Scarlet Raven

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It’s been two weeks since the battle with the wolves, life has gone back to normal. Our allies left but said they would be there if we ever need them. But hopefully we won’t be needing them. Lilly and the others stayed with us, Derek and everyone else stayed with us also. Of course we needed more space, we’ve started putting an attachment on the house as well since we will have enough room for everyone.

“You okay?”

John asked wrapping his arms around me, we’re standing on the porch watching the horses run around with a bunch of young wolves running after them, and one white tiger, with everyone else watching and laughing. Looking at him over my shoulder. “I’m perfect. I have everything I have ever wanted.” Setting my hands on my growing bump, I think this will be a fast pregnancy; it’s grown five times as fast, then a normal pregnancy. I’m okay with it going fast, then the sooner we will have our new life, our little bundle of joy.

I’m a little scared with what is going on inside of me, but I will get through it, we will all get through this.

Howling erupted, laughing at them we walked down the steps joining in the fun, our new lives just starting.

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