Scarlet Raven

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chapter 9

As we drove away from my former home, my heart starting to break. I’m leaving everything behind. “I am so sorry Scarlet. I can’t even imagine how hard this must be for you.” “It’s okay. It’s hard, but it’s the way it had to be. Everything’s changed, and it can never go back.” I never turned to look at him, just staring out my window.

“Here call John, see where he and that girl are, and we’ll meet him.” I made the call. He’s still has eyes on her; he gave us his location. “There still at the restaurant.” I hung up, and looked over at Thomas. “How are we going to do this?” “I do have an idea. But I will need your help with it.”

“What do you want me to do?”

He just smiled and kept on driving.

“You want me to what?” “You heard me, climb in the back, and change into some kind of dog.” “Your joking, you have to be joking.” I can tell by the look on his face that he’s completely serious about this. Sighing I undid my seatbelt and climbed into the back, punching Thomas in the arm as I went. I can’t believe he’s making me do this right now. Once I’m in the back, I pulled off some clothing and said. “Do you have any requests?” “Something spectacular.” “Ok coming right up.”

Closing my eyes, I brought the image of the great wolf to mind, as well as a husky.

With the windows being so dark I can change without anyone seeing me. I summoned a wolf’s body with brown and black fur with a husky’s face, one blue eye and one pale red eye. Once the change is complete, I whimpered so Thomas will look at me.

“Wow Scarlet. You’re amazing. I am not ever going to ever get used to this. What are you a wolf?” I dipped my head in a nod. “I didn’t mean for you to change into a wolf, what are people- you know what never mind.” ‘Hey you said something spectacular.’ But of course I can’t say that because we lost our mind thing when I died and came back. I lied down on the back seat; waiting until we get to the restaurant.

Thomas stopped the car; and said. “Ok Scarlet here we are.” He got out and opened the door for me, and I jumped down. We caught sight of John leaning against a wall.

When he saw us walking, towards him, he gave me a strange look.

“Thomas what’s going on?”

I chuffed and bumped his leg with my flank. “It’s Scarlet, I never told her to change into a wolf. We’re going to use her to get close to her.” I nipped at his hand. Taking offense to what he said.

John knelt down in front of me; he dug something out of his pocket and tied it around my neck. Where did he get that from?

Thomas then took a photo of me, and said.

“Ok here’s what we’re going to do, I am going to go in, and then you’ll run in like your running from John. Sniffing around then you’ll go right to her. Got it?” I dipped my muzzle and Thomas walked into the place.

I ran in just as the door closed. While I did as Thomas said I looked and sniffed around; looking for her. I walked up to her, sitting at a booth near the back. I walked up to her and sat down tail wagging. “Well hello there. How did you get in here?”

She scratched my head and looked up just as John came up to us. “This is yours I presume?” “Yes I’m sorry, about that. She just got away from me.” He extended his hand. “I’m John.” “I’m Ophelia.” But she didn’t shake his hand. “Have a seat.” He did, and I sat next to him, but on the floor.

“And why don’t we have your friend come and join us. Come now don’t be shy.” She knows that we’re playing her? But does she know about me? Just then Thomas came back and slid into the seat next to John. “So what can I do or you two gentlemen today?”

“We would like to know where you’re heading.” “I’m heading to Vancouver. I heard it’s a good place for people like us to go. That there’s a tone of us and wolves around.”

“Yes there are as a matter of fact. But it would appear that you missed the bus.” He said just as the bus pulled out. “Well so it does. Well what am I going to do now?” Her voice indicating she doesn’t care at all. I don’t want her here at all. I may not like my family, but I love my town, and I don’t want her anywhere near it.

I nudged Thomas and looked towards the door.

“Come outside with us.”

“Why should I do that?” “At this moment you don’t really have any other choice.” She sighed. “Fine let’s go.” We walked outside and walked around the side of the building.

“Ok what’s this about?” I was studying her. Long brown hair, thin with a lovely face. She’s wearing a long dark green dress, with a long back cloak overtop of it.

