Scarlet Raven

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chapter 5

“Scarlet come on dame you. You can’t leave me!” Thomas started to do C.P.R on her trying to keep her heat beating.

Her heart beat slowly, and then stopped and he couldn’t get it to restart.

He hit her chest one last time, when nothing happened he put his head on her chest and started to cry.

“Thomas it wasn’t your fault.” “Yes it was.” He got up and picked her up and carried her into his room, and laid her gently on the bed. He moved her hair and kissed her forehead. “I am so sorry Scarlet. I never meant to hurt you.” He fixed her dress, and collapsed to the floor, having no idea what to do next. Derek came in and pulled him to his feet. “Come on Thomas.” He led him out of the room. “Thomas help me!” He heard her screaming, but she’s perfectly still. He closed the door, leaving her in peace.

I woke with a gasp; like I couldn’t get enough oxygen in my lungs. I looked around trying to figure out where I am, or what happened to me. There are no noises around me, dead silence. I’m lying in a bed, in a dark room. But I can see; I’ve never been able to see this well in the dark before. I’ve always been able to see in the dark; but not like this.

Everything hurts; my ears and head are pounding. I climbed out of bed, and started to walk towards the door.

As I got closer, I started to hear them talking, they got louder and louder. It’s gotten so loud I had to cover my ears and call to Thomas. ‘Thomas you have to stop.’ He couldn’t seem to hear me. So I called louder.

‘Thomas why aren’t you listening to me?’

The voices still won’t stop. I opened the door, and took a step out, and the voices all stopped.

The looks on their faces, it’s like their looking at a ghost or something. Thomas looked up at me, his face streaked with red. He didn’t move, didn’t say anything. I took a few more steps, and I looked down at myself, I’m still wearing the dress they gave me, except now there’s a bullet hole in it. Thomas snapped out of it, stood, and started walking up to me. He stopped right in front of me; he gently put a hand on my face; as if he’s making sure I’m real.

He moved his hand to the back of my neck; he pressed his lips to mine. The way he’s kissing me, it’s like I was gone for a lifetime. He pulled away, but only enough to pull me into his arms.

“Oh my god Scarlet; I am so sorry.” I wrapped my arms around his waist and squeezed. ‘What happened to me? Why can’t I remember anything?’ I’m talking to him, but he’s not listening to me. I started hearing something crack, and I realized I’m crushing his bones.

I let go of him and pushed him back.

I looked down at my hands, I’ve never has this strength before. “Thomas what’s going on? What’s happening to me?”

He cracked his back and came towards me, but I back peddled fast.

“No don’t touch me. I don’t want to hurt you. Just tell me, what’s happening to me?”

“I will tell you, come sit down please.”

We walked over to the couch, John and Eliot got up so we can sit.

“Scarlet what’s the last thing you remember?” Thinking about it. “We were at the club and I went to get a drink, then nothing its blank. Then just now waking up alone.”

My stomach clenched and I doubled over. Thomas put a hand on my shoulder. The pain subsided “I’m okay” and he pulled me into his arms. He looked at Derek, who nodded.

“Scarlet when we were at the club you were shot. We brought you back here, we got the bullet out, but we didn’t work fast enough. Your heart stopped and you died.” “What? But if I died, then how am I alive and breathing?”

I don’t need his answer. I already know what he’s saying. Derek sat on my other side. “Scarlet, we gave you blood, a lot of it. It started to heal you, but we were too late. Now you’ve come back. Thomas you should tell her.” They didn’t have to tell me anything. I died with their blood in my system, and now I’m in transition.

A though just a cured to me.

“That’s why you couldn’t hear me when I called to you.” “You called to me?” I nodded. “I’m turning into a vampire, but what about my shifter? Will I still be able to shift?” “I don’t know, I really don’t. We’ll just have to wait and see.” I closed my eyes, and called my raven but Thomas stopped me, before I could even attempt. “No you can’t not for a while. Derek.” “Of course.” He walked over to the kitchen, opened some cupboards and came back with a bottle and glass. He poured some of it, and handed the glass to me.

“You need to drink this.” “What if I don’t? What will happen?” “You will die. If you don’t drink blood you will die.”

