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PLEASE NOTE: This is the second book following Lakeview: Falling for Brie Life long best friends Brianna Reynolds and Jake Mitchell had secretly loved each other. Entangled in a friends with benefits relationship, they find themselves falling deeper in love. After a few mishaps and heartaches, their love proofs stronger then no other. Jake finally gathers enough courage to propose to Brianna and he married her. To his surprise, she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy same day they marry. This is the story of their first years of marriage. New obstacles emerge. New heartaches will come their way. Will they stick together and live a long life together? Or will they have to say goodbye and go their separate ways?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


Early October

I stood in the bleachers. My brother was out there assisting the awesome and handsome coach for our little rockey players of Lacrosse, no other then my hot ass husband Jake Mitchell. Though I know Jake would have loved to have coached football, he was begged by the old lacrosse coach to take over as the new coach for this season.

He fussed at first, but he sure as heck loves those kids. I can see hos passion for this game and for the kids. Jake and I have been childhood friends. Basically have been best friends since we were in diapers.

Throughput the years, we remained best friends. But, I secretly crushed on him all my life. It wasn't until I left to California during high school when I realized I was in love with him. Though I denied it the whole time.

While growing up, he and I developed a more. Intimate relationship. Going from best friends in front of everyone, and friends with benefits behind closed doors. I mean, he's freaking hot, so can you blame a girl?

I was constantly harrassed by dumb girls who wanted to date him, asking me to stop being so clingy. When we hit a rough spot, I ran. I ran thinking it was best for us both. That only made me realize I truly was in love with him.

I for a while, I thought he was just lustful over me. Thinking he just wanted to mess around and have someone to sleep with. But stupid me continued the game because I was afraid of losing him.

I came close to losing him when I found out he had a one night stand with a gorgeous girl named Kaitlyn. She was a beauty to be honest. Beautiful hair, blue eyes, tall, and glorious curves. I didn't think I'd stand a chance against her. So, I let go. I ended things with him. And said goodbye!

A week later, he confessed to me that he was in love with me, and things took off from there. A year later, we were married.

Now it's been two years. In a few weeks it will be our second anniversary and out of great coincidence, it will be my little man Aiden will be turning two years old that same day too. Yes, you heard right! Aiden came as a surprise, being born on the same day Jake and I got married. My baby girl Emily is just a few months old. She was born this year on the twenty first of August. Just about a week before my birthday.

She's got this beautiful full head of black hair. Gorgeous skin and her daddy's gray eyes. She's perfect in every single way. My baby Aiden also was blessed with daddy's gray eyes, though he looks more like uncle Matt, my twin then Jake. He's got big deep dimples like my brother, Jake's light brown hair, and his grandpa Robbie's silly attitude.

"Hey gorgeous! Need some help with one of these little ones?" Evelyn, my best friend sits next to me, taking Aiden into her arms and tickling him. He loves spending time with her.

"Evey! Mommy, Evey!" Aiden holds his hands around her neck giving her wet kisses on her cheek.

"I miss you kiddo! I haven't seen you in two whole days! You know how hard that is?" Evelyn squints her eyes, grazing her nose against Aiden's making him giggle.

"I miss you Evey!" He smothers her with more kisses making her giggle.

"I miss you more baby boy!"

"Ok enough! You're gonna wake up Emi and it took me forever to get her to sleep." I whisper. Since this was only a practice, not many parents were here. So the field was rather quiet other then Jake yelling at Matt for not taking out enough equipment out for all the kids to practice.

"I told you to get the three bags in the office asshole! Not one, three. Get your ass in there and get the other two!"

"Screw you Mitchell... you lucky I can't curse in front of these kids. But I can still kick your ass when we get home! I'm gonna take EMI home with me for that bitch!" Matt yells back at Jake.

"You touch my princess and I'll make sure you don't get to have a princess of your own asswipe." Jake yells back. The boys stare at each other, covering their ears as the well k own protocol now to do so when coach Mitchell and coach Reynolds yell at each other.

I make my way to the field and stand before them. My hands on my hips as I stare at both silently.

Both stop yelling and stare apologetically at me.

"Sorry sis!"

"Sorry baby! I got carried away."

"You two need to stop talking all this shit to each other whole the kids are out here. If I have to come back out here and handle you two one more time I'm gonna make sure you sleep on the couch for a whole week!" I point at Jake who hangs his head.

"And you! Who told you that you had permission to take my baby girl to your house without my permission? Behave! Both of you or so help me god I will make you both pay!" I stare at Matt pointing between the two.

"Baby I'm sorry. I lost my cool, because this fu-... sorry, because Matthew forgot to bring out all the equipment like I asked him. It was just a small misunderstanding baby I swear. Nothing serious!" Jake raises his hands and then pulls me close giving me a kiss on the forehead.

I sigh and kiss him on his lips. I pull away pulling my hand up. "Give me the keys, I'll go get the bags." Jake narrows his eyebrows and clenches his jaw.

"Brie, you can't bring the equipment out yourself the bags are heavy. I'll get them." Matt suggests taking the key from my hand.

He sprints away inside the office and disappears as he makes his turn inside the building. I glance back at Jake, with my hands crossed over my chest.

"Is it so hard for you two to stop yelling at each other for just one game? I mean it's a never ending teasing game between you two." Jake chuckles as he pulls me close.

"Baby that's just how he and I are. You know that! He's still my best friend! We just, understand each other like that!" He says as he smiles at me.

"Ok fine! But I mean it! You two yell at each other again, and it's the couch for you tonight!" I peck his lips and head back to the bleachers with Evey and my babies.

Evelyn is all over the place running with Aiden playing pretend plane. My baby girl Emily still sleeping in her car seat.

If you went back three years from today when I finally came back home from California and told me that I'd end up happily marrying my best friend? I'd jump with joy, hopeful inside.... but I definitely would not have believed it.

I still love him deeply! I still get those butterflies in my stomach when I see him. His beautiful gray orbs still penetrate me all the way into my soul. He still makes my damn knees feel weak. But how can I not feel this way? He is perfect in every single way.

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