Scarlet Raven

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chapter 6

“Come on guys it’s been over six months since the incident in the ally. You barley let me leave without at least one of you being with Me.” And it’s true, since I was attacked and the guys saved me; they pretty much moved in with Thomas and I, never giving me a moments piece. The apartment is small enough with just the two of us, add three more into the mix, their male vampires at that, and it became even smaller; then it was before, and with like no room to move, or even breathe.

“We have to think about getting something bigger if you’re going to be staying with us long term.”

Everyone stopped what they’re doing. We’ve been searching for anything about me, but nothing; no one has ever even heard of a shapeshifter, outside of the movies. “There’s nothing, we’ve been through hundreds of books, and we’ve come up with nothing. There’s nothing out there that can help us, it’s pointless. It’s time to give up and move on with our lives.” I threw my book down, and climbed out the window; onto the small deck. Huddling there the cold biting my skin, but I barely notice it, I never really noticed the cold now it’s just there; I love watching the sky darken.

I don’t want this anymore; I’ve wanted to give up on this wild goose chase, for a while now, but they won’t give up. There convinced that the answer is out there somewhere. It’s starting to sprinkle, but I don’t care, I can hear the guys inside talking; more like arguing. Listening closer.

“There’s nothing wrong with her.” “Yes there is; how can you not see it? She’s given up. I can see it in her eyes.” There’s silence, then one of them said.

“We have to get her out of here. Take her somewhere.” “Take her where?” “I don’t know, home maybe.”— “No absolutely not, she is never going back there!”

I can feel the anger in Thomas’s voice. “Unless at some point she decides to go home, but I will never force her to go back there. You don’t know what it was like for her back there.” “I think I know someplace we can take her.” That got me interested. I think’s its John’s voice. “It’s not a permanent solution but it will give her a chance to get away, get some different scenery.” “Yes I think it’s a good thing. John make the call. I’ll get her.” I moved back from the window pretending to watch the darkening sky. Thomas opened the window; I can tell by his expression that he doesn’t buy it for a second. I can’t look at him I’ve been with him long enough he always knows what I’m thinking before I do.

But since I died and came back, as part vampire, he can’t read my thoughts. Which is a plus side to taking a bullet in the gut. Thomas didn’t say anything, just waved me inside.

After a moment, I slowly started to follow him. I still have to wrap my head around the fact that I will never be able to have children, or a family, my whole life changed in an instant; changed forever. I always wanted children, one at least, a little girl with my red hair and my eyes. Now that can never happen. When I didn’t follow him, he poked his head outside. I waved him on and followed him inside. Just as I stood up strait, John’s hanging up his phone.

I took mine out and set it on the table.

“We’re all set, she’s on her way. Scarlet we’re taking a ride.” I don’t know what to say, I went into the bathroom, to get cleaned up.

I grabbed some blood on the way, I hate it, I shouldn’t have to drink blood, I’ve been a vampire for six months, and everything about me has changed, my eyes turned green, I became taller, and everything I’ve had to do as a girl stopped working properly.

But the worst thing is drinking the blood.

I hate drinking the stuff, but I know I have to; in order to survive. I finished up in the bathroom, walked into the living room. The guys are talking to some girl, her backs to me, short spiky black hair, and strange clothes.

She turned to me. She’s pretty with large hazel eyes, tanned skin it doesn’t look like she’s wearing any make up, her style giving off puck Goth style.

“Hey you must be Scarlet; I’m Bellatrix, it’s nice to meet you.” She didn’t extend her hand or anything, I don’t know whether I can trust her or not, but John seems to, and for now that’s good enough for me. I can’t help but look over at Thomas, he nodded seeming to say. ’I know you don’t trust her, but she can help.”

I crossed my arms across my chest.

“Where are we going?” “To my place.” She gave me a look over, I want to deck her. “You can’t go there looking like that, let’s go.” She walked towards the bedroom.

By the time I got in; she’s already going through my stuff. “What are you doing?” “You can’t go looking like that. So I am looking for something suitable for you to wear.”

She gave me another once over. “Well you don’t have anything, I guess it’s a good thing I brought supplies.” She went to the door and called. “John can you bring me my bag?” He brought it to her like a good little dog, is that how it is between the two of them, she says jump and he says how high?

