Scarlet Raven

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chapter 31

Everyone is exhausted. This whole day, we all have been put through hell. As soon as John said that it’s quitting time we all collapsed to the ground. Groaning in pain Lyn ran up to me, dropping next to me. We didn’t let her train with us; she won’t be anywhere near the action, not if I have anything to say about it.

She smiled, hugging me, slight pain ripping through me. “You did great. I want to join in, please let me have fun too.” She wined giving me her best puppy dog eyes, but in her case she could actually change into a puppy and give me those eyes.

Shaking my head. “No. I’m sorry baby. I can’t let you join in. You are my little sister, and I won’t let anything bad happen to you. I have to keep you safe, not matter the cost, and you will not be joining in the training with us, end of discussion. I mean it.” She sighed wiping some dirt off my cheek. “I know you want to keep me safe, but I have to learn how to protect myself and keep everyone else around me safe.” “I’ll make you a deal, when all this is over we will give you some training; but right now, you can’t handle all that is happening right now.” “Okay, that sounds good.”

Smiling the others came and joined us, John handed me a glass of blood while Chloe handed Lyn a glass of water. “That was brutal. I have never done anything like that before in my life.” She said dropping down next to us. “Well if it will help keep us alive, then we have to do whatever it takes.”

We sat there, all of us trying to get back to normal. Lyn, Sarah Lilly and Jake, and Blue ran off playing together, I told her to wait until they were away from the others to change though. I still don’t really know them all, I have to keep her safe, if anyone finds out about her, they could betray us and take her away from me, and I will not let that happen, ever!

“Hey Scarlet, you in there?” Shaking my head. “Sorry. What were we talking about here?” “We are making a run into town, I want you and Lyn to stay in the house until we get back.” “Why? I can take care of the both of us.” John motioned for everyone to leave us alone. Taking my hand he said.

“Look Scarlet. I know you can take care of her, but you and that sweet little girl there, are the most important things in my life now; and I won’t be losing either one of you.” Standing up pulling me right along with him, we started walking around, slowly making our way to the house.

“Where are we going?” “I wanted to show you all this before we leave.” Taking my hand again.

“We have fortified the gate and fence surrounding the place. There are guards patrolling at all times, if anyone gets close they sound off alarms.”

Just then one went off, commotion at the gate. “What’s happening?” Pushing through the crowds, there’s a young wolf pup half dead. “My god! What have they done to her?” Dropping down next to her, holding her close, she’s so small, so fragile. How could anyone do such a thing to this poor creature?

“Let me through!” Looking behind me, Lilly and Sarah are trying to get through the crowd. “No! Please god no!” Dropping down next to me, taking her small form from my arms. “Come on Bella, please don’t leave me.” “You know her?” “She’s my little sister. Please someone has to help her, I can’t lose her!” “Come, let’s see what we can do.” Carrying her to the house, she started to go inside. “No, we have a set up out here.” John said pointing to a small area. Setting her on a table, there’s all kinds of equipment and medical stuff set up.

Looking her over, her white fur is now red from all the blood. “Listen, we need you to change back so we can assess you’re injuries. Can you do that for us?” John asked pulling on a pair of rubber gloves. Werewolves are fast heelers, but all the damage they did to her, it will take a long time to heel.

“Come on baby, let’s change back.” Laying hands on her, she started to change back.

It was so painful for her, listening to her, yelping out in pain, I so wish I could do something to help her.

Soon a small bloodied girl no more than seven is lying on the table. “Ok let’s get to work. How did all this happen to you?” John asked washing the blood off her to get a better look at her wounds.

“Our Alpha. He’s ready to attack! You have to be ready.” Shocked. “Your Alpha did this to you?”

“Let me through!”

Lilly pushed her way through, getting to her. “Bella! No!” She said falling to her knees. “My little sister. How did this happen to you?” “Okay Lilly we need to help her. So I need you to back up so we can help her.” She nodded, moving back. John got to work injecting her with something; then he got to work fixing her up.

“Okay I think we’re set.” John said making sure the bandages are nice and tight. “For now all she needs is to rest before we talk to her next. We need to move her.”

“Sir we have a bed all set for her.” “Thank you.”

Gently some of the guys carried her to one of the tents, where they set up a cot for her, setting her down, making sure she’s comfortable. Lilly changed into her wolf and curled up next to her. Patting her head. “You’re sister’s going to be okay Lilly. She just need to rest. Everyone out.”

Closing the tent John said he was going to call everyone to a meeting. Looking around, no one is watching I changed into my true self, my mighty raven, soaring through the air, looking over my home; that perfect strangers now are trying to protect.

Quickly finding John, I flew down landing on this shoulder, while he called everyone to the front.

“You don’t have to change you know.” He said stroking my head, I pecked his finger.

“Hey don’t do that.”

Nuzzling his neck we went to the front of the house, everyone has gathered. “Afternoon everyone.” He bellowed and everyone quieted down.

“Thank you. One of our own was attacked. We have to be prepared, the attack will happen any day now. I want round the clock watch and patrol of the grounds. If you see anything suspicious call it in immediately. Again from the bottom of my heart; thank you for helping to protect our home. Those who aren’t on watch get some sleep, we are all going to need our strength. That’s all for now.”