Would that be such a bad thing? I never wanted this. How could anyone want to be like this?

“Scarlet you have two choices. One you drink blood and live, or two you die. Make your choice.” I thought about it, I don’t want to live like this. But I don’t want to die either. I took a sip and I wanted to spit it up; but I managed to swallow it. I took a couple more sips, and got it all down. Everything is starting to feel different. Thomas squeezed my hand. “Don’t worry, just let the change finish, it will be over quickly.”

And it was, I closed my eyes, and allowed it to complete. I opened my eyes, everything seems different; pain ripped through my gums; I started to feel my teeth with my tongue just as fangs extended. “Thomas” I showed him my fangs and closed my mouth. “I am so sorry Scarlet.” He pulled me into a hug, the guys didn’t say anything, and they just stayed where they are.

I pushed him back and stood. Suddenly really needing a shower. I looked down at my dress, and felt where the bullet hole is. “I’m sorry about the dress.” One of them smiled. “Don’t worry about the dress. We’re just sorry we couldn’t protect you.” I didn’t say anything, merely walked to the bathroom; I can feel their eyes on me, making sure I wasn’t about to crack. I closed the door, leaning against it, the guys started talking but I can’t make out what they’re saying, at the moment I really don’t want to. I turned on the water and started to fill the tub.

I pulled off the dress and folded it on the counter. I’m still wearing the necklace; I took it off and set it on the counter; and climbed into the tub. The hot water’s soothing my muscles.

I closed my eyes, and tried to relax. Everything that’s happened to me; my life has been changed forever; literally forever. I will never get old, never die.

But will I ever be able to change again? I relaxed my body and called a water animal, any animal I just want to know if I can still change.

For a moment nothing happened.

Then my body started to change; only this time it felt like my body is being ripped apart.

I wanted to scream, but if I do they will burst into help me, and I don’t want that; I have to do this myself. The pain subsided and everything stopped. I’m still human, nothing happened. But there is something different, I tried to move my legs, but I can’t move them. I looked down my legs are gone, and in their place is a tail; a fish tail covered in red and black scales. Somehow I became a mermaid. But it’s not possible; they don’t exist, do they? All I want to do is call Thomas, but I know I can’t, there’s no way I can explain this to him.

I calmed myself down enough, and tried to get my legs back, but nothing will bring them back. “Come on. I don’t want this. All I want is to get my legs back, so please give them back to me.”

I closed my eyes, and envisioned myself ripping the scales off my legs, one by one until my legs are back as they should be. I opened my eyes, and my legs are back.

I sighed and relaxed slid further down under the water. Now I at least know that I can still change, I just have to be very specific about what I want from now on, so something like that doesn’t happen again. But the fact still remains the same. I am part vampire, and that will not change. I closed my eyes and everything around started to drift.

“Scarlet, Scarlet are you alright?” Thomas called pounding on the door. “Yeah I’m fine; I’ll be out in a minute.”

Letting the water out, I climbed out of the tub and grabbed the bathrobe; he had gotten me, and left the bathroom.

Thomas is still at the door but the others are nowhere to be seen. “Where are they?” “There in the kitchen, making food and getting you more blood.” I know I have to drink it now, but it’s my first day as a vampire, I’m still adjusting to it.

“Thomas how long was I dead for?” “About three days, we’re in November now.” “Only three days? It seemed like a lot longer to me. It felt like an eternity.” Just then the guys came back into the room with plates in their hands. “You need to get more blood in you.” John handed me a glass and plate, I set them down. There’s stuff I need to know, and I want to know it now. “You four owe me an explanation. Since I’m part vampire now; I have to know it all, and don’t even think about leaving anything out.”

When no one said anything I decided to use my guilt card. “None of this would have happened to me if not for you guys, so you owe me!” Thomas spoke up first. “Your right, it is our fault, and we’re sorry for that.” They all nodded and put down their plates.

When I was six, I started getting this feeling that there was something different about me, and I think that other people could sense that about me, so they stayed away from me.

Everyone acted really weird around me, avoiding me, every chance they get, even my family started to avoid me. So I started to take care of myself. I didn’t really have much of a choice. I should have known that there was something wrong with me. animals started acting strange around me, coming up to me, and acting like I’m one of their own, and in a way I am.

