Scarlet Raven

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chapter 8

Soft breathing started to bring me back; and at first I don’t know where I am. An arm wrapped around me holding me close. I feel warm and safe; I realized where I am; and who I’m in bed with. Hopping that he’s still asleep, trying to uncurl myself from his grasp, climbing out of bed. “Good morning miss Scarlet.” Crap. Slowly turning around, looking at Thomas. “Good morning.” I couldn’t think of anything to say at this moment to say.

Really what can you say? He climbed out of bed, as I’m grabbing my bag, and heading for the bathroom.

“Scarlet are you alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine; we should get on the road as soon as possible.” He nodded not convinced. “Yeah okay.” He went back to his and John’s room just as I closed the door to the bathroom.

I stared at myself, in the mirror.

What was that?

We didn’t even do anything; so why do I feel like this? I had a quick shower and dressed in a pair of jeans I bought and a long sleeved red top with a low cut V-neck. I braided my long hair, and went to grab the rest of my stuff. I’m just pulling on my boots; and a knock came at the door. “Come in.” Thomas walked in his hair still damp, and smelling of mint. “Here.” He said tossing me a bottle, watching the blood swishing around the bottle.

“We’re ready to go if you are.” Nodding. “Yeah just need my coat.” It’s nearly nine, when we get back on the road.

The windows on the car are very dark tinted; I took off my jacket and changed into a cat. Snow white, with a red spot on my head, and glowing green eyes.

I climbed into the front startling John who’s in the front passenger seat. I purred; settling in his lap. “She really is an amazing creature isn’t she?” “Yes John she most certainly is.” I swatted at Thomas; claws fully extended, catching his shirt.

He flicked my nose; hissing at him. I jumped off John; and went back to my seat; changing back. “How much longer to we have till we get there?” “Still a while yet, just sit back and try to relax.”

I took out a book I brought; starting to read, not paying any attention.

I don’t know where we’re going, or listened to them talking. Occasionally one of them would say something to me, and we would stop and stretch our legs.

But mostly the car ride’s silent.

Driving through the night, I slept through most of it. Finally I said. “Guys I have to ask you something, more or less tell you. When we get back I want to look for a job, and you can’t talk me out of it. I need to do this.”

They were silent for a moment, then Thomas said. “Ok if you’re sure, then we’ll help you look for one.” Their reaction surprised me; I expected more of a fight from them. John’s now driving; we pulled into a gas station. “This is our last stop before we get there, do you want to change?” “Yeah it sounds good.” I grabbed my bag and headed for the bathroom. After I locked the door, I looked at myself; in the mirror, there’s no turning back now. I changed and brushed my hair out, put on some make up, and I don’t look half bad.

I headed out, and Thomas is in the car, but John isn’t. “Where’s John?” “He’s just getting some stuff. How are you feeling?” “I’m okay, I’m a little nervous though. But I guess that’s to be expected, since I haven’t seen them for months.”

“Hey don’t worry; we’ll be right there with you. You can do this; I know you can.” I’m about to say something, but John opened the door, dumping a few bags on the seat next to me.

We resumed our journey pulling onto the road. As we neared my old home town, I can’t help but wonder if anyone will recognize me, I hope no one does, because I don’t want to have to deal with it, all the questions; there have; I don’t want any of it.

Something soft hit me, I was so last in my thoughts that I don’t notice that the guys are trying to get my attention.

“Scarlet are you in there?”

“Sorry yeah I’m here now. What’s up?” John handed me something. “Your face is covered in blood.”

I wiped my face he’s right, I didn’t realize I’m crying. I wiped my face, using the rear view mirror. “We’re getting close Scarlet, it’ll be okay.” “Why do we cry red?” I asked looking at the cloth in my hands. “I don’t know, we just do.”

His smile seems genuine, but I’m not entirely convinced. “Here drink this.”

He handed me a bottle, I hope he’s right.

I took a sip my body is starting to feel warm. They put some of their blood in it, hoping to calm me down; it’s working.

I closed my eyes, feeling the warmth spread through my body, and I felt the car stop.

