Scarlet Raven

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chapter 32

Looking at the clock it says one o-clock, I’ve been lying here for hours, unable to sleep. Sitting up the moon is shining through my window.

Standing, I called an animal, a large white leopard, with bright blue eyes with a patch of red over my left eye. Stretching, I nudged my door open, I quietly walked to John’s room, hoping he’s in there. His door is partially open, walking in he’s lying on his bed, jumping on him licking him.

“Scarlet what are you doing?” Chuffing I laid on him, forcing him to fall backwards. “You’re crazy.” Sniffing his neck, we stayed like that for a while, feeling him run his fingers through my fir.

“Scarlet there’s something I need to ask you.” Sitting up I watched him pull something from his night stand. “This will be a lot easier to do if you’re, you again.” Moving back, the sounds of bones cracking and popping filled the room, until I’m back sitting in front of him. Looking at him, he looks a little nervous.

“Here we go. Scarlet, you are the most amazing woman I have ever met. The way you care about others. You’re strong, intelligent and until you came along, I didn’t know what I was missing in my life. Scarlet will you marry me?” He sad opening a tiny red velvet box, sitting inside is the most amazing ring I have ever seen. A heart shaped amethyst stone, silver band with a small diamond on either side. “Yes! Yes!”

Setting the ring on my finger, kissing him with all my might.

“I love you, so much.” “I love you Scarlet.” “How are the others going to react to this?” “There be fine. Actually Lyn already knows, she helped me pick out the ring.” “Of course.” We lied down, lapsing into silence, holding onto each other as sleep over took me.

“Wake up sleepy head.” Groaning, I don’t want to get up. Suddenly the blankets got ripped off me. “Okay I’m up!” He started chuckling. “Good. Get dressed, training in five.” Sighing I got up did my business and pulled on some workout clothes. “Well baby, I hope you’re okay with this.” I said rubbing my stomach; luckily there’s no bump yet. Easier to hide. Setting my ring in the box, so I don’t lose it, pulling my hair up, and heading down the house is completely quiet. Heading outside there all gathered in the yard.

“What’s going on?” “Well we thought that you could show us what you can go.” “I don’t see why not.” Moving back, I called a black and red dragon, feeling my body grow and take form.

As the change completed stretching my wings, everyone started clapping. Lowering my body to the ground everyone started to move closer to me.

Just as I was about to change back the alarms started going off, it’s happening; they’ve finally come!

Looking at John he nodded and started barking orders at everyone, he ordered Derek and Eliot to get Lyn and the young wolves to safety, as we all get into position. Making sure my fire is ready, howls and yelling erupted around me.

Launching into the air the wolves are at the gate, some in human form ready to ram the gate with their car, that’s cheating.

Just as I was about to shoot fire the vehicle broke through the gate and the wolves pounced, running towards the house at full force. Circling back to the front, I started sweeping at them with my tail, trying to fend them off, but it’s no use, there’s too many of them, flying back around, I landed quickly changed back and quickly changed into a large white wolf so I can fight the Alpha.

He is mine.

Launching into the thick of things, attacking the first enemy wolf I saw. Getting rid of him, I started helping our defence line, so far we haven’t lost any, a strong cent hit my nose, and I recognize it instantly, and it’s him the Alpha! Picking him out, I launched towards him, and him at me.

There are dead wolves all over, and it’s all because of him, if he hadn’t of come after me, none of them would have died. Jumping we collided in mid-air, tumbling to the ground we started biting and clawing at each other, each getting bites out of each other.

Getting a hold of him, he shook out of my grip and got hold of me, puncturing my skin. “NO!” Looking up John is running towards us. Biting at him, he let go, launching at him I got him around the neck I snapped my jaw down on his neck, breaking it instantly.

Dropping him the fighting stopped; John got to me, hugging me to him. Thank god he’s okay.

“You’re okay. Everything’s okay.”

Licking his face, we walked to the front, everyone moving out of the way as we passed. Raising his voice, he Hollard to be heard over the crowd.

“You’re Alpha is dead! Go back to your own packs, live your lives in peace. You leave and no harm will come you!”

Growling they started leaving.

“Come back to this territory and you will be destroyed!”

Watching them leave, my vision started to blur, and body become weak; whimpering I collapsed the last thing I saw was John hovering over me, trying to talk to me.

But I was sent into darkness.

Beep….beep…beep. What’s happening to me? Am I dead? “Scarlet? Scarlet can you hear me?” Managing to open my eyes, John is next to me. “What happened?” I rasped, my throat hurts to talk. He helped me drink some water.

“We won. You did it, you beat him! You beat the Alpha. You were wounded, badly, and passed out from blood loss. Thank god you’re okay!”

Kissing me, I miss his lips. Looking around, I’m in my room, but I’m also surrounded by machines, with tubes attached to me everywhere. “I have friends that helped us with all this.” He said looking at me.

“What happened to everyone?” “The rogues all left; the young wolves decided to stay with us, they had the option to go home, but decided to stay.” “How many were lost?” His face dropped. “Luckily none from our side, but a few from the other side.” Taking his hand.

“That’s sad. At least it’s all over now. Look I have something to tell you, but can you go get the others so I can share this with everyone. My family.” He nodded; kissing my head he left closing my door managing to sit up, I looked at my hand, and my ring is there where it should be.

Then it all hit me, I killed someone, I know it was either him or me, I don’t like it, but it had to be done; wiping my eyes the door opened, and everyone walked in. John sat beside me, and Lyn climbed in my other side, snuggling close to me.

Taking a deep breath, I smiled at everyone.

“Alright everyone, I have an announcement to make. John, everyone; I’m pregnant!” John looked at me. “You’re what?” Nodding, a huge smile on my face. “You’re going to be dad!”

“I’m going to be a dad? Really?” Nodding he pulled me into his arms, holding me close.

“I can’t believe it! We’re having a baby!” Everyone congratulated us, I am so happy right now. Looking at all of them, they are so happy that we will soon have a new baby in the house.

I have a family that I love, and that loves me back. They even risked their own lives to save mine, and the life of my baby sister, everyone will be safe now, and most importantly my baby will be safe.

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