She has hazel eyes, and looks like she’s about twenty years old. “Scarlet would you like to show her?”

I chuffed and moved a head a bit and looked back at them. I held still and my joints started to shift and changed back.

Standing in front of her, showing proudly what I am, minus the fangs. “What are you?” “I’m a shapeshifter. I can change into any animal; I want to.” “Well that’s impressive.” “I want you out of this town.” “And how prey tell would you like me to do that? Since I you know, missed the bus.” “We don’t care, we just want you out.”

I thought about it while they argued.

An idea just came to me, coming up with a plan.

“You’ll come with us. We’ll drive you to Vancouver, and drop you off somewhere, and never see you again.” “Scarlet what are you doing?” “Don’t worry, she won’t do anything, or she’ll have me to deal with.” Thomas and John both sighed. “Fine you’re coming with us.”

John looked at me, and I know what I need to do. I changed back to what I am, and ran out of the ally, over to the car.

“Ophelia you’re in the front. Thomas you take the first shift driving.” “We’ll need to make a stop before we go anywhere.” They agreed and climbed into the car. I know exactly where we need to go, the local blood bank, and we’ll need more normal food as well.

I changed back and directed them to the blood bank, and stayed in the car while Thomas goes inside to get the blood.

There’s no way they’re taking her in there, and no way there leaving me with her.

Since all the stuff is in the back there isn’t much room, I decided to change into something smaller. My body changed into a car, but I didn’t call my particular colour. I meowed, John looked down at me. He scratched my head, and picked me up, setting me in his lap. He snapped a photo of me.

My colouring’s odd; my fur is basic white, but I have red spots all over me, and my eyes are hazel. “Your certainly becoming exotic aren’t you?”

I purred and looked out the window; Thomas is coming small cooler in hand.

He threw it in and climbed in. Without anything he started the car and tore out of the place, starting our long journey home.

John and I looked at each other, there’s definitely something wrong with him, neither of us know what it possibly can be.

Through the journey we would only stop when we needed gas or refuel on food. I stayed a cat that seemed to be the safest option. No one really said anything either. I think Ophelia was even scared by Thomas. Hell I’m even becoming scared of him. I’m starting to lose track of time, I don’t even know how long we’ve been on the road for. Everything around us is becoming a blur, sometimes Thomas will drive the speed limit, and sometimes he would be out of control, like he’s trying to get caught.

John would offer to take over, even Ophelia offered, and I don’t even know if she can drive or not; and every time he snaps at them. John and I tried to communicate but with me being a cat it’s difficult to say the least. I did however manage to tell him to give her our cell numbers when we drop her off. So she can get in touch with us is she needs too. He nodded in agreement. When we got closer I changed back and said.

“Thomas you have to pull over.” “We’re almost home.” “No you have to pull over now!”

My tone became very angry. He looked in the rear-view mirror; the look I gave him, he pulled over and I jumped out of the car, running into the ditch, just as everything in my stomach came back up.

Hands rested on my shoulders, for a moment I thought it was Thomas; but I am dead wrong. “It’s okay, just let it up.” It’s John, I don’t know what’s wrong with Thomas; but I want to kill him right now.

Finally after several minutes of hurling, everything is out, and I can stand again.

John still has his hands on my shoulders, and concern on his face. I wiped my face, he handed me some water, and I clean my mouth and tried to catch my breath. “John what the hell is wrong with him?” “I don’t know Scarlet. He told me to come to you. Come on, we’re almost home.” I nodded and he helped me back to the car.

I climbed in and he climbed in next to me. Thomas didn’t say anything, just made sure we’re in, and pulled back on the road.

Ophelia looked behind, and asked. “Are you alright?” “I’m fine thank you. I must have eaten something that didn’t agree with me.” Not fully knowing what I am she handed me a bottle. “Here take a sip of this, just a sip though.” I took the bottle and looked at John who only nodded.

I took a sip, and pretended to gag on it. “Thank you, I feel much better.” She nodded and turned her attention back to the road.