“Thomas what’s going on?” I asked looking out the window.

“We’re here Scarlet, we’re at the edge of town.”

He turned and looked at me. “Are you ready for this?” It took a moment for me to answer, but when I did, I knew for certain what the answer is.

“Yes I’m ready.”

He smiled and turned back onto the road, passing the town sign. I sat up straighter, reveling in my new found confidence.

We drove until we got downtown. The main core, this place feels so strange to me, being back here.

The speed limit is 40km so as we drove by all the old shops that I used to go too, my old school, which I don’t miss at all.

But I guess I should and try to finish schooling; or something. We pulled over and Thomas turned to me.

“We’ll go to the house in a bit, let’s go inside, get something to eat.” I nodded and we climbed out of the car.

As soon as I stepped down, I know where we are.

We walked into the restaurant, it’s pretty much empty. Since it’s around three o-clock. We grabbed a booth, and Thomas sat next to me, and John went to make a call, and to get us a drink. For some reason, my senses became on high alert, there’s nothing around, but it won’t subside. “Thomas.” I looked at him, but he didn’t have to say anything.

The look on his face, said it all. John came back with three beers. “What’s wrong?” “You don’t feel it?” He put the beer down and focused his senses. “What is that?” He said but not as a question. “There’s something wrong here, I just can’t see what it is.”

“We never should have come back here; I should never have come back.” The server came to take or orders.

“Sorry something just came up.”

John said taking control; we finished our beer and threw some money on the on the table.

We left her a good tip, even though she didn’t actually serve us. We got outside just as a bus pulled into the stop; where I got on; all those months ago.

We watched as people got off. After about six people got off a young girl in a long dress and cloak stepped off looking around. Thomas leaned down, lowering his voice he whispered. “Vampire.” I can tell that she is, but her energy is stronger than the four of them put together. Her body tensed, she could sense us.

We backed up quickly moving out of her eyesight.

“We have to follow her.” “What about your family?” “There not my family anymore.” I said looking at the mystery girl. “I’ll go, you go with Scarlet, and I’ll follow our new friend over there.”

John said pulling on his leather jacket. All of them own a leather jacket; I think it’s a vampire thing.

“Thomas it’s up to you.”

He thought about it for a second, then nodded and said. “Fine just be careful, we don’t know she could be capable of.” “You got it boss.” John walked off, walking towards the bus stop. Thomas and I climbed into the car; heading for my house. I gave him directions, we pulled over in front of a house, a house that I once thought I belonged to, and now I feel like a total stranger coming back here. Thomas took my hand, as we walked up to my front door.

“No cars in the driveway, but they should be back soon.” I can’t force myself to knock, so Thomas did it for me. After a moment, a young girl answered the door.

I looked at the girl, she’s changed so much since I saw her last, but I don’t think she recognizes me.

“Hello can I help you?” I can’t speak; so Thomas spoke for me. “Are either of your parents’ home?” “No but there be back soon. Who are you?” “Can we come in, we really need to talk to your mom and dad.” She looked at me, then nodded, and moved aside to we can come in. Lyn led us further into the house, it looks exactly the same, except they cut me out of the photos, like I never existed at all. She led us to the living room, we sat on the couch; and she sat in the chair across from us.

Finally I managed to find my voice.

“Lyn don’t you recognize me?” She looked closer at me and a smile came to her face. “Scarlet?” She jumped off the chair and ran to me, jumping into my out stretched arms.

“Oh Scarlet, I missed you so much! Why did you go away?” Holding her close, breathing in her cent, I’ve missed her so much. “Oh I had to go sweaty. I didn’t want to leave the two of you. But I didn’t have a choice.”

She pulled back so I can see her. “You have become such a beautiful young lady. Where’s Tori?” “She’s with mom and dad. I didn’t want to go, so they let me stay home. They cut you out of all the photos, I didn’t want them to, but they wouldn’t listen to me. They never listen to me.”

Nodding. “I know, don’t worry. Listen did they get rid of all my stuff?” “They tried to, but I started hiding your stuff.”

