Scarlet Raven

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chapter 16

We walked down the stairs, into the old cellar; but there’s no sign of her. “Where are we?” Instead of answering, John pulled open another door, and walked into another dark hall; made of old field stone, it smells damp and musty.

“Where are we going?”

John is in front of me, and Eliot is behind me. “We found this a while ago.” He said as we walked out of the small tunnel. Looking around, there’s two cells, complete with bars.

One is empty, but in the other is Ophelia, chained to a wall, and sitting on the dirt floor. She looked at me, and smiled. Her hair is tangled and her makeup, blotchy, like she’s been crying or something.

“Scarlet I’m so happy you could come. I would invite you in, but they won’t let you.” John is on one side of me, and Eliot is on my other side, keeping me safe from her. “What did you want from me?” “I don’t want anything from you. I never wanted anything from you. But when I learned what you are; I couldn’t resist. It took me a while as you know, but once I got through it was easy. I never expected you would be so strong. It was quite the challenge really, and I enjoyed it.” “What were you planning to do with me?”

“At first, I only wanted to be your friend; but once I got to know you, and what you can be capable of. I was planning on giving you to the highest bidder myself. So now that you know about me, what are you going to do with me now?” “I haven’t decided yet.” I snapped. I want her dead.

But it can’t be done here. “Were you at any point in time trying to kill me?” She shook her head.

“No. You’re no good to me dead.”

“I’m done here. We will never see each other again.”

I walked out with John and Eliot right behind me, closing the door behind us, sealing her inside.

Once we’re back upstairs, John looked at me and said. “What do you want us to do with her?”

“I want her dead.” He nodded. “Alright it’s done. Go upstairs and lie down, you’ve earned the rest.” I nodded and left them to deal with her. Thomas and Derek aren’t back yet, so I went up to my special room, hoping for some kid of peace.

Lying on the mattress, I closed my eyes, hoping John will come up. But I know he won’t, there dealing with Ophelia.

After a while I can hear voices coming from downstairs. Climbing down from my room, and heading downstairs, Thomas and Derek are back, loading in everything they bought.

Once they saw me, they smiled. “How did everything go?” “They’re dealing with her now, I don’t know how long they’ve been gone.”

Just as I said it, John and Eliot walked through the door. John nodded at me and helped the guys, finish bringing in there supplies.

“Scarlet go get some rest, I’ll call when we’re done.”

I nodded, not wanting to get in there way, and went back upstairs to my room, suddenly so weak that my limbs can barely carry me. Waking after a while, the house is silent, sitting up I’m still alone, but someone did come in at some point, and closed my curtains making my room darker.

Walking downstairs, there’s no one around anywhere, I headed to the kitchen, but it’s empty, I call but there’s no answer either. Where are they? Why didn’t they leave a note or something?

Deciding to take a walk, I walked out the back door, out to the deck. The air is cool, it’s early June the sun is trying to peak through the cloud cover, but not quite getting there.

Walking through the forest might help clear my head. After Bellatrix and now Ophelia, and the wolves still out there, waiting for us to make some stupid mistake; so they can get to me. But the guys are keeping me almost under lock and key, but they can’t watch me at all times. The forest is so quiet, the light breeze, no birds chirping, nothing. It’s so peaceful, it’s as if the forest is protecting us all, keeping us safe.

Somewhere in the distance; I can hear gentle footsteps coming towards me. There not wolves, if they were, I would smell them coming from a mile away, after what they’ve done to me and my family. The footsteps are getting closer; and faster and I can start to smell it; it’s a horse.

What is a horse doing out here? He came around a tree, a magnificent pure white horse; long flowing main, with a long full tail. He stopped a few feet in front of me, he’s not sure about me. “What are you doing all the way out here?”

I took a step towards him, he backed up, throwing his head back. “It’s alright. I won’t hurt you. You can trust me.” But he doesn’t seem to think so. I backed up, moving just outside of his eye sight. I stripped off my clothes, and folded them neatly on the ground.

I changed into a horse, to match him, only I will have a red spot on my back.

I walked out so he can see me. Speaking to his mind I said. I don’t know if I can talk to him, but I have to try.

“You can trust me. I’m your friend.”

He didn’t retreat as I got closer to him. He smelled me, seeing if he can trust me or not.

”You can trust me. Come with me, I can give you a new home, I’ll keep you safe.”

My new friend smelled me, and walked around me; looking me over. I started walking towards the house, hoping the horse will follow. Looking behind me, he started after me, figuring out that he can trust me.

Getting closer to the house, someone is standing in the backyard looking around. Seeming to hear us, he looked in our direction; it’s John, it would appear he’s looking for me.

He saw me first, then saw my twin.

“Scarlet, who’s your friend?” We both stopped a few steps in front of him. The horse doesn’t know if he can trust John, I can see that just in the way, he’s standing.

“Stay here. I won’t be gone a moment.”

With my clothes in my mouth, I lopped off, out of eyesight. Changed back, and quickly dressed, so I can get back out there. Walked around the corner of the house, John and the horse are still standing there, staring at each other.

“So Scarlet who’s your friend?” “He found me in the woods. I don’t know where he came from. He’s beautiful isn’t he?” “He most certainly is. What are you going to do with him?” “Well I thought he could stay here. I don’t think he has anywhere to go.” “Of course he can stay. You know if it hadn’t have been for that spot on your side, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the two of you apart. You are quite good at that.” “Thank you. So my new friend, what do you say; do you want to stay here?” He dipped his head, seeming to nod, in agreement.

“So where will we put him?” “I don’t know. But we’ll figure something out. But we need a name for him. Let’s call him, Zander.” He gave me a look. “Why Zander?” “I don’t know. Perhaps, that’s his name.” I said looking at John. “Well Zander, you have free reign of the property. But we have some things in the house we need to take care of. If you’ll excuse us.” The horse walked off; looking around his new home.

“Where did you find him?” “I didn’t; he found me. I don’t know how he got here, but.” I looked over at Zander. “I don’t think he wants to leave; and I don’t want him to.”

“He can stay as long as he wants. Come inside.” We walked in the front door; looking around, it’s as if nothing had happened here. Thomas, Derek and Eliot are standing at the wall waiting for us.

“Well what do you think?” “It’s beautiful, it’s as if nothing bad just happened here.” “That’s what we were hoping you would say.”

It’s almost seven o-clock I had no idea it was so late.

“I would like to go to town tomorrow if I could. I have been stuck in this house for some time, and I want out.”

“Not tomorrow, but we will this weekend; I promise you.” I nodded and went back outside, to check on Zander. He’s still grazing, out back; when he saw me he bowed his head, and allowed me to come up to him. “Where did you come from?” I said as I moved my hand along his side. “Zander; we will find you someplace you can stay. Come along there must be something.”

He followed me, we walked around the property; with nothing around, until I caught sight of a small structure in a small corner. It looks like a small stable. It is quite lovely.

“What do you think? You can stay here for as long as you want.” If it’s possible I believe he just rolled his eyes at me.

“Well I know it can use some fixes here and there, but it’s not that bad.” The small stable just needs a little TLC if you ask me. “I think we have some supplies left, we will get this place fixed up; and you will have a fine place to sleep.”

Zander looked behind us. “What is it?” looking behind me, John is coming down the side of the house.

“I think we’re about to be interrupted.” I whispered to him as John came up to us.

“How does he like his new home?” “I think he likes it very much.” “Good. Come on Scarlet, Dinner is on.” I nodded, gave Zander a pat on the side and went back up to the house, leaving Zander inspecting his new home.

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