I don’t like her.

“I’m going to be a while here, you can deal with whoever is coming with, just get them ready to go.” He nodded and gave her the bag. She closed the door, and threw her bag down on the bed. “Alright let’s get started.” She opened her bag and started pulling things out.

She shoved some stuff at me saying. “Put these on.” I threw the clothes down, and said. “You know you don’t have to talk to me like that!” She turned to me. “Talk to you like what?” “Like I’m an idiot. Like I can’t do anything on my own. You don’t know me.” “You are an idiot, and you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re a useless little brat, who has them all fooled, but you don’t have me fooled. I can see right through you, you don’t deserve to be with them. I know it, and you know it.”

My rage spiralled out of control, and my body started to change; I just don’t know what’s coming. But I do know it’s not good.

I managed to say before my vocal cord changed.

“You think I’m useless?” I smiled and allowed the change to take over, and my body transformed.

Bellatrix watched in horror as my body grew and grew. I looked at my body in amazement, as the change completed. I changed into a dragon; I have never changed into a dragon before. I didn’t even know I can. “Thomas John!” She called backing into a corner. Thomas and the others burst into the room, stopping dead in their tracks, when they saw my huge body. What I became!

I swung my long neck, as I looked over my new form, my glowing ruby red scales, and looked directly at Thomas.

I lowered my neck and closed my eyes. “Scarlet, oh my god; you’re a dragon.” I breathed out warm air, wondering if I can potentially breathe fire.

Thomas put his hand on my head and looked over at Bellatrix. “Well now you know, fully what she is.” He removed his hand, and walked towards her; making her cower even more.

“We heard what you said to her. That you think she’s using us, for some reason; and I know for a fact that she’s not. You have no idea what she’s been through, and you have no right to do that to her. I want you out of this apartment, and never come back!”

She looked at John but he didn’t say anything, just stared at her.

She didn’t even grab her bag, just ran from the room, and out of the apartment.

The look on Johns face, I moved my tail; pulling him into my side, wrapping him tight hugging him close to me. He was friends with her, I know that he didn’t like doing that to her, but it had to be done.

Thomas took a photo of us, and started to laugh. I relaxed and started to change back, and John moved back. As soon as I can speak, I said.

“I am so sorry John.” “No don’t be. She should never have said those things to you. So you don’t have to be sorry.” He looked at everyone else. “Well that plan was a bust. So what now?” “I should go home. Back there.” “Scarlet you don’t have to go back there. You know that.” Nodding. “I know, but I have to, just to check in, get some things.”

He thought about it for a moment, and then looked at the guys, who only nodded. “Fine but I’m going with you.” “You don’t have to.” “Yes I do. Now come on, we’ll leave in about an hour. Get some stuff together.” “I’ll go with you, just some added protection.” I’m surprised by John, but I’m happy to have him aboard. “Derek may we have the use of your car?” He nodded and tossed him the keys. I went to gather some stuff and Thomas went to talk with the others. They tried to be quiet, but I can hear pieces of what they’re saying. “While we’re gone, I want you two, to look for a new place. Call this person; and tell her it’s for me; and she’ll help you. We should be back in a few days.” They stopped talking and someone started walking towards me. I got busy throwing some stuff in my bag, just as Thomas walked in the room. “Are you alright?” I nodded and pulled on my boots.

“Yeah just a little shaken.”

He nodded and grabbed a bag of his own. “Scarlet are you sure you want to do this? Because you can still back out, we can just stay here and figure out what to do next.”

I shook my head.

“No I have to do this.” I stepped towards him and said. “We’ll go, do my thing and we’re gone. Now let’s see if John is ready to go.” He nodded grabbed his bag.

We walked out; Johns waiting for us, with a bag of his own sitting at his feet.

“Are we all set?”

Thomas tossed me my phone and nodded to John. “Alright we’ll check in; make sure everything’s all good. Just please don’t burn down my place while we’re gone. You know what will happen to you if something happens to this place.” The sound of his voice, scares me a little.

They nodded and Derek handed John a small cooler, which I’m guessing containing blood. We headed down to the car, the windows newly tinted and seats cleaned.

John tried to get me to take the front seat but I can’t, I wanted the back all to myself.

We strapped in and headed out; heading back to my hometown.

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