Scarlet Raven

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chapter 25

We drove into the city, but still they won’t tell me where we’re going. Until we pulled into the community center.

“What are we doing here?” “We are going swimming.” “But aren’t there other people around?” He shook his head, grabbing a couple bags from the back of the car.

“We rented it out. So it will be just us for the day. Come on.” Taking my hand, he led us to the front door; Derek unlocked it and allowed everyone to go in first. There’s even a sign on the door way closed for a privet event.

“Can you even do that?” He nodded, and Derek relocked the door behind us.

Walking through the place, I have never been here before. It’s about what you would expect. But we didn’t stop; until we got the pool. Looking around, there are no windows, so we won’t have to worry about people seeing us. “Why are we here?” “We’re here to swim. So you and Chloe go get changed, and meet us out there.” He said handing me one of the bags, and motioned to the women’s change room. “Come on Chloe.” Putting my arm through hers, we went in there and the guys went into the one next door.

Opening the bag, they got us each a swim suit and a couple towels and other stuff. We changed without really saying anything to each-other, until we got out to the pool our towels wrapped around ourselves. The guys came out in their trunks and smiled at us. Dropping my towel they got me a black and red bikini, and they got Chloe a blue bikini.

“Well what are we waiting for?” I dove in, splashing everyone. I forgot what it’s like to go swimming.

Everyone jumped in after me, making waves in the water. Coming up for air, John is right beside me; smiling at me.

“I want to try something.”

Holding my legs still I called a tail, a red and black scaled tail. Looking down as my legs vanished and a large tail formed in place. “Well would you look at that? It would appear I’m a mermaid now.”

Swishing my tail, I swam away from him, swimming all around the pool.

John said we have the place to ourselves for as long as we want. While we swam I tried numerous different water animals, different sharks, fish even a dolphin; but changing so much it’s starting to drain me.

“I think we’ve had enough for today. Let’s grab something to eat, and head home.”

We got out, and went to get cleaned up. My body is tired I can barely dress, and get out to the car. As soon as my head hit the headrest; everything slipped away and I’m gone.

Coming to a sudden dead stop, jarring me awake. “What’s happening?” I barely got the words out, and a hand clamped down over my mouth, keeping me quiet. “There’s something out there. I think it’s the wolves. You’re staying in here. You’ll be safe; but take this.” He handed me a gun. “It’s full of silver bullets, if a wolf attacks shoot first and ask questions later. Understand?” He gave me a kiss and jumped out of the car locking the doors, keeping me inside.

I can’t see much, but then I heard gunshots. I tried to get out of the car but I can’t. More gunshots, and I briefly saw wolves running into the trees, away from us. Just when I thought it’s done, a wolf jumped on the car, trying to break the glass. I raised my gun to fire, but Thomas tackled it, firing once, and the wolf ran off into the woods.

“You alright Scarlet?” I nodded lowering the gun. John and Thomas both climbed into the car with me, they didn’t say a word as we tore out of there. Looking at John he’s covered in blood but he doesn’t look harmed in any way.

Turning in my seat, he’s also covered in blood, and his clothes are torn, and he has a cut on his face, that’s already healing.

“What the hell happened out there?” “The wolves were tracking us, and ambushed us. We have to get back to the house now!” Speeding up we got back to the house, I jumped out of the car, and before they could stop me I opened the gate, and relocked it after I got them through. As I jumped into the car, there both yelling at me.

“Do not ever do that again Scarlet!” They both yelled at me. “Sorry! Now would you go there probably still out there watching us.” Growing John tore up the driveway up to the house. Parking we climbed out of the cars, everyone but me is covered in blood, but no worse for wear.

“We have to get into the house!”

Thomas Derek, go check on the house, make sure there safe.

They nodded, and ran around the side of the house, and John Eliot and Chloe got us into the house.

“Make sure every door and window in this house is locked! They will not get the drop on us again.”

They nodded and took off before I can say something. “Scarlet go downstairs, and bring up more silver weapons.” He tried to move past me, but I stopped him, grabbing his arm. “Are you all right?” Giving me a look. “No. In fact I’m not. My family was attacked again; and it won’t happen again.” He gave me a kiss and went to the others. Sighing I headed for the basement, where we keep all the supplies. Turning on the light, I walked down, looking around, and thinking about what has happened. It’s been well over a year, and just when I thought we were getting a normal life here; but the wolves won’t stop until they have me, and everyone else is dead.

I have to do something, it’s me they want, not them; but now after this attack they won’t let me out of there sight, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Looking around the basement there’s junk that the people left behind.

Grabbing a box, I started pulling out clips of bullets, and knives and things. Making sure I have everything, I went back upstairs, stepping upstairs, I locked the basement door, stepping into the kitchen, John is there covering the windows, making sure we’re safe.

“Here’s everything you wanted.” I said setting the box on the kitchen table. “Good. Thank you. Those wolves won’t get to you again.” The other four came into the kitchen. “How is everything going out there?” “We’re set, the horses are safe; every window and door is locked, this house is locked down tight.” Chloe came up next to me, looking at the box.

“I can see we have an arsenal at our disposal.” “That’s not all we have.”

I said motioning to a box. “Wow. You guys are insane.” “Yeah well we’ve been attacked a few times now, so we’re cautious.” “I have to ask, how did all of this even start?”

Thomas came up next to her, wrapping an arm around her neck pulling her into his side. “That my dear girl is a very long story.” “Well I think we have some time before there next attack. So spill it already.”

Going over to the fridge, I pulled out two bottles of well-aged blood, and a stack of glasses from the cupboard. “Let’s go into the den and talk. She needs to know.”

John took the glasses from me, giving me a peck on the cheek and everyone followed me to the den.

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