Scarlet Raven

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chapter 17

I can’t sleep, being in this house, even though we’ve been here for a while, and it still feels so strange to me.

I can’t take it any longer; I threw back my covers, and walked to my door. The house is so silent, everyone is still in bed, since it’s the middle of the night. Walking down the hall, a voice said, scaring the crap out of me.

“Scarlet what are you doing up?” The voice coming from the pitch black kitchen. “John what the hell?” I flipped on the kitchen light, and he’s sitting at the table sipping a glass of blood. “You can’t sleep either.” I shook my head, and sat down next to him. He got up and got me a glass, and rejoined me. “What’s going on?” “I can’t sleep. It’s the house, even though it’s been a while; it still feels weird being here.” He nodded and we both took a sip. We sat there, at the kitchen table, talking and laughing; until I got up.

“Come on, we’re getting some air.” I extended my hand to him pulling him up, and with me to the back door. We walked out onto the back deck. “I have something I have to tell you. When I changed into a dragon, that wasn’t the first time I changed into a mythical creature.” “What was it before?” Taking a deep breath, I said. “After I came back, you all told me not to try to change, but I didn’t listen; I tried to change into some kind of water animal. But when the change finished, I was still human. But my legs were gone, I was a mermaid.”

“You changed into a mermaid? How is that even possible?” “I don’t know. But it happened. I wanted to tell you about it. I didn’t want to keep is a secret any longer.” I walked over to a corner and picked something up, and handed it to him. He looked it over. “Where on earth did you find a saddle?”

“I found it in the basement. I cleaned it up and modified it to fit.” “To fit what?” I gave him a devious little smile.

“We’re going for a little flight, stand back.” He took a step back. Before his eyes I changed into the mighty dragon, with glowing black and red scales. Since we’ve been here; I have been experimenting with my changes, trying to speak while I’m an animal.

Lucky for me it has worked quite well. My glowing red and black scales, are glowing in the moonlight. I lowered myself to the ground. “Put that around me, and I will help you get up.”

My voice is still a little gruffly, but he can understand me well enough. “Scarlet you never cease to amaze me.” He got the saddle on me, nice and tight. “Hold on tight.” I said and picked him up with my teeth. “Easy Scarlet.” I carried a waggling John and set him down on my back.

“Scarlet please do me a favor and never do that again.” I gave him a rumbling chuckle, and spreading my wings, with one massive flap, I shot into the air. “Hold on tight.” And tight John did.

Once I lowered high enough I leveled off, gliding through the air. “John are you alright back there?” When he didn’t answer me; I looked back, he’s still sitting there, but even paler than usual. I leaned in closer and blew some warm air on his face. Hoping that will snap him out of it. “John do you want me to land?” “Are you kidding me? This is the most amazing thing ever, keep going.” I smiled a toothy grin and flapped my wings even harder. We flew over the forest, the moon shining off my scales. Everything is so peaceful, it’s like a dream. I don’t know how long we’ve been out, but I can feel John fading behind me. Slowly I started to turn heading back towards the house.

I gently landed back on the deck. I gently picked him up, and laid him on the deck. I unclipped the saddle and changed back. I put the saddle back, and picked him up.

“Come on, let’s get you inside, and into bed.” Even though I’m smaller then him, I can carry him no problem.

Pulling him onto my back, I carried him into his room, got him settled in and pulled the covers up around him, and kissed his forehead. I headed to my room next door, and crawled into bed.

Suddenly becoming very tired, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

There’s a soft breeze coming in my window; making me open my eyes. “My little dragon awakes.” John is sitting on the bed next to me, looking down at me.

“Morning. How long have you been staring at me?” “About two hours or so. I like watching you sleep.” “You know that’s kind of creepy. Listen about last night; what I told you.” “Hey don’t worry about it. You changed into a mermaid after we brought you back.” Sitting up, I smiled at him, and quickly changed to my raven.

It has been too long since I brought the raven out.

Stretching my wings, flashing my red under wings. I flew around my room, then landing on Johns legs.

“You are beautiful.” Hopping off his leg, I quickly changed back, sitting next to him. Someone walked past, almost running.

“That doesn’t sound good. We should go see what that was.” I nodded and climbed off the bed, grabbed my robe and followed him out to the hall, just as we caught a glimpse of Thomas going around the corner. “What is going on out here?”

We followed him, Thomas and Derek are running out the front door as we came down the stairs.

We went out with them, stopping just outside the front door. Eliot is standing next to Zander; but there’s something behind Zander. Derek looked at us, then back at Eliot.

“What’s going on?” “Why don’t you go and see for yourself.”

Pulling my robe tighter around me, I walked down the front steps toward Zander. Eliot moved aside so I can see behind him. Standing just behind Zander is a foal. “Zander you had a baby.” The little guy has just been born, and can barely stand on his own. Sitting in front of him, he gently moved towards me, trying not to fall in the process. “You are so cute.” “It would appear that Zander is a girl.” John said as they approached us.

“He looks just like his mom. What should we call him?” “Well it would appear it’s her, so let’s call her Neala.” “Neala, do you like it? I think she likes her name.”

Looking at John, and Derek I said. “We need to get the stable fixed up so we can get them inside.” He nodded. “There are some supplies left, it won’t be enough but it will be a good start.”

Finally after all that has happened, Bella dying; then Ophelia betraying me, and the wolves wanting me for whatever reason. Now we have to new foal in our home.

I have thought after everything that has happened, that I could have something like this in my arms.

Raindrops started falling, and I looked up to the sky. “We need to get inside.” “Not without helping Zander and Neala.” “There be fine. There built for this.” “We have to get that stable fixed.” “We are, right now.” We went back in the house, leaving them grazing in the back yard.

“We’re going into the city. We’ll take two cars, and split up, so we can get everything we need and get back as fast as we can.” “You’re actually letting me out of the house?” “Yes we are, it’s a special day; so go get ready to go. We leave in five.”

Going back in my room, I quickly got dressed. Even though it’s June, the air is still a little cool; so I pulled out a blue sweater and black jeans. I pulled up my long red hair and grabbed the necklace from the guys, pulled on some boots and grabbed some of my hidden crash that I have left.

I’m just about ready, and a knock at my door. “Come on in.” John walked in holding two mugs in his hands.

“I thought you could use this. You haven’t had any so far today. With being a half breed, you know that you have to drink more blood to keep your strength up.” Taking the mug, I gulped all of it in one swallow. Drinking it so fast; I got a little light headed. “Woe you shouldn’t do that; that’s old blood, and it can go right to your head.” “Yeah thanks for telling me that now.”

“Well I thought it would be important. Are you ready to go?” He said taking the empty mug from me. I nodded.

“Yeah let’s go I need out of this place for a while.” “Yeah I can see that. The guys are ready.”

Going downstairs, the rain has stopped, but it’s still overcast, almost threatening to pour again.

“Are we ready to go? If we want to be back my dark, then we have to get going now.” “We’re ready. Derek you go with Eliot to get the supplies we need. Thomas will come with Scarlet and I. Keep your phones on you, and we’ll be in touch.”

Heading out to the car, Zander is grooming Neala keeping her safe. I can’t help but smile at the sight of them. “Don’t worry you two, we won’t be gone long. You’ll both be safe here.”

Thomas got in the front and John in the driver’s seat, so I climbed in the back.

Derek and Eliot drove out first, opened the gate and we closed it, making sure there be safe.

“So where are we going?” “Into the city, we have things to get; so just sit back and relax and we’ll be there in no time.”

Derek and Eliot are in front of us, staying close, keeping our car safe.

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