Scarlet Raven

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chapter 10

“Ok Scarlet, how are we getting home?” Looking over at John, the look on his face, says he already knows, the answer. Looking up at the sky, smiling I have the perfect animal in mind.

“I think it’s dark enough, just wait here.” They both stood as I took a few steps back. “Wait you leave all your clothes on?” Ophelia asked. “It’s hard to explain. When it happens, everything else changes as well. But I should take off my shoes.”

John came up to take them, and whispered. “Are you sure about this?” Reassuring him. “Yes don’t worry. When we get back, we’ll call Derek and Eliot. Now get back, we need to get going. I want to go home.”

He nodded, touched my cheek, and went back to stand with Ophelia, to wait while I transformed. The change started and I started to take shape of a dragon. Only this time, larger and dark blue, the colour of the night sky. My body grew, and expanded and lengthening.

After a few moments, it’s complete. John and Ophelia walked up to me; putting a hand on my scales; moving along my body. “Scarlet I don’t believe this. You are so beautiful.” “Come on Ophelia, we have to go.”

She nodded and came up beside John. “So how do we get on?” moving my neck so I can look at my back, just as two bumps formed like a saddle.

I lowered myself to the ground, and motioned for them to climb up. “John you get up first and I’ll get on behind you.” “No you’re going up first, I and will get up behind you.”

I can tell that she doesn’t like it, but she also knows that it’s her only choice in the matter.

“Ok just please Scarlet don’t move.” Just for her I got as close to the ground as I can get; so she can get up. She’s in her long dress; and cloak, they didn’t make it any easier for her. So I nudged her with my snout, helping her into place. John started climbing but he won’t let me help him. Once he’s in place, I made sure there safe. “Ok Scarlet, nice and easy.” I slowly stood, spreading my wings and started running, and launched into the air.

Flying as fast as I can. Once I’m high enough, I leveled off flying through the air. After a while I looked back at my two passengers.

Ophelia’s even paler then normal, but John looks like he’s having the time of his life.

They both look like there cold though, I have to do something. Even though I’m a dragon I don’t know if I can breathe fire or not, but I have to try. My body’s starting to heat, and I told it to radiate though my scales.

After a moment, Ophelia said. “Thank you Scarlet.” And I know it’s worked. “We’re almost there. Once we land we’ll call Derek, to come.” John yelled over the wind.

I grunted in agreement, almost forgetting how big an ass Thomas is being right now. I still don’t understand what is happening with him. I want the old Thomas back. Grunting, I flapped my wings harder, propelling us forward. The landscape below us is so beautiful; the moon glowing bright. Almost making my dark blue scales glow. I became so relaxed; I started drifting off course, but quickly regained control, and kept flying; towards my home.

We flew for about another hour, I can tell that we’re getting closer. I stretched slowly making my decent, trying to make it as easy for them as possible.

I landed, lowering my body, so they can slide off my back, to the ground. I stepped back and quickly changed back so no one will see a large dragon, just wandering around. “Are you alright?” They nodded trying to steady themselves. “That was some ride.” “John we need to get moving. Call Derek and have him meet us.”

He nodded and pulled out his cell, and made the call. The three of us, started walking, John in front of us, and Ophelia beside me. She looped her arm through mine, I think she’s starting to trust me more. I don’t know where we are, but John seems to, and he wants us out as soon as we can. We’re just about out, and array of howling erupted all around us.

“Girls get behind me.” John and Ophelia both extended their fangs, and all my senses became on high alert. “Werewolves.” Then we’re surrounded, buy at least a dozen wolves. One by one, they started changing back.

“Well what do we have here?” One male in the middle said as he walked towards us. “Two vampires, and a.”- He inhaled. “You must be my little shapeshifter. Yes I can smell it.” “She’s not your anything! Leave us alone!” “Leave? No not without my prize. A shapeshifter, she’s a valuable commodity. Give her to me; I’ll get a pretty penny for her. I may in let you live. Just give her to us.”

