Scarlet Raven

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the house

Derek and Eliot have been looking at houses since the others left, and none of them are good enough for her.

They don’t know why they feel this way about her but they do. They have to protect her no matter what. Because her family sure as hell hadn’t. Eliot kept checking his cell hoping for some kind of message saying everything’s alright.

“Come on stop it already, everything’s fine. Now focus, I think this place might just be the place.” Derek said as they pulled up to the old rout Iron Gate. This one has a large old lock on it, Derek climbed out, and lucky for them the gate is unlocked.

As they drove up the long driveway, surrounded by forest; on both sides.

“I think this is the place. I think this could be our new home.” They both looked at each other, and nodded. They made their way up the drive and finally came up to the large house, set in the middle of a forest. The real-estate agent is there waiting for them. “Hello miss Lyn.” Derek said shaking her hand. They both took one look at the house, and they both know this is the house for Scarlet.

Three storey dark red brick, old gothic style.

Black painted trim around the all the windows and doors, and with a full wrap around porch with chipped white paint.

“Well what do you think so far?” “So far we love it. Let’s go see the inside.” She nodded and led them up the porch and unlocked the front door.

The house smelled slightly misty. It didn’t look like anyone’s been living in the place for years. There are sheets covering every single piece of furniture in the place. As well as a thin layer of dust covering everything else.

“The family that lived here all past away, and there was no family left to take care of the place.” “So who owns the place now?” “The real estate office does. It was either we by it, or it gets torn down, none of us could stand to see that happen. So we bought it and take care of it, until we can find the right people to buy it. I think it’s the two of you.” They looked at each other. “No we’re not a couple. Our parents just died and our sister is taking it hard, and she needs a change of scenery.” She nods, understanding completely.

“Of course. Now let’s see the rest of the house.” They nodded and moved through the rest of the house.

Eight bedrooms, and four full baths, it’s everything they could have hoped for her and more.

Derek was busy looking around the kitchen, so Eliot went outside around the back. A large back yard, with a large back deck with furniture as well. The back of the property has a fence around it. Then a huge forest backing it, where Scarlet could truly be free.

“So what do you think? The forest belongs to the property as well, there’s a fence that goes far marking the property line, and this is the only property around here for miles. So you’ll have the place all to yourselves.” Derek and Eliot looked at each other seeing to know what the other was thinking, and said. “We’ll take it.” “Marvelous. I have the papers inside, let’s go sign shall we?” They once again nodded and followed her inside. She had the papers already to sign, first Derek signed then Eliot.

She shook their hands.

“Congratulations. All this place needs is a little T.L.C and I think you’re just the people to do it.” “Thank you, thank you very much.” “Yes thank you.” She handed Derek the key and they went out front. They watched as she drove off and turned back to the house. “We have a lot of work to do, before they get back.” “Well then, we’d better get started.” They locked the door and headed out, to get help, and a lot of supplies.

Eliot hopped out and locked the gate and closed the gate having a look at it, and got back in the car. Derek gave him a punch in the arm and tore off down the road.

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