Scarlet Raven

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chapter 11

I’m still not recognizing anything around us, even though it is pitch black out. Finally we pulled in a long driveway, with a closed gate.

Eliot got out, him being in the passenger seat. He opened the gate and waved us through. Once we’re through, he relocked the gate and climbed back in, and continued up the long driveway.

“John cover her eyes please.” Derek tossed him a scarf, and tied it around my eyes. “Why do we have to cover my eyes?” “Just wait and see.” Derek said from the front of the car.

We drove for a few more minutes, and the car started to slow, and come to a stop.

“Ok Scarlet out you get, nice and easy.” John helped me climb down; we took a few steps and stopped. “Ok Scarlet you can take the scarf off now.” I pulled it off, my eyes adjusting, even though it’s dark out, I can see it.

“Welcome to your new home Scarlet! What do you think?” Mouth agape. “You got me a house?” They nodded. “Yes because we want you to be happy, and safe.” “Thank you I love it!” I hugged them both, tears threatening to spill over. But I can’t tell Ophelia that I’m a hybrid just yet, she knows I’m a shapeshifter, but who knows what could happen if she found out about me being a hybrid.

“Come on let’s go inside.” I nodded still gawking at the house. The five of us walked up to the front door.

Derek pulled out an old key and handed it to me. “You do the honours.” I inserted the key and turned unlocking the door, and walked in. Looking around, the place is magnificent.

Derek stopped me before I can go anywhere else in the house. “You can’t see any of the rooms just yet.”

“So where are we supposed to sleep?” “In here.” He led us to the living room, where there’s a bunch of blankets and pillows everywhere. “You’ll get the grand tour in the morning. Now since you all need some stuff, we have to go out for a bit, get some sleep, and we’ll be back.”

Derek and Eliot left the house leaving the three of us alone. Once there gone, we all pulled off some clothes and got settled for the night. I really want to go look around, but the look on Derek’s face told me to stay put and get some sleep.

Lying down, trying to get comfortable, but it’s not easy on the cold hard ground. John moved his stuff so he’s lying right next to me. Ophelia didn’t go far either she’s pretty much on my other side. Lying there I can’t help but smile. Even with everything going on, right now I’m happy.

“You seem happy. It’s nice to see that smile again.” Nodding. “I am happy. I still can’t believe you all did this for me, thank you. Ophelia are you doing alright?” She didn’t say anything, then it slowly wafted towards us, she’s snoring softly.

“I guess everything from today has caught up to her.”

“She’ll be alright. She just needs to rest, as do you.” I nodded and started to turn over, but he stopped me, and the way he’s looking at me. His gaze dropped to my lips, then back to my eyes, and leaned in. He lightly pressed his lips to mine, a question; I grabbed his head, and pulled him in tighter. Prolonging the kiss. He pulled back, looking into my eyes.

“Good night John.” I said smiling. John started stroking my cheek, and said. “Good night Scarlet.” John switched off the only lamp lighting the room, and settled back in his bed. Turning over, I looked at Ophelia whose sound asleep.

I do hope she’s better tomorrow.

Closing my eyes, I can’t help but wonder what tomorrow morning will bring.

I opened my eyes, loud snoring, jarring me awake. I’m, being held tight in someone’s arms, my face nestled against a warm chest. I feel warm and safe, his chest is bare.

At some point during the night John pulled me into his arms. Lying there, I can’t help but go back to last night, with those wolves. I don’t understand why they want me.

I don’t want my life to be like this, I don’t want to put any of them in danger, especially John. “Good morning.” Looking up to John’s sleepy but smiling face. “Good morning I didn’t mean to wake you.” “No it’s fine.” He said looking me up and down. He pulled me closer, as he pulled up the blanket around us. “I need to get up, but I don’t want to.” He didn’t say anything; he put a finger under my chin tilting my face up so I can look at him.

He gave me quick kiss and let go of me so we both can sit up. Looking around the room, Ophelia is still sound asleep, but there are more bodies in here around us then there was when we went to bed. Derek and Eliot are the ones snoring, but still no sign of Thomas. Were they able to find him? Does he even care about what happened to us? I thought he really cares about me, but I guess I’m wrong about him. He’s just like any male asshole I’ve ever met.

John stood and helped me up, trying to be quiet to we won’t wake anyone.

“Come on, let’s go have a little look around.”

I nodded and we walked out, and I know exactly where he’s heading, he’s looking for the kitchen.

It didn’t take us long for us to find, the whole house looks like it’s been transported through time, but with some added modern touches here and there.

There’s already Coffey brewing in the new machine.

“John did you really not know anything about this?” He didn’t say anything, just continued rummaging through cupboards.

I came up behind him, and wrapped my arms around him from behind. “What’s this for?” He asked setting his hands mine. “Thank you.” He loosened my arms and moved around so he can face me.

He smiled and leaned down pressing his lips too mine. We stayed like that, until a voice came in.

