Scarlet Raven

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chapter 21

Changing into a wolf is easy, but changing while keeping something around my neck is quite another. But I’m determined to do it.

Since the others are still asleep, climbing out of bed I stripped down to my braw and underwear, and grabbed my collar from John. I made the loop as large as possible and slipped it over my neck. I called my white wolf, with sapphire eyes, with a red patch over my left eye. Every time I change, I wonder what it would be like if I couldn’t change into different animals at all.

It’s all I have ever known and if I didn’t have that, I wouldn’t have anything. As the change completed, the moon shining through my window, making my pure white fur shine as it grew and lengthened. I shook out my fur as the last of the transition completed. Looking at myself in the mirror my fur shining, and the pendant hanging nicely around my neck.

I walked over to the door, nudged it open more and poked my head out, to make sure the all clear, and walked to John’s door, which is right beside mine. Before going in I listened to make sure he’s asleep. There’s no sound coming from inside, and the door is open slightly, so all I have to do is push it with my nose. John’s asleep on his side, the blanket half on the floor.

Lightly I put a paw on the bed; but he didn’t move or anything, so I continued and climbed on, John is a deep sleeper, I gently grabbed the blanket with my teeth, and pulled it up to cover him, lucky for me he has pants on.

I nudged his arm with my nose, but he still didn’t move. How deep can a vampire sleep? He looks so peaceful, like a sleeping angle, or vampire as it were.

Looking at him, it doesn’t look like he’s breathing, but his glorious bare chest moved up and down, but only the once. I guess they don’t have to breathe all that often. Looking down at him, I think I’m falling for him. I know I shouldn’t, but I know how I feel while I’m looking down at the sleeping John.

Suddenly feeling very sleepy, I gently lied down next to him snuggling up close to him.

The feel of his chest moving against my back, relaxing me, I felt him move, and for a second I thought I woke him, but he mumbled something in his sleep, shifting positions and putting on arm around me, but he didn’t wake up.

Closing my eyes I drifted off to sleep, feeling warm and safe in his arms.

I opened my eyes, still in wolf form, John is no longer holding me, but he’s still beside me sound asleep. I yawned and stretched as gently as I can hoping I don’t wake him just yet.

John’s lying on his back, he’s shaking and mumbling in his sleep. Whatever he’s dreaming about, it’s bad. I want to wake him, but suddenly something started to glow in the palms of his hands. His hands are on fire; but the fire seems to be floating in balls on his hands. He can control fire? Like with Thomas, but only he can manipulate and freeze liquid, and John controls fire. Does Derek and Eliot have an ability like John and Thomas? Does anyone even know they have these abilities? And if not why keep it a secret?

Since it was there blood that changed me, will I develop some kind of ability like them? Some movement pulled me back from my thoughts. The flames shot up from his hands, dissolved into thin air. Oh John I hope you tell me the truth when you wake up. All I want is the truth.

After being an outcast my whole life, I finally thought I had found someplace I belong, but now knowing all this, I’m not so sure about that. Settling back down, I put my head on the pillow next to his, watching him, still slightly shaking in his sleep. Yes I know it’s kind of creepy, but what I just saw, I deserve a little creepy right now.

After a while John started to stir, I don’t know if he’s just moving or if he’s waking up.

He turned his head towards me, opening his eyes. He stared at me for a moment, before it clicked who he’s staring at.

“Scarlet? What are you doing here?” I moved closer to him and licked his face.

“Scarlet this is the most beautiful change yet.” He looked closer at me; like he’s seeing me for the first time.

“Snow white fur, big blue eyes, and that red patch over your eye. You’re beautiful.” He said starting to scratch my head, and neck. He stopped at the cord around my neck. “Why are you like this? You can change back anytime.” At this exact moment I don’t want to change back, I want to stay like this for a while longer. I put my head in his lap; breathing in his scent.

He smells rich and dark, and like the woods all around us. Deciding to change back I moved back and started to change back, my joints popping and fur receding, and I’m back. I smiled and lied back down next to him, still in my bra and panties. He gave me a look up and down and smiled.

“Why are you in here?” “I can’t sleep. Am I not welcome in here?” “Of course you are, just not what I expected when I woke up. That’s all.” “Good I like to surprise people.” I said putting my hand on his shoulder squeezing, and moving up to his neck, winding my fingers into his hair; pulling him closer, and brought our mouths together. This kiss is sweeter than the one before, his mouth opened, and I followed suit, slipping my tongue into his mouth, rubbing against his. The kiss tapered off, and the way he’s looking at me, I can’t help but put a wicked smile on my face. “What are you smirking at?” Instead of answering him, I moved so I’m half leaning on him, kissing him once more.

He put one hand on my back holding me closer, I can smell and feel the lust radiating off of him. He wants it and so do I. But we can’t do it here, not with everyone in the house sleeping.