People would get scared when animals would come up to me, but they would never hurt me or them. They were just curious about me. A wolf even took me to their den once, and took care of me, when I was seven, I had gotten lost and they found me; I was gone for two days, and my parents never even noticed I was gone. So now having these four guys looking after me like this. Makes me wonder why I even stayed home as long as I did. Sure the way Thomas found me, he could have handled it a lot better than he did, but he knew I needed help; and in a way I think he needed my help as well. The other three, I don’t know why they seem to care, so much but they do and I’m glad they stuck around. I like them.

“So you want to know; more about us. You know all about me. Here’s some stuff about our kind. We don’t know how we began, none of us do. We can die, but it’s very hard to kill us. But because you’re now a half breed, I don’t know what that will mean for you, so you have to be careful.”

There’s only one way to find out. I grabbed my knife and cut my arm. John took the knife from me, the four of them going crazy on me, Thomas tried to heal it, but I jumped off the couch, this time not wanting their help. I looked down at my arm, the blood flow stopping and the gash starting to stitch back together healing.

I don’t believe it, I’ve always healed quickly, but nothing quite like this. “I can heal even faster than I did before, what does that mean?” They were all silent; I don’t think they have anything to say. I don’t think they have any idea what I am, or what will happen to me. “Guys I don’t know what’s happening to me. But I can’t just stay here and hide.”

“Listen Scarlet, our senses are magnified, when we get hurt, it can hurt even more then when your human.” “Well cutting myself didn’t really hurt at all. I won’t hide anymore. I did that enough back home, and I won’t do that here.” “We know, but we won’t let you get hurt again.”

With that I snapped, whether it’s the whole vampire thing or if it’s just the new me.

“Listen all I wanted was a new life away from my family. Thomas you kidnapped me, and you three showed up; now I’m a hybrid. You won’t keep me locked up here. I don’t care what you do, but you won’t be able to keep me here!” I left the room, slamming the door shut. Briefly I heard a murmured conversation, then another door closing. I paced around the room, for a while then lied down, and tried to relax. I drifted off for a while and woke from a sound of a thud. I sat up and looked around, there was something hanging one the back of the door.

My dress, only this time without a bullet whole, and my necklace. There trying to apologise for what happened to me, I know they feel bad, I shouldn’t have been such a bitch to them.

I got dressed and put the necklace on and went out to the other room. No one’s out there, I can’t hear anything, they left me alone? Why would they do that? I hope it wasn’t because of me. I went into the kitchen hoping there come back. I decided to make something special for them, to say I’m sorry. I started pulling stuff out of the cupboards and fridge, and started throwing different stuff together. After a while the place started to smell amazing, then the door opened numerous people are coming through the door.

I don’t recognize any of their scents; now I can hear them; there heartbeats. “Thomas” I quietly switched off the stove, and grabbed my knife where the hell are the guys I need them?

Things started to crash and the intruders laughing. I peeked out the door, three men. Three against one, doesn’t really seem fair, but they don’t know what they’re dealing with.

One of them started moving towards me; I backed up with my knife at the ready. He stepped in and saw me; and smiled; but he didn’t call the others.

He came towards me. I played the defenceless victim. “Please…. Please don’t hurt me.” I said starting to stutter. He has no idea what I’m capable of. Once he got within arm’s reach I swiped at him, cutting his arm.

I ran past him, before he can grab me; knife still in hand. I burst into the living room; where the other two are waiting for me.

I stopped dead in my tracks, acting surprised just as the third stepped into the room. His arm still bleeding; I can smell the blood. I tried to move but one of them grabbed me from behind. “What are we going to do with her?” I finally figured out who they are. It’s the same guys that attacked me that night in the alley. I don’t know if they recognize me or not; and I want to keep it that way. The one I’m guessing is there the leader came closer to me.

He smells dangerous, like he’ll kill anyone that gets in his way.

This is my only chance; I still have my knife; I elbowed the guy holding me in the stomach; and cut his leg sending him flying to the ground. The other two came at me, I managed to dodge out of the way; but there quicker than I am, he swung his lag out; tripping me.