She climbed off my lap and pulled my arm. “Come on follow me.” I pulled Thomas up and we all headed upstairs.

We stopped at my room; they turned it into an office, they even painted the walls, getting rid of any signs that I ever existed in this house. “Come everything’s in my room.”

She opened her door, and she wasn’t kidding. She has all my stuff in boxes all around her room.

“Lyn I can’t believe it! You did all this for me?” She wrapped her arms around my waist. “I love you Scarlet!” I gently squeezed her back, not wanting to crush her.

“You’re not staying, are you?” Shaking my head. “No sweetie, you know I can’t. Can I take some of this stuff with me?” She nodded. “Ok. We’re going to take some stuff to our car. Thomas give me a hand.” He nodded and the three of us carried box after box of stuff out to the car.

I left her some stuff though; to remember me by; because I don’t know when I’ll see her next. Or if I’ll ever see her again.

We got the last box in the car in, just as a car pulled into the drive.

The three of us, walked into the house, Lyn and I holding hands, while we waited for the others to join us.

A moment later the door slammed shut, Thomas squeezed my hand. My parents and my other sister came into the room. A terrified look on their faces. “Mom; dad hello.” “Scarlet what are you doing here?” “Wow mom! You sound disappointed to see me here. Thought I was dead?” Sighing. “Well, I guess so.”

Having just read their minds, and my voice dripping with disdain. “We have some things to discuss. But first I want to talk to the girls, alone.” “There is no way that’s happening.”

I looked my mother right in the eye, and said.

“Leave, so we can have a chat.” They left us alone with the girls, Lyn stayed beside me, but Tori wouldn’t come anywhere near me.

“There’s some things that I need to talk to you about.” I took a deep breath. “Since I left, has anything happened to either of you?” They both shook their heads no.

I sighed a great sigh of relief. “So nothings been happening, that’s good. If the animals start acting strange around you, don’t be afraid, and don’t tell mom and dad, they won’t understand it. I have missed the two of you so much.” I gave Lyn a squeeze and let go of her.

“Now I have to talk to mom and dad, so why don’t you go up to your rooms.” They nodded and left the room.

“You can come back in now!”

They came back in the room, mom sitting in the chair, but dad wouldn’t sit; he just stood beside mom, staring at the two of us.

I don’t know if Thomas could feel it, but I can feel the disgust radiating off of the both of them.

“Did you ever even look for me? Did you do anything except start to take my room apart? How long after I left did you start to erase me from this house?” “What did you want us to do? You’re a freak; an abomination. Do you want to know something? We were happy the day you left. We were finally free.” “Wow what great parents you’ve become. Let me ask you something. What will you do if one of them becomes like me? Will you kill them like you tried to kill me? Or will you except them, and love them like they deserve?”

I can still read their minds, and they still think I’m an abomination. A monster.

“Do you want to see just how much of a monster I can be?” I stood and extended my fangs; showing them on the top and on the bottom. They freaked, and I can’t help but smile; at their fear.

“Get out, I want you to get out, and never come back.” “Alright, we’re leaving.” “Then leave you freak!” Thomas freaked. “That’s it, you will not talk to her like that again.” Thomas sneered coming up behind me.

“Don’t worry Thomas it’s going to be okay.”

I squeezed his hand, and went to them. I looked them in the eye. “You will not remember this. You will love those girls, as they deserve. Do you understand me?” They both nodded. Thomas and I started for the door, and Lyn ran down the stairs, stopping me, wrapping her arms around me.

“No Scarlet, don’t go.” I hugged her back. “I have to go.” I pulled free and knelt down.

“I love you, and Tori so much, and I don’t want to leave you. But I have to, one day you’ll understand.” I kissed her forehead and stood. “Good bye.” Thomas and I walked out, the front door heading for the car.

My once parents, standing at the door, holding Lyn who’s trying to run after me, but she can’t not yet as least. She’s screaming, and crying; after me.

We climbed into the car, as were driving away; watching my once family; vanish out of sigh. Thomas took my hand squeeze as drove off. Leaving that life behind, once and for all.

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