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This is actually my very first story so just bare with me. heart and comment if y'all like it or not But anyways Lexi is a 17 year old firstly this isn't ur usual love story she attends noordwood high Her best friend is Blake Johnson he is the most handsomest guy she knows but unfortunately she sees him as only a brother and speaking of siblings she has a identical twin sister her names Maxine she's the most popular girl in school and well lexi prefers to go around being unnoticed until well Lexi came home with her new boyfriend Noah Hunter . Blake doesn't like Noah at all What might happen??

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter one::

I woke up to the loud annoying sound of my sister maxine who's also my twin sister identical i must add she has jet black hair with Amazing blue greyish eyes and perfectly pouted lips

. I looked up at her with a Get out of my face facial expression but unfortunately my sister's not the smartest of all she looks at me and said "Lexi get up or we're gonna be late" i threw her with a pilow which was right beside me she obviously groand as i did that and she had the most priceless look on her face but what worried me was the wicked smile creeping up on her face .

I looked at her trying to figure out what she was planing i saw her glancing over at my cellphone.she quickly grabbed it before i could and she said "ohhh lexi lexi lexi what could i say what could i do with your ohh so precious iPhone" i looked at her mad as hell i ran towards her and just as I was about to land right onto her she quickly moved to the side causing me to fall flat on my face" owwww Maxine look what u made me do" i looked at her and i was in pain and she could see that she ran towards me going on her knees to see how it looked "lexi ! Im so sorry le..."

I then jumped onto her she had her back against the floor and i was right on her choking her with both my hands she soon started hitting me and screaming her face started to turn red and as soon as i was getting up my mother barged into my room causing the door to slaam against the wall .

I instantly got up from maxine and she started breathing heavily " lexi and maxine what's going on here why are you guys acting like too four year olds ?? Lexi why aren't you dressed yet??" My mother looked at me with those big blue eyes mad ass hell obviously .

Maxine got up from the floor looking at me with a evil smile on her face and stood behind my mother i knew there was no use in trying to explain myself so i just looked at her and said "immmmm goiiing relax mom geeeez" she looked at me and started walking towards the door saying " if ur not done before we leave we're leaving without you" maxine soon followed behind my mother but turned and glanced at me still smiling as fast and as amazing as i am i threw another pillow directly into her face and i immediately started laughing my mother shouted" you guys better stop ! Lexi i hope your already in the shower"

i ignored maxine and went towards my closet doors opening it . I have a lot of clothes even if i don't like wearing them too draw attention towards myself but anyways i chose a ripped black skinny jean with a white long sleeve shirt with a grey jersey just to prevent people from seeing my boobs

anyways i went to my bathroom and yes i have my very own bathroom. i wouldn't EXACTLY say my family's rich but my mother works at a private hospital and my father owns a car dealership one of the best in town actually. anyways i got into the shower making sure the water wasn't to hot i then grabbed the soap and started washing myself soon after i grabbed the shampoo and then started washing my hair i like when the water slowly dripped down my face Making me want to stay under the water till my skin becomes all wrinkly but unfortunately i can't otherwise id be late i quickly grabbed the towel wrapping it around my body and another around my head i then went and got my underwear then started getting dressed i went back into the bathroom and started doing my hair in the mirror i then decide to straighten my hair i really didn't need any make up i was extremely beautiful i obviously had the same features as my sister i mean we are twin's i had long jet-black hair with grey eyes, dark pink lips and i had a nice straight nose . I then decided to wear my black vans .

I ran into the kitchen smells ohh so heavenly bacon that played with my nose , everyone was already sitting and eating even my bestest friend blake Johnson he had nice blond shaggy looking hair with strawberry pink lips Hazel coloured eyes he wasn't skinny but he also wasn't really muscular .

I walked towards him playfully pulling his hair he just looked at me and said " look who finally decided to join us " i looked at him ohh god if only he knew i badly i wanted to punch him in his handsome face ohh god what am i thinking " ohhh shut up and eat blake " me and Blake have been friend ever since i can remember . Our family's actually want us to date but ughhhh i could never im not saying he's ugly but you know what i mean hes like a brother to me he's the brother i never had

After breakfast we all went outside me ,blake, maxine got into his car and my parents got into theirs . On our way to school mexine couldn't stop talking about her ohh soo amazing boyfriend in my honest opinion my sister's could do much better than the assholes she goes out with she's always in relationships with new guys almost every month and me well i don't date school comes first and I'd like to date someone who actually Cares about me who wouldn't do anything to hurt me in anyway someone I can cry to someone who'd spend the night at my house without wanting to fuck me and leave me the next day but anyways that's bullshit those type of guy's don't exist .

We pulled into the parking lot , maxine instantly got out and went towards her group of friends . Me and blake started going into the school where we saw another one of my friends Carla ,she was a blond with cute thin lips and green eyes she wore really cute glassed that made her kinda look like a nerd but a cute one anyways.she was such a bubbly person always smiling and laughing .

when she saw me she ran towards me and screamed "leeeeeeeeeeex !! There's my girl look at you looking all cute" i started to blush as she said that .she then grabbed me and gave me a bear hug and ohhhhhhhh did it hurt " C...carla yo..your h...h.. hugging m...me t...to fucking tight!!" She looked at me Asif i was a crazy person and started laughing " ohhh (laughs) sorry about that lex"

I got to my locker taking only the books i need . As i was standing there i felt like someone was staring at me like they were staring hole into the back of my head , i started to feel weird i turned around seeing only the most handsomest guy ever I know i said Blake's handsome but he ... he's something else i looked away knowing i was drooling all over him to be honest i didn't even notice that a group of girls were looking at me and they were literally going to bite my head off

I turned around ignoring what just happened and closed my locker just as i was about to walk away i felt a strong grip on my hands just as i was about to turn to see who it was,i was being dragged into a empty classroom .

I closed my eyes not wanting to see who it was afraid that it might be a teacher well i said that because there have been a rumour going around that a teacher has been fucking around with a few female students . I stood there not knowing what's going on and then I heard someone say " hi"

I was extremely confused, who was this I didn't recognise the person's voice but ohhh shit his voice melted my hole entire body ...who was this guy and what does he want from me...

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