Scarlet Raven

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chapter 12

Soon everyone came back, with their stuff, towels a first aid kit, along with a kit that I don’t recognize at all.

Ophelia boiled water and brought it over, setting it on the table.

“Ophelia wet the towel, we have to clean the wounds. Now Scarlet I am so sorry, but this is going to hurt, so you have to try and stay still.” They put something on my back, holding it, and me down.

My back started to sting, then turning into a burn.

I managed to choke down most of my screams, but not all of them. How could this have happened to me? How could a wolf’s claw penetrate my scales the way they did? Finally they removed the towel from my back, and John started to rummage through the other kit, looking for what I don’t know. But he found it quick. He filled something and put a gentle hand on my shoulder.

“This will help heal the wounds. It will hurt a bit, it will be over quickly.”

Derek gave me a hand to squeeze, and I squeezed it as tight as I can, as he injected something into my back.

It started to sting but it faded almost as fast as it came.

“Ok Scarlet, that’s over, but we still have to close them, and to do that we have to use stitches, and some blood.” “Ok, but I need something to drink first, before we start.”

“Ok Thomas get her something please.” He nodded and got me something. “Here drink this.”

I looked up at him.
“Thank you Thomas, look I don’t know what happened but I’m glad you’re safe.” “I am sorry, as well for what happened to you.” I took the mug and he retreated a few steps, away from me.

I took a few sips and calmed down.

“Alright, I’m ready, let’s get this over and done with.”

“We’ll use your blood Ophelia, yours is the oldest, and should work faster.” “Of course anything for Scarlet. Knife; cup.”

All I can hear is liquid flowing in a cup, having my head down, I can’t really see much.

“Scarlet tilt your head back.”

She held the cup to my lips and helped my drink, I don’t really need help, but I didn’t stop her, I can tell that she’s happy to be needed; I can give her that.

I managed to get the whole cup down, and wiped my mouth. “How much longer is this going to take?”

“Don’t worry, it won’t be much longer. Ophelia’s blood should hear you quickly, but we’re going to stitch you up, just to be safe. Derek thread and a needle please.”

“Stitches? Is that really necessary?” “Yes unfortunately it is. Just to be safe.”

John squeezed my shoulder and said.

“Now try not to move, because this is going to hurt quite a bit.”

I nodded and squeezed my eye as tight as I can, as they started to put a needle through my skin, sewing it back together.

After what felt like hours John moved his hands, wiping them off, and said. “Ok Scarlet, now all we have to do is cover it, and your set. I need you to sit up straight, so we can wrap this around you.” I did as he asked, sitting up, but with a little bit of pain. They wrapped me in two layers of bandages.

“Alright scarlet, you’re good for now. You’ll have to take it easy, they should heal now. Since you have some of my magic.”

He helped me cover up, and looked at Derek. “Now that we have that done, let’s clean up, and have a tour of this place.” He nodded. “That is an excellent idea.” He got up, and helped John clean up.

“Ophelia can you help Scarlet get some clothes on please?” “Yeah come on, we’ll find you something easy to get into.” She gave me a hand up and left the guys in the kitchen to clean up. Looking out one of the windows, the sun is shining, and the air is warm, since it’s the middle of May. As we walked into the room, where my stuff is, I looked at Ophelia, then at the stuff and said.

“Ophelia I am so sorry.”

“What are you sorry about?” “None of this would be happening to you if it wasn’t for me.” “Don’t say that, since I met you a week and a half ago, and my life has changed so much, and for the better, if you ask me. So don’t worry about me, now come on we have to a house to see.”

I nodded and she helped me into a loose red wrap around shirt that ties at the side.

“Perfect. Now shall we?” “Yeah let’s see our new home.” She opened the door, and motioned me out first.

John Derek, and the others are in the living room, talking as we walked in.

“How are you doing?” “I’m fine, there’s no pan.” “Good. Now are you two ready you two see your new home?” We nodded and started our tour. We started on the main level.

“In total there are eight bedrooms, but we changed a couple of them, into different rooms. There are four full baths, and came fully furnished as you can see. On this floor there are two baths, a library and a den with a large TV and one bedroom.” We kept looking around, and he continued to talk.

“On the second floor, there are our five bedrooms, and two baths. We made another library and a game room, and a study.”

We looked at every room, I don’t know how they pulled this off so fast.

We stopped at a door, with a large antique S on it.

“We have chosen our rooms, and Scarlet this one is yours.” I opened the door, and walked in. my room is an awesome shade of purple, with a black pattern painted on it. The bed is a large four poster bed with an iron head board that’s swirling on and going in all different directions.

Gathered at the head board, is a larger purple bed curtain.

“Well Scarlet what do you think?” “I think; I love it.” I threw my arms around his neck, hugging him tight.

“I’m glad you like it.” Hugging each of them, tighter than the one before, until I came to Thomas and I don’t know what to do, so I extended my hand to him, but he pulled me into a hug.

He let me go, looked at the others.

“We didn’t move much stuff in, we thought we would leave that for you, so you can pick what you want.”

“Thank you. Well let’s see the rest of the house; shall we?”

We went to room after room, they have done the most amazing job on this place.

“How did you get this done so fast?”

“Some friends owed us some favours, so that made the job a lot easier for us.”

Looking at all the rooms, all would appear to have the original furniture in it. Through the entire tour, Ophelia never left my side, after last night, she still doesn’t entirely trust them.

We stopped at a small staircase going up.

“Scarlet this room is yours as well. No one can enter it without your permission.”

He looked at each one of them, one by one. Settling his gaze on Thomas. “Is that understood?” One by one, they nodded and understanding. “Go ahead take a look.”

“So if it was the attic then why is there stairs like this?”

