The Broken Pieces

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Sometimes people pretend to be happy and content but inside they have numerous broken pieces which they are trying hard to join back ... Sarah and Hayaan ,both afraid of their own broken pieces. They share the same heart and yet they stand far apart from each other. Will they ever be able to leave behind their fears and hold each other's hand?

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The little girl cried looking at her father if could be called one, who moved towards her with his unsteady steps .

"Dad ...i.....want mommy." she said between her sobs.

The man let out an evil laugh and took a sip from the wine bottle. "Oh, dear.Don't make it hard for me. Just go with your uncle and let me have my money. " He held her hand harshly and pulled her towards him.

"Mommy! " she screamed. Her cries got louder,she tried to push the man but couldn't. The six year old felt weak infront of her own father who was ready to sell her just for his liquor.

"My baby! " the little girl looked behind her father and smiled when she saw her mother coming for her rescue.

"Mommy save me. "

The woman embraced her daughter and looked at her husband and her brother in law with disgustfull eyes.

"How could you? " she asked with tears running down her cheeks.

"Money sweetheart. " her husband smirked and pulled her by her wrist.

"You are a beast! You sell my body every day and now my daughter! I won't let you destroy her life. " with that she pushed him hard and held her daughter's hand, ready to runway from him.

"Run Sarah! Ru.... " she shouted looking at the girl.

"Not so soon. "

"Mommy! " gun shots were heard and few screams.

She woke up suddenly and tried to calm herself down. Her palms felt sweaty as she was breathing heavily. Looking at her surrounding she tried to remind herself that it was all over and she was far away from her past .

"Didu (elder sister) are you ok? " her chain of thoughts were broken by her little sister Keya .

"Yes Keyu don't worry. I am absolutely fine. You go downstairs I will be there in few minutes. "

As soon as her sister was gone she rushed towards the washroom . "Oh God! I don't wanna be late on my first day of college. "

Hey guys!
Here is the first chapter of my book. I hope you liked it. This is the first I am writing here so if there is any mistake then do tell me. Have a good day ❤
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