Scarlet Raven

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chapter 13

“The others have been gone for a while now John, shouldn’t they be back by now?” I said. John walked into the room pocketing his cell phone. “I just talked to them, there be back in about twenty.”

A knock at the door, put us on high alert. How could we not have heard them come up?

“I guess they underestimated there time frame.” “But why not just come in?”

He just shrugged and went to the door. I didn’t know why but I was starting to get a bad feeling, as soon as he opened the door.

His whole body changed, and his voice changing into a low growl. “What are you doing here?”

“Please John don’t hurt me. I beg you!” I know that voice. I ran up to them, just as he pulled her in, slamming the door shut and pinning her against it, holding her by the neck. “John stop, don’t hurt her.” “What are you doing here? Answer me!” “I’m sorry, but I don’t have anywhere else to go. Please don’t hurt me!” She looked at me, and the look in her eyes, she’s telling the truth, and she has the look of absolute terror in her eyes. I put a hand on his arm. I might only be eighteen, but I feel like I’m older. Maybe it’s being part vampire; but I’ve been around him long enough that I know how to calm him down. I just pray that it works.

“John please just let her go.” “How did you find us? Answer me!” “I will but not until the others get back.”

“Fine have it your way.” He pulled her further into the house, putting her in a chair, standing guard over her until the others get home. Which for her sake I hope is soon, or she might not make it till then. No one said anything; then I heard the car pull up, I went to meet them while John stayed to keep an eye on her.

Thomas Derek, Eliot and Ophelia walked in the door with bags in their arms.

Thomas stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the look on my face. “Scarlet what is it?” “We have a visitor. But please don’t be angry, but it’s someone you know.”

Everyone put their bags down, and followed me into the living room, where John is standing over Bellatrix who is huddling there in a ball. “Bellatrix somehow found us, please don’t hurt her.”

“We won’t. For now, all we want is some answers.” John turned back to her.

“Why are you here?” “I have nowhere else to go. I was banished from the pack.” “Why?” She looked at me. “Because I didn’t bring them Scarlet; I am so sorry. I didn’t know that they want you that badly. When I told him someone was coming, to the pack I just thought it was another werewolf, and then I met you Scarlet. I am so sorry, for snapping at you like that.”

“When you went back to them, and you told them what I am; and they came after me.”

Now I’m the one getting angry.

“John Ophelia and I were attacked by them, and they did this to me!” I undid my shirt pulling it off, showing her my back. “There claw marks. There slowly healing, and now everyone has been marked because of you.” She tried to stand, but John pushed her back down into the chair. “Ophelia help her with her shirt please.” “No I want her to see them. Ophelia please help me get the bandages off.” “I don’t think.”…. The look I gave her, stopped her stopped her, and she did as I asked.

She un-wrapped me, and looked my back over.

“There healing quite nicely; they should be gone in a day or two. Bellatrix isn’t it? Have a look.”

I turned so she can see the claw marks still healing on my back.

“Oh my god; Scarlet I am so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen to you.” “I know you didn’t.” I said taking a step towards her.

“It still happened, and there’s nothing that can change that. Now back to the original question, why did you come here?” “When I didn’t bring you back, they were furious. There’s a punishment for disobeying the pack, and I can never go back. I have nothing, no home, and no family. I’m an outcast, even if I go to them; no other pack will take me in.”

“Why wouldn’t another pack take you in?” “Scarlet.” Derek’s voice surprised me; this whole time he didn’t say a word, or even move since they came home.

“Scarlet it’s not that simple; she’s been banished, so no other pack can take her in. Now she’s a lone wolf. A rogue.”

Derek looked her right in the eyes as he said it.

“He’s right, I have nowhere else to go; that is why I came here. Hoping that you might find in in your heart to help me.”

“We need to have a group discussion. Stay right where you are. Everyone follow me; we won’t be long.” Ophelia helped me with my shirt, and we followed John out of the living room, and into the kitchen out of her ear shot.

“So what should we do?” “I don’t see how we can just send her back out there, she’s on her own, and it’s partially our fault. I couldn’t bear the thought if something happened to her, and we did nothing to stop it.” I said looking at everyone. “But it is her fault that you were injured.” Sighing. “I know, but she didn’t know that I’m a shapeshifter, and she doesn’t know that I’m a hybrid either. I know, and she knows that what she did is wrong but you and I both know that she won’t last very long out there on her own. I won’t be able to live with myself if something happens to her, because we threw her out. As I have already stated to all of you.” I said repeating myself.

“Scarlet’s right. I know that I haven’t been here all that long, but we should give her a place to stay even if it’s just for a couple days. That’s my two cents, and I will keep my mouth shut on the subject.” “Fine she can stay. But only for a couple days is that clear?”

“Yes. Your crystal clear, and thank you.”

“Don’t make me regret this.”

I didn’t say anything; I left the room, heading back to the living room. Bellatrix is still sitting right where we left her. “Okay Bellatrix you can stay here for a couple of days. You will do everything we say is that understood?” She nodded. “Yes I understand, and thank you so much. I won’t disappoint you.” “I hope not, I really hope not.” John looked at me, then at the clock; it’s nearly 6:00 in the evening.

“Scarlet you and Ophelia help her get settled, and we’ll make something to eat.”

I nodded and motioned for her to follow us; out of the living room. Leaving John and the others standing there watching us.

But before we left, I turned and asked.

“Is it alright if I can give her the room on this floor?” He nodded. “Yes that will be fine.”

I nodded and led her to the bedroom, and showed her around the place a little bit.