I sat there staring out my window, watching everything go by.

All the while wondering what the hell is wrong with Thomas.

Since we left he, barely looks at me; it’s like he resents me for everything that has happened to him. But he’s the one that kidnapped me! So if anyone has the right to be pissed off it’s me. And he’s the reason I got shot, and died, and came back the way I am right now.

When we get back, I’m either getting some answers; or I’m leaving and never coming back.

But Thomas and his mood is really starting to piss me off!

Someone’s voice made me jump out of my seat.

“This is our last stop before we get home. If you need to get out, do it now.” Thomas said as he got out of the car. John Ophelia and I went into the store, needing some time away from Thomas. “Scarlet” She took my arm, and went to another part of the store.

“Listen I know I don’t know you very well. I am going to make a wild leap and guess that Thomas isn’t normally like that.”

Looking over my shoulder, I shook my head.

“No I don’t know what his problem is. Look once we get there, you need to get away from us.” I pulled something out of my pocket giving it to her. “Mine and John’s numbers. Anything happens to you, just call us.” She took it, folding it. “Thank you. Listen I know I didn’t do things as well as I should have, but really thank you.” “I know what it’s like, at first I was angry.” I looked over at John whose grabbing god knows what. “And now I have people that really seem to care about me.”

I said grabbing some random stuff off the shelf. “Now come on, before Thomas leave’s without us.” She grabbed some stuff, and followed me back to John.

“You girls ready to go?” We nodded, and put our stuff on the counter. Lucky for us, Thomas didn’t abandon us, but we all can feel the anger radiating off of him.

Thomas tried to start the car, but Ophelia took the keys from him. “What are you doing?!” “I am sick of this. There your friends, and your treating them like dirt.” She looked back at us, and continued.

“So what exactly is your problem?” Thomas flashed his fangs. “I don’t have to tell you a dam thing! Now give me the fucking keys, or get the fuck out of my car!” John and I sat in the back watching them in a staring contest, waiting to see who would blink first.

After what seemed like an eternity, she threw the keys at him. “Fine but don’t come crying to me, when everything blows up in your face.” She grabbed her bag, and got out of the car.

I climbed out, and hurried to catch her. “What are you doing?” “I’ll find I own way there.” “No you won’t.” “And why is that?” “Because I’m coming with you.” “No you aren’t.”

“Yes I am no more arguing, I’m a shifter, and I can get us there faster.” “And how prey tell will you do that?” “Just you wait and see.”

I made sure I have my phone, and we start walking not looking back towards the car.

We kept walking, until a voice called.

“Scarlet Ophelia wait up!” We stopped and looked back as Johns running after us, backpack over his shoulder.

“What are you girls doing?” “We can’t be in that care anymore. So I am going to make sure we get back.” “Well then I’m coming with you. Thomas and I had it out, and he’s left.”

The three of us looked back, and sure enough the car is gone. “Ok then, let’s start walking. There are some trees up ahead. We’re head there, it’ll be dark soon, and we’ll do it then.”

Ophelia looked at us both in confusion. “Then you’ll do what?” I smiled and resumed walking, calling back. “You’ll see.”

They have to run to catch up to me. None of us said much of anything, as we walk. Johns walking beside me, at times he’d bump into my arm.

“Do you have food with you?” He nodded, pulling his pack off, grabbing some food he passed it around, putting his pack back on.

Ophelia’s walking behind us, I think she’s still a little nervous with us. I try to fall back so I can walk beside her, but she stops me. “It’s not much further. We’ll rest a bit before we continue on.” I said and continued on.

I keep trying to figure out, if I can make my body large enough to carry two people.

We got to the small patch of trees, just as the sun disappeared from sight. The entire time we’ve been walking, we’ve only seen a few cars, not one stopped to see if we need help.

But we wouldn’t take it anyway. We stopped, and they had a seat, catching their breath.

After everything that’s happened, Thomas acting is like this. I don’t what’s happened to him; all I want to do is rip his head off.

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