As I hit the ground; my head came into contact with the coffee table; a huge gash opening on my forehead.

One of them kicked me in the stomach, cracking a few of my ribs. I still have the knife; and swung it with everything I have left; slicing clean through his leg. He collapsed to the ground, blood gushing from his leg wound. Getting to my knees I started crawling to him. He’s in pain I can tell, he’s dying, if I don’t help him, I don’t want to help him, I want him to suffer, like I did, smiling I extended my fangs, I want him to feel the pain that I felt. “What are you?” “Darling I’m your worst nightmare.”

I turned his head to the side; and sank my teeth into his neck. As I drank; his heart is starting to grow weaker and weaker; until it stopped beating all together. But still I drank; draining every last drop from this lifeless body.

Now that I have my fill I dropped him, and looked at the other two, now cowering against the wall. I stood wiping the blood off my face, and limped over to them, my ribs still killing me. “I am so going to enjoy draining you dry.”

Slowly draining them of every last drop of their blood. As I got closer pain ripped through my abdomen, I collapsed to the floor. They started to move, I flashed my eyes and said. “Don’t you move.” The door opened and the familiar cents walked in. Thomas ran to me calling. “Scarlet!” He dropped at my side pulling me into his arms, holding me close to his body. “What the hell happened?” I can’t talk, my voice is gone. “We need to get rid of the bodies.” “But there’s only one body.” “I want you to kill them. Kill them, and get rid of the bodies.” “Yes we’ll take care of them, just take care of her.”

He gathered me in his arms and carried me into his room putting me gently down on the bed.

“Oh Scarlet I am so sorry. We never should have left you.” He sliced his wrist and put it to my mouth, even though I really don’t need it anymore, but I swallowed it.

The pain my body started to recede, and I can start to think again. My vision has been blurry, but it started to clear and I can see Thomas’s face above mine. I don’t know what happened to me. What’s going on? “Hey what’s going on, what happened? Where am I?” “Scarlet your home safe, you were in another fight, and you won.” “Ok well that’s good isn’t it?” “Scarlet what’s wrong with you?” “Nothing’s wrong with me Thomas, except for being some kind of weird hybrid.” He smiled and gave me a kiss on the forehead. “Let me up please.” “What was that? Were you just playing me?” “More or less. Hey you had it coming you know. You’re the one’s that left me alone. So yes I played you. So get over it.” I’ll let him think that, it will make him happy.

I sat up, my ribs still hurting, a bit but no longer broken. Vampire blood tastes different, I don’t know what changes in the blood when you turn; and his leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

I stood feeling for a second like I was run over by a truck. “Hey take it easy, you were beaten pretty badly. Even being part vampire, you got beaten.” He tried to get me to sit, but I won’t listen to him. I caught my reflection. “Oh my god.” I have blood all over me; and I’m sure the most of it isn’t mine.

“I have to wash this off.” I got to the door before Thomas can stop me. “No Scarlet wait.” But he was too late, I already had the door open and took a step out.

The room is still destroyed, stuff thrown everywhere. I can see blood on the corner of the coffee table, where I fell, I felt my forehead for a cut but of course there isn’t one, and a puddle of blood. Thomas came up behind me, and put his hands on my shoulders; I moved away. I started hearing a noise and looked over.

John Derek and Eliot are busy draining the blood from the other two that broke in and attacked me.

There in the corner the one I kicked and drained of his blood. “Hmm” they stopped and looked at me. “Scarlet? We are so sorry; we didn’t want you to see any of this.” “Well it’s too late for that isn’t it.” I closed my eyes, and tried to get control of my nerves. “Where did you go? Why did you leave me?” “We left to get these.”

He pointed to a pile of boxes that look like books. “So we’re going to research and hope that we’ll be able to find something about you.” He kicked a box. “We hope there’s something in them that will be able to help us. We also thought that you would be safe while we were gone.” He looked at the others.

I didn’t say anything, I can’t even look at them, and I walked into the bathroom, closing the door; leaning against it.

All I wanted to do was start crying, but I know that they can hear me; I have to get passed it. It happened, it’s done and there’s nothing I can do about it now.

So instead I turned on the hot water and took a long hot shower tying to wash the blood and memories from today away.

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