He took a step towards me; but Ophelia and John got in front of me. “Leave us!” He just smiled eyes glowing. I can feel the change coming, and I can’t stop it. “That’s how it’s going to be is it. Boys get the girl.” Four of them, came at us, John and Ophelia started fighting, trying to hold them off. I started to change, and the pain from the change is so intense I have to close my eyes, until it finishes. The pain recedes and I can open my eyes. I’m once again a dragon, strong and brave, to protect my friends.

I started fighting, one after the other, wolf and in human forms. After some time of fighting, a car pulled in, and a gunshot rang out, as someone got out of the car. “Stop!” Just like that, all the fighting stopped. Derek and Eliot came into view in the light from the car’s headlights. But each one holding a gun trained at our attackers. “Let them go!” Just like that the three of us, walked over to Derek and Eliot. You don’t mess with guns pointed at your heads.

The change is reversing as we walked.

John put Ophelia and I behind the three of them like a shield; keeping us safe. “Well now it would appear that our little Bellatrix was telling us the truth about you. Excellent.” “What did you do to her?” “What we do with everyone that betrays the pack.” I tried to get through but they stopped me, all I want to do is rip his head off. “Now you have two choices, give the girl to me, or get destroyed.” Derek raised his gun.

“You know what this gun is loaded with? Silver bullets, one shot and your dead. Touch the girl again, and I will see to it personally that you’re the one that will get destroyed. Now leave.” He snarled. “This isn’t over. She will be mine. Everyone move out.”

One by one they started changing back to wolf form, and running off into the woods.

Once there all gone and out of sight, Derek looks at the three of us. “What the hell was that all about?”

“Later, right now we have to get out of here. Everyone in the car.” John shoved us all in, and we tor out of there like a bat out of hell. We’re in another S.U.V Derek and Eliot are in the front, and we’re stuffed in the back.

I thought it would be me that’s scared. But it’s Ophelia who is terrified. I’m holding her tight against me, trying to calm her down. I don’t think she’s ever been so scared in her life, or seen that many wolves in her life. Finally when Derek spoke up, his voice makes all of us jump. “Now is someone going to tell us what the hell is going on? Where is Thomas?”

I was about to Speak but Ophelia beats me to it.

“After we left her town, Thomas got in a bad mood. I think it’s because of me, he and I got in a fight, so I left; and Scarlet followed me.” She looked at me, and continued.

“Then after we left, John and Thomas got into it, and he followed us, which I am grateful for.”

She looked at him, and smiled. “Scarlet turned into a dragon again, and flew us back. The wolves must have smelt us after we landed, and managed to catch up to us.” “Why do they want me so badly?” “It’s like they said Scarlet, you’re a rare commodity. The only one as far as we know, they want you, and they won’t stop until they get you. But don’t worry Scarlet; we won’t let anything happen to you. We promise you that.”

He looked at Ophelia. “By the way who are you?” “Oh, I’m Ophelia. I met them while we were in her town, I missed my bus, and they offered me a ride. Actually I think Thomas got mad because of me coming with them. He became very cross after we got back on the road.”

“Where can we leave you?”

I was about to say something but John beat me to it.

“We can’t drop her off, she’s been marked.” He swore. “Crap your right.” “What she’s been marked? What do you mean?” “Scarlet the wolves want you, and one way or the other they won’t stop until they get you. Ophelia won’t be safe alone. I’m sorry Ophelia but you have to stay with us.”

I can see the disappointment in her eyes, she’s like me, and she’s all alone. Holding her closer I said. “Don’t worry, it’s not so bad. Plus now I’m not the only girl.” That made her smile. We turned down the road, leading away from the apartment. “Where are we going this isn’t the way home?” “We’re not going home, we’re going somewhere else, and somewhere you’ll be safe.” Looking at John, but he doesn’t seem to know anything about this either. But I think he’s lying to me, I just don’t know why.

We keep driving away from the city, none of them telling me where we’re heading. It doesn’t matter how much I ask, they won’t tell me a thing.

Holding onto Ophelia, watching and waiting while we drove to an unknown location.

What will we do about Thomas? Will he be at this unknown location? Or are they going to get him? And will he even want to come back? Because I don’t know if I can do this without him, he’s been the one there, to get me through; I need him here, to get me through all this. All I have to do is wait until this part of our journey comes to an end.

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