“Really this s a kitchen. Get a room.” “Thomas.” We let go of each other, looking at him.

“I didn’t think you would come back.” He just shrugged. “Well I’m back. Get over it.”

Get over it? What the hell is wrong is with him? Instead of firing back at him, I just walked past him, not saying a word. “Do you even care about what happened to us? That Scarlet was almost taken?” As far as I can tell, Thomas didn’t say anything, to John, all I want to do is run back in there and throw him into a wall.

But I won’t stoop to his level.

So I decided to go see if Ophelia is awake yet.

Not only is Ophelia not awake, but she’s thrashing in her sleep, I can tell she’s terrified.

“Ophelia wake up.”

I said as I knelt down next to her.

She didn’t wake, so I put my hand on her shoulder.

She opened her eyes, at my touch, she pushed me away, freaking out, like she doesn’t know where she is right now.

“Ophelia calm down, your safe with me. It’s okay, it’s me Scarlet. It’s going to be okay.”

She looked at me. “Scarlet? I am so sorry. Are you okay?” I nodded, I put my hands up to her. “No don’t worry, you didn’t hurt me. I saw you trashing around, and I was worried about you. Are you alright?”

She nodded.

“Yeah it was a bad dream or something. But I can’t remember. Where are we? Where’s John?”

“We’re at the house the guys got us, and John is in the kitchen talking to Thomas.” “Thomas is here?” I nodded and looked towards the kitchen.

“Is he still in his mood?”

I don’t have to say anything, she know by the look on my face already knows the answer.

She pulled me into a hug, which surprised me, and I hugged her back. Someone whistled, which broke us apart. Derek and Eliot are sitting there, smiling at us.

Ophelia flipped them off, and stood, pulling me up with her. “I feel like I’ve been in this dress for years. Where’s the bathroom in this place?” “Down the hall second door on the left.”

She nodded and grabbed her bag and left us alone.

“You two didn’t have to do that.” They just shrugged and stood, starting to fold there blankets. “Where is my stuff? I want to change as well.”

Derek pointed the same way that Ophelia went. “The first door next to the bathroom.” I nodded and left the room.

I walked into the room, all my stuff that I took with me from home, and everything that I brought from my room, is in there. I pulled out some clothes. I left Lyn most of my clothes, because once I made the transition my body changed, so most of my clothes wouldn’t fit me anymore any ways.

I’m just about to pull my shirt off, and the door opens.

John walked in closing the door behind him.

“What are you doing?” I said covering myself with my shirt.

“Just seeing what you’re up to.”

He looked at all the boxes, the look on his face, it’s like just by looking that he’ll know all of my secrets.

“All this will get easier you know, Thomas will get over his, whatever this is, and we will handle those wolves.”

How are we going to do that?

But of course I didn’t say that, I can’t bash his dreams like that. Let him, believe that he can save me, but he won’t be able to, I have to except my fate; whatever that may be.

“Nothing bad will happen to you Scarlet, not while I’m here.”

Since he’s a little taller than I am, he moved his hand to the back of my neck, tilting my head up, and pressed his lips to mine.

I don’t know why I’m acting like this.

I can’t get attached to him, not now. John broke the kiss, his breathing coming hard, like he’s trying really hard to not kiss me again. He let go of me, so I can take a step back.

“I’ll let you get dressed, see you out there.” “Yeah see you.” I know it’s dumb but all I can think of to say.

He left the room, closing the door. But truth be told, I don’t want him to go. I know I shouldn’t be, but I can’t help the way I’ve been feeling since he tied that thing around my neck, when I was a wolf, dog hybrid. Pulling it from my pocket, a long purple cord, with a small medallion on it. A small round pendant in silver with my name engraved on it.

I think I’m falling in love with John even though I know I shouldn’t be but I can’t help the way I’m feeling towards him right now.

I pulled off my shirt, as pain ripped through my shoulder.

There’s a small mirror, I looked at my reflection. There are large claw marks going down my shoulder and back way down my back, I hadn’t even noticed them before, but they should be healed by now.

I wrapped something around myself, changed my pants and went out to the living room, but there’s no one in the room.

“John Ophelia?” I started calling, I can hear their voices coming from somewhere, so I followed them. Stepping into the kitchen, Thomas is the first one to notice me standing there. “Scarlet what is it?” That made everyone else look up at me. Ophelia is the first one at my side “What’s wrong?” instead of saying something, I moved so she can see my back.

“John, you have to come look at this.”

He came up beside me, and looked closer at my back

“Scarlet, what happened to you?”

“I guess it must have happened during the fight. But shouldn’t it have healed by now?”

“Yes it should have. But don’t worry, have a seat, and we will get you cleaned up.”

They helped me sit, and John started barking orders at everyone, and they obeyed without objection.

As Thomas walked by, he squeezed my arm gently and for a second I thought my Thomas is back, but then he looked at Ophelia, and he’s gone, just like that.

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