“Some older houses, had things like that. Go up and have a look.” I took a step and looked back at them, and kept going. There aren’t very many steps, only about half a dozen, grabbing the door knob, and pushing the door open. I took a step in inside. A decent size room; the walls are painted a dark shade of blue. There’s also a small window, overlooking the backyard. They also put a small shelf, with some books, and things on it.

The others are still standing at the bottom of the stairs.

“I can’t believe you did that for me.” “Why wouldn’t we? We’re in this together. We could only get a mattress in there. Just someplace for you to get away from us.”

He smiled and jabbed fingers at the others. “Yeah. Thank you so much” Looking out one of the windows, I can’t look at any of them.

“I don’t deserve any of this. After everything that I have done, and if on that bus Thomas hadn’t have talked to me, I wouldn’t know any of you, and you all would be much better off for that.”

Shockingly Thomas is the one to come up to me. “You listen to me. I do not ever want to hear any of those words uttered from your mouth ever again. You would be god knows where, if I hadn’t done what I did. And just for the record I don’t think…. I don’t think any of us would be better off without you being here.”

He tried to make me look at him, but I won’t, can’t look at any of them. So instead of yelling at me, Thomas pulled me into a hug; for a moment I was so shocked by what he did, that I just stood there, but then something clicked and I hugged him back, as hard as I can. I think finally I have Thomas back, and I don’t want to lose him ever again. I need him, and I can’t ever lose him.

Feeling tears forming and I can’t let Ophelia yet know what I am; I pushed him back wiping my eyes before anything can slide down my cheeks. “Alright that is enough of that.” I looked at them, then at Ophelia and said.

“Ophelia you and I need to talk.” “What is it?” “Not here. We need to talk in privet. I know exactly where we can go.”

We hooked arms and went back to the stairs and went up to my second room.

“We have some things we need to discuss. Have a seat.” She sat with me, on the bed. “Ophelia I have something I have to tell you.” “Go on Scarlet you can tell me anything.”

Taking a deep breath I dove right in.

“So you know that I’m a shapeshifter.” “Yes I know that.” I nodded. “But what you don’t know; I’m now a vampire.” “Wait what? How are you a vampire? I’ve seen you shift.”

“On my birthday last year, I was shot and the guys tried to save me; they gave me there blood; but I died and came back. So now I’m a hybrid; half shapeshifter, and half vampire.”

The look on her face is a mixture of anger and confusion. “How can you be both?” Shrugging. “I don’t really know. All I know is, I died and came back. So? What do you think?”

“I don’t know what to think. I mean a week ago I didn’t even know about Shapeshifter’s, and now this.”

She moved closer, lowering her voice. “Do you have fangs like us?” I gave a nod and opened my mouth as my fangs descended; on the top and on the bottom.

“Oh my god that’s incredible! Why didn’t you tell me?” “I’m sorry. I just couldn’t. I had a lot to go through. And I don’t even understand what’s happened to me. So I couldn’t tell you, not until I got to know you better. I’m sorry, but that’s how it had to be.”

She ran her hands through her long brown hair.

“I am so sorry that you thought you couldn’t trust me. But I’m glad that you told me. Actually now some stuff is starting to make a lot of sense. You’re incredible.” “Yeah I’m sure. We should get back down there. And thank you, for helping us.”

She didn’t say anything just got up and followed me down from my room. She’s taking all this a lot better than I thought she would, and she’s a lot stronger than I gave her credit for.

Everything’s that has happened since I met her; she’s come through stronger than before. She went down first, so I can close the door behind us. Putting an arm around her neck I said.

“I’m really glad that your still here with us.” “Yes so am I. I haven’t had anyone in my life for a long time, and now.” She said waving her hand around the house, as we made our way back to the guys. “Now I have that again. People I care about, and people that care about me. Thank you for this.” “You know, they really do care about you; I can see it in the way they look at you, and act around you.”

She didn’t say anything, but I can feel her smiling.

“And you know something else? We need to get you some new clothes.” “What’s wrong with my clothes?” “Nothing, but you need something to blend in a little better than your floor length dresses. You’re beautiful, you just need something different is all.”

“Ok I will give you that one, but these dresses are all I have.” Squeezing her tighter.

“Don’t worry, we’ll see if there’s anything in my stuff that will fit you, and if not we go shopping. Now come on, we can’t leave our friends waiting much longer, can we?” “No we really can’t.”

She said still smiling.

We spent the next few hours unpacking, and sorting, as well as getting rid of stuff that I decided I don’t need and or no longer want anymore.

Trying them on, as I thought most of my old clothes do no longer fit me properly, but most of them do fit Ophelia, which is a huge bonus, now she has more than those dresses that make her stick out like a sore thumb.

For the most part Thomas stayed away from me, but I think he’s finally back to normal.

I’m busy putting some books on my shelf and there’s a knock at my door. “Come in.” I called not looking at who walked in.

“You busy?” Shaking my head.

“Now at all. What’s up?”

John took a step in my room, and closed the door behind him, and sat on the edge of my bed. He didn’t say anything, just stared at my bare walls. Sitting next to him, he took my hand holding it tight. “What’s going on?” Shaking his head.

“Nothing everything’s fine. Why do you ask?” Shaking my head, he’s odd this one.

Just as he said that, I heard a car start up, and pull out of the drive. Looking at him.

“Where are they going in such a hurry?”

He shrugged. “All they said was they had some things to do.” “Okay well what should we do while there gone?” He smiled. “I have some ideas.” He has a sly smile on his face, as he leaned towards me, pressing his lips to mine, while pulling me into his arms.

I put my arms around his neck; deepening the kiss, slipping my tongue past his lips, taking control of the kiss.

We stayed like that in each other’s embrace.

Just holding onto each other for as long as we have.

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