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A painful past which leads so much problem to a girl named nandini, she was humiliated, beaten, accused, tortured sexually and mentally yet she never complained and always smiled being so positive. Her husband did every sinful offense with her saying i love you to her. Peep in to know more about this story. Clearly telling you that it's for 18+ people. It is mature.

Romance / Mystery
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The house was decorated beautifully, in the main hall butlers are roaming here to there holding big plates because it was their master's wedding which was just happened some hours ago. They were doing the further preparations. It was malhotra palace which was decorated beautifully and it was manik who just got married.

Manik's room

Rose petals were scattered all over the floor with their clothes. They were covered with the white duvet but looking at their legs position was showing that manik was inside her very deeply because her short legs were caged by his big once. Her toes were curled showing her pain.
Manik's giant body was covering her small body. She was so small and fragile. Her henna filled hands were brutally caged by manik who was kissing her on lips while thrusting inside her deeply.

" Ahhhhhhhhhh please please your highness leave me, please. " Nandini begged when he left her lips, he smirked while looking at her body with satisfaction.

" My little kitten. Today is our wedding night and i am not gonna leave you, i promised you na that i will make you bleed, i promise today night you'll remember for ever. " Saying this he again slammed his lips on nandini and 18 years old nandini sobbed feeling his huge manhood inside her private part tearing her.

" Just trust me your highness, i only said no for marriage because i want to achieve my carrier. I didn't know you send the proposal for me. " She sobbed holding his bare shoulder.

" You know my baby, you career collapsed that second when i selected you for myself. I want to have you every night. You're my love and obsession. Our age difference can't take you away from me that's why i decided to have my grip on you by making you pregnant. " Manik said while thrusting deeply. Nandini was shocked but she whimpered when he thrust her hardly and fastly.

" Pl......... Stop. " She shouted when he thrust inside her womanhood very deeply and harshly. His manhood wanted to lay within her comfortably and deeply but nandini was small her small body parts aren't allowing him to do that.

" If you would have accept my proposal than i would have give you so many advantages after all you're the queen of my palace but you like the monster version of me. " Manik whispered while kissing on her neck sensuously.

He left her hands and she hold his shoulder tightly. Manik smile looking at his newly wedded wife who was struggling and begging under him. He hold her chin and look into her red eyes. He sucked her lower lips totally spoiling her lipstick and then entered her mouth. Sucking her tongue squeezing her both cheeks. Nandini was crying under him knowing if she make him angry then he will do something with her family.

" Nandini................. " He groaned while pulling out himself looking at his blood filled penis. He smirked and again rubbed them on her clit making her cried in disgust.

" Please leave me, it's too big for me. Please leave me your highness. " Nandini cried joining her hands and manik take her one nipple in his mouth and started to suck it. He bite it hard.

" Ahhhhhhhhhh....... " Nandini begged to leave her nipple but he just knead the other one while biting that one hardly.

" I know i am 8 years older than you but it's not my fault. you have to be ready nandini and you have to make your body ready for all this.just get use to it or else you'll feel pain everytime." She was breathing sharply and crying.

He just kissed her Beutiful and small lips and pushed himself inside in her love hole entering her uterus directly. She broke the kiss and cried.

" Please stop please. " He smirked more and entered more deeply and sat on her thighs. She closed her eyes looking at her bare body. He pull her on his laps. Manik joined their parts more deeply making her eyes closed in pain. He lay down on his king size bed with nandini upon him. He hold nandini's shoulders tightly and slammed her against his balls making her shouted in pain when his dick started to hit her sweet spot making her shouted. He smirked more looking at his small bride.

" Baby it's your first time that's why you're feeling this but you have to bear your punishment of rejecting the king. " Manik said still ramming hardly inside her.

After some time he couldn't control himself and turn their position and picked his pace and thrust inside ber more deeply. She pressed her lips inwardly and his pupils delated looking at her like this. He again caged her small legs with his and give a deep and strong thrust inside her making her shout.

" Please your highness, i am sorry please leave me. " Listening nandini he pressed his lips on her lips shutting her up and started to give her strong and deep thrusts making her eyes rained heavily. She would moan in pleasure if she would be a young girl but she was a teenager.

For her last time he dragged his manhood out from the deepest position to mid and push himself in all the way and released his seeds in her womb. She cried more when she felt his seeds inside her while were flowing inside and going deep and deep.

" So baby your punishment is over now. I want you to follow my every order and yes we are going to sleep like this only from today on so i want you to get habituate to take me in one go. I will not listen no from you and i'll be inside you whenever i want. " Manik said cupping her cheeks and nandini nodded scaredly. He wipe her tears gently and smooched her lips for the last time.

" Sleep tomorrow you have lots of work. So sleep now. " He said kissing her forehead and she hugged him sobbing in his arms.

Toh there is a prologue of my new story unwantedly wanted. Nandini was 18and manik was 26 he was super dominating person, his royal blood not at all allow him to be calm.

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