I pulled back from the kiss and said. “If we do this, we can’t do it here.” “I have a spot, and I want to do this.” John climbed out of bed, and pulled me along with him. “Where are we going?” He gave me a quick kiss and said. “You’ll see.” We walked over to the window, and opened it.

He gave me a smile and jumped out the window landing feet first on the ground. He waved up to me, motioning me to follow him, and I did, jumping down in my bare feet, and bra and underwear. Instead of landing on my feet, John caught me, holding me tight against him.

He set me on my feet and started running into the trees; with me right on his heels. We ran to the back of the property; and came on a small house. “What is this?” “I found it on a search, I haven’t told anyone about this place, and it’s our little secret. Let’s go in.” He picked me up and carried me through the door.

He took a few steps and put me on a bed. He quickly lit a fire and came back to me.

He climbed on the bed towards me, kissing me long and hard, kissing up and down my body.

Moving back, he pulled off his pants and stood in front of me naked, and gorgeous. I moved back as he climbed on the bed towards me. He pressed against me, his body hard and ready for me. He kissed me, moving his hands up and down my body, sending tingling sensations all through my body.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He said momentarily coming up for air. My mind is so fuzzy, I can barely think straight. “Yes I want this. I want all of you.” I said pulling him back down, bringing out bodies closer together, making him groan. The way I feel right now, being with him; I don’t even know who I am right now. But I do know, that I am falling in love with him. “You are the most amazing girl I have ever met.” He started kissing and touching all over my body, making me gasp, and moan with every single touch.

I kept moaning as John’s kissing and licking down my body, calling his name begging him not to stop. His hot delicious mouth leaving a trail of heat in its wake, which is only making this all the better.

John got lower, and stopping looking up at me, smiling and fangs showing.

Neither one of us said anything. He resumed what he’s doing and lowered his head between my legs. Then his mouth is on me, forcing a scream out of my mouth.

I have never been touched down there, it’s the most amazing sensation I have ever felt in my life. He kept kissing and licking and sucking my most intimate places, sending the most delicious heat all through my body. Driving me to the peak of destruction. John kept pleasuring me until my body exploded with ecstasy, and still he continued; the feeling is so intense I have to close my eyes, and just let it flow through me.

I opened my eyes, as I feel John moving up my body, kissing my skin as he goes. Momentarily nipping and sucking at my breast, and tugging at my nipple. Positioning himself between my legs, his erection hard against me, making me tense a little.

This is it, he’s about to take my virtue, and I want him to. John leaned down and kissed me lightly, his mouth light and gentle against mine, but I don’t want gentle, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down, pressing our mouths and bodies together. I slipped my tongue in his mouth, stroking his tongue with mine. He moved back so he can look into my eyes; we’re both panting.

“Scarlet you are so beautiful.” He lifted himself up on his arms, and pushed into me, the pressure causing me to gasp, the pain is almost unbearable. He stopped and looked down at me, searching my eyes.

“You alright?” I managed a small “Yeah” and pulled his head down bringing our lips together.

He started moving slowly in and out, the whole time looking into each other’s eyes, the pain lessoning, being replaced with pleasure. He started moving faster and faster, bringing me closer and closer to an edge I have never experienced before, a feeling that scares the hell out of me.

The sensation is burning through my body, feels amazing. My body rushing through my body, making me light headed. His every thrust bringing me closer and closer to climax.

Running my hands over his body, feeling his smooth skin, as an orgasm ripped through my body. Taking him by surprise pushing on his chest rolling him over, and pulled me down into a kiss, while I started to move up and down.

I pulled back from the kiss and looked down at him, just as another orgasm hit throwing my head back, moaning. Smiling down at John I lifted myself up, sliding down his body, bringing him into my mouth sucking and moving up and down. John moaned and gasped at the pleasure but didn’t stop me.

John’s getting close, I can feel it in his body as I suck and pull, and he pulled me up and settled me back on him, thrusting deep into me, a gasp tearing from my throat.

I continued to move never taking my eyes off of his. He put me back under him, continuing to move in and out. I moved my hands up and down his body, pressing him closer.

He leaned down lightly kissing me, then moving his mouth to my neck lightly biting and sucking. I managed to gasp saying. “Bite me.” “Only if you want it.” He said still lightly biting my neck. “Yes I want it, drink from me.” Slowly his fangs pricked my skin, then sank deeper, drawing blood from me. With each pull of him mouth, is bringing me closer, and closer to another climax. He pulled back, as the wholes closed licking his lips, continuing to move and another orgasm hit, blood rushing through my body. After a few more thrusts, he stilled face screwed up, as his orgasm spilled into me.

After his release, he pulled out and moved to the side pulling me close; holding me close to his side.

That was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced in my life.

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