders and pulled me in for a hug. When I didn't budge she ended up climbing over the centre console.

"Ouch, oh crap" she yelled when she banged her knee across the metal inside the corner of my seat.

"Ha ha ha, did that hurt?" I said after laughing as she scowled heavily at me.

"No, Lucy, it didn't hurt, I just shouted in pain and said 'oh crap' for no reason at all" she spoke while looking at me like I was a dumbass.

"Yeah, yeah okay, don't look at me like that" I responded to her while pouting my lips.

"I won't if you stop being dumb," she hit me over the back of my head with the palm of my head and trust me it hurt, bad. "Anyways, what happened with Santo in that creepy as hell alley and why'd you come barging in here with your disguise off and telling me that we're done hiding," she questioned me while I was still rubbing my head.

"Well, you want the long or the short story" I asked, begging her to say the short story in my head, not really wanting to explain how I held a knife to his throat then proceeded to strike a deal with him to ensure our safety over long looming threats.

"Short, I've had a really long night and just want to start heading back home after you've told me everything" she said yawning drowsily. Yeah, you've had a long night. I thought to myself while mentally rolling my eyes. "And don't roll your eyes at me, mentally or not" she said sternly as I gaped at her as if she was a crazy witch.

The next five or so minutes consisted of me telling her what had happened between me and Santo, what he had promised us and who he and his friends actually were. Just as I had expected Nova's reaction were many ooo's, ahhh's, no really's, no's and oh my gosh's. I had know her reaction before she knew, I mean I did know her since she was about 7 years old.

When she had grasped the concept of everything that I had told her, I pulled out of the parking lot and sped home, ready for a much needed and long overdue relaxing weekend with my best friend.
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