“This is yours for now. Do you have any stuff with you?” “One bag. They didn’t give me much time to pack anything, so I left most of my stuff there.” “Where’s your bag?” “It’s outside still. He didn’t really give me a chance to grab it when he pulled me into the house.” I nodded. “Let’s go get it then.” She nodded and the three of us went to the front door, all the bags are gone, so we can get to the door easier.

I opened the door, and took a step out onto the front porch and an extremely bad feeling crept across my skin. I bent to grab her bag, but Ophelia stopped me. “What is it?”

Instead of saying what it is, she pointed out to the driveway. A group of wolves are walking up the driveway, towards the house, and us. “Oh my god!” “What is it?” “It’s them, they must have followed me. I never should have come here, I am so, so sorry.”

“Get inside, and get the guys now!”

We got back in the house, locked and bolted the door, and ran for the kitchen.

“John guys, we have a huge problem.”

But before he could say anything, a crash, and shattering glass. “It’s the wolves, they followed me. I am so sorry, I never wanted to bring this to you.” “What are we going to do?” “There here for me, not any of you.” “They’re not getting there claws into you. Guys load up.” Derek pulled out a key and unlocked a chest I hadn’t noticed before. It’s full of weapons.

“Silver. Lethal to all my kind.” Bella said as if reading my thoughts.

The guys loaded up on guns and knives. They even gave Ophelia some weapons.

“Scarlet Bellatrix, I want you to change; you’re both stronger in your other forms.”

We nodded and Bellatrix quickly changed. I started to, but John stopped me. “Scarlet no dragon, unless you can make yourself small. I really don’t want to destroy the house; any more than it already is.” I put a hand on his cheek and said.

“Don’t you worry; because I have something extra special planned for them. I will show them just how powerful I am.”

More crashes came and the others left, leaving me alone in the kitchen.

I’ll show them what a true hybrid looks like. I pulled off my clothes and didn’t worry about my back. I called wings of an eagle, and body of a tiger, and fire of a dragon. There’s no mirrors in the kitchen, so I can’t see what I look like, but I know I’m fierce.

Before going out to the fight, my fires rising and I spread it all through my body, setting my body aflame.

I heard growling and gunshots, and ran out into the living room. The wolves are attacking my family; and I will not stand by and watch. I growled and everyone stopped, looking at me.

I walked up to them my body still aflame, and wings spread. We stood on one side and the wolves on the other, never taking our eyes off each other.

My fire started to recede and the wolves attacked.

I wasn’t fast enough but Ophelia was, she tackled him, sending them both flying.

And the rest of them attacked us. One tried to grab me, but I got him off, and tossed him into a wall, he flailed for a moment, then stopped moving, but still breathing.

After what seemed like hours, the wolves are starting to retreat, taking all there wounded with them, except for a few stubborn wolves.

When will they learn to run when they have the chance? “You have lost! Leave now!” One that’s in human form, said. “This isn’t over, not by a long shot!” and fled.

But one stubborn young wolf; attacked. She got me, trying to do as much damage as she can.

John raised his gun, yelling at the wolf, and fired. Bellatrix still in wolf form, jumped in front of the bullet, hitting her instead of the attacker.

The wolf let go of me, changed back, and collapsed at Bella’s side. “Why did you do that?” Bellatrix changed back, her hand covering her bullet wound.

“I couldn’t let them kill you.” “You should not have interfered. It was my place not yours.” I sat next to them, John asked. “Who are you?” “She’s my little sister. Don’t take it personally.”

She took her hand, and kissed it. Howling erupted. “You have to go; don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. I always am.”

She gave her sister one last little squeeze and looked at her. Giving us a look of death. Tears streaming down her face.

“Do not let her die. You take care of her.” John nodded. “Of course.” She changed back into a wolf, and ran out of the house.

We all turned our attention back to Bellatrix.

“Scarlet you can change back now.”

I nudged his pocket where I know he keeps his phone, and pulled it out. “You want me to take your picture.” He snapped a couple and I changed back.

“We have to get the bullet out, before it poisons her.”

Derek, Eliot and John held her down, while Thomas dug the bullet out. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Thank you for helping us.” Thomas cursed and went in deeper, forcing a scream out of her throat. “The bullet has gone a lot deeper, then I thought.” “What does that mean?” She grabbed my hand.

“It means they’ve done everything that they can.” She started coughing up blood. “Don’t try and talk. There has to be something else that we can do!” “It’s okay.”

She coughed up more blood. “Again I am so sorry for everything I’ve done.”

She started coughing again; she took one deep breath and closed her eyes, and she’s gone.

I can’t hold it back any longer, everything’s come rushing back to the surface. John pulled me up, holding me tight against him.

No one moves, no one said anything. We just stood there frozen in time. “We have to bury her.” I said moving back from John’s embrace. “You don’t have to do that.” “Yes I do. She died saving her sister, and I owe her that much.” John nodded. “Alright. Ophelia you and Scarlet go get cleaned up and we’ll burry her.” Ophelia took my arm pulling me away from the destruction.

I’m still in shock, and I can’t function.

She sat me down, and helped me change; then she changed her clothes. Neither one of us saying much of anything; the whole time. Standing I looked at myself in the mirror, I think the claw marks are gone, but I got some of Bellatrix’s blood on me, but I don’t want to wash it off, not just yet not until after we burry her.

“We’re ready if you are.”

John and Thomas are standing in the doorway, sad expressions on their faces.

But I’m not sure who there for, weather there actually sad for about Bellatrix, or if it’s just for my benefit.

But either way I don’t really care. Walking out John took my hand, walking beside him, and Thomas took Ophelia’s, walking beside her.

After everything that has happened I am really happy to have him back. I don’t know what was wrong with him, but I never want that to happen again; I never want to lose him again; any of them.

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