John walked into the house, with me still on his shoulder. “What are we going to do Scarlet?” Nuzzling his neck I hopped off his shoulder changing back as soon as I hit the ground.

“We are going to fight, and we are going to win, that is what we are going to do!”

Pulling me into him, holding me close.

“What did I do to deserve someone like you in my life?” “If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be in this mess right now.” He chuckled. “True. But then I wouldn’t have the love of my life in my arms right now.” Smiling I kissed him. “I love you.” “And I love you. More than anything.” “Scarlet!” Moving back, Lyn ran to us. “I’m hungry!”
Laughing John took my hand and I took her hand. “Okay let’s see what we can find in the kitchen.” The three of us went to the kitchen, Lyn and I sat at the table while John scrounged up some food.

“Scar what’s going to happen to me?” “What do you mean baby?” “Are you going to send me home?” Taking her hand. “No. No of course not. You’re going to stay with us. You never have to go back there, if you don’t want to.” “She’s right.”

John said setting a plate on the table.

“This will always be your home, as long as you want it to be.” Smiling at John I gave her hand a tight squeeze. Looking at the plate, he made a plate of peanut butter and jam sandwiches and a glass of milk. While we ate we talked, and laughed, I love this kid. “When all this is over, can I go to school?”

Looking at John, I don’ know what to say to that. I honestly never thought I would hear that from her, she never really liked school when we were back home. “We’ll see about that baby. But I don’t see why not. But we’ll just have to all talk about it; as a family.” She nodded. “Okay.” Looking at the clock, it’s after nine.

“You need to get to bed.”

Taking her to her room, I sat on her bed while she got changed. With everything going on, how can she be here now? There is no perfect way to protect her. But I have to, even if it costs my life, I will save her.

“Scar? Scar are you okay?” Snapping out of it, Lyn’s in front of me. “Yeah. I’m okay, in you get.”

Tucking her in, the door creaked, looking over three young wolf heads peeking in. Sighing. “Come on then, in you come.”

They ran and jumped on the bed, setting around Lyn, getting comfortable. “All right I’ll see you four in the morning.” Closing her door, I went to my room, starting the shower, I suddenly felt very sick, dropping, I just got the lid of the toilet open as I threw up everything in my stomach, over and over until there’s nothing left in there. What was that? Flushing I quickly showered and went out to get some clothes.

Texting Chloe, she was there in a second.

“What’s wrong?” Shaking my head. “I don’t know. I just threw up, and now I feel really sick.” She sat next to me, looking me over. We sat there for a second, then she said. “Scarlet is there any chance that you could be pregnant?” Shocked. “I don’t know. Is that even possible?” Shaking her head.

“I don’t know. Until you, I had never heard of a shapeshifter. Stay here and I will be back as fast as I can.” Nodding she kissed my head and left closing my door. I can’t be pregnant! I just can’t, not now; not like this. Suddenly feeling sick again, just making it to the bathroom, before heaving again.

Stomach settling, I sat next to the toilet, setting my hands on my stomach.

“Are you really in there?” “Scarlet?” “In here.” I called. “You okay?” Chloe asked setting the bag down, sitting next to me. Faking a smile. “I’m great.”

“Okay, you need to take these.” She said pulling several small boxes from the bag. Looking at the tests. Sighing I did as she said, peeing on five different sticks. “Now we just have to wait and see. How long ago did you last, you know, do it.” “I don’t know. It’s been so hectic, that I couldn’t tell you.” The timer went off; looking at all of them, they all say ‘positive’

“Oh god! What am I going to do?” “Everything is going to be fine. You are going to tell John and everything will be fine. Trust me.” Shaking my head. “No. I can’t tell him, not right now. Not with everything that is going on around here.” I said and started pacing back and forth. “You have to tell him Scarlet. He’s the father, he has to know.” Sighing. “I will. But not until all of this is over. Once it’s done, then I will tell him about the baby.” “You can’t hid this from him.” Stopping, taking her hands. “Please, promise me you won’t tell him. He has to stay focused on this fight, and he can’t do that, if he’s worried about me and the baby. So please, I am begging you Chloe, not to tell him.” She sighed. “Fine. I won’t tell him, but as soon as it’s done, you will be telling him, or so help me Scarlet, I will.” Nodding. “I will. I promise, thank you.” “You need to get some sleep, you’ll need your strength.” Giving her a hug, she kissed my head, and left leaving me there staring at the sticks that all say I’m pregnant.

“What are we going to do; huh? Do you think your dad will be happy?” I said rubbing my still flat stomach.

I still can’t believe that I’m going to be having a baby. When all this happened to me, I thought that I would never get the chance to be a mother, but now I have it, and I don’t want anything to ever happen it.

Talking to it, of course there was no answer, nor did I expect there to be one. Putting all the tests back in the bag, hiding them in the cupboard, so no one will find them until I tell him. Climbing into bed, I need to figure out what to do here; I just hope that some answers come to me, in some form or another.

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