Scarlet Raven

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chapter 22

After my breathing got back to normal I put my arm on his chest, looking up at him. He smiled and gave me a light kiss on the lips.

“That was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.” “The same goes for me as well.” His expression turned dark. “What is it, is something wrong?” He shook his head. “No nothing’s wrong. But I have to ask you something. Was that your first time?”

I can’t look at him, but feeling his gaze burning into my head. Out of habit, I started biting me lower lip.

He moved so he’s hovering over me, he moved one arm so it’s on my other side, caging me in. “It was your first time wasn’t it? Look at me.” I looked up at him, I can see it, see the concern in his eyes. I gave a slight nod. “Yes it was my first time. But don’t worry, you were very gentle, you didn’t hurt me.”

It’s all I can say, I don’t know how’s he’s going to react to it. John moved his face closer to mine, his lips barely brushing mine. “You chose me for your first time?” I nodded. “Yes I chose you. I chose you because I care about you.”

“I care about you as well. In fact.” He gave me a light kiss. He moved just enough so he can whisper against my lips.

“I think I love you.” I stilled, he just said he loves me! “Do you really mean that? Or are you just saying that because I slept with you?”

He smiled, gave me another kiss.

“Scarlet I . . . . I love . . . . . You.” Smiling I wrapped my arms around his neck. Pulling his body closer to mine. “I love you too.” I kissed him, slipping my tongue into his mouth, making him groan. He deepened the kiss melding our bodies together.

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