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The Graal

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The Graal is the object most desired by others, but not by all. Drea doesn't want it, or at least she didn't until her number one enemy finds her. With David being kidnapped, she has to be quick.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

The Graal

Chapter 1

It was a dark night. The room was filled with smoke and gun bullets. It was hard to escape them, which explains why one pierced my shoulder. The blood poured out of the new wound slowly and stained my dark coat.

’Damn it!′ I thought.′ Who shot me?

I looked around in search of the one who had shot me and as soon as the smoke cleared, I saw him. He had a dark black hair with glowing orange eyes. He seemed as surprised as I was.

In his hand was a gun, nothing special really, just an ordinary handgun. I thought for a second that maybe he would let me go but I had no such luck, I was cornered.

Suddenly, his face expression changed. His surprised look gave way to an angry one and without even realizing it, I was making a run for the window when I heard a cry.

I turned around and I saw his personal bodyguard, a tall guy with short brown hair and grey eyes, running towards me. I tried my best to avoid his small blade but the last strike was so fast I didn’t see anything.

The next thing I knew was the pain that struck my stomach...

I opened my eyes as the pain woke me up. I suddenly realized I was on the floor again. The wound in my stomach had re-opened once more.

“Aww, man! Not again!” I said out loud.

Since that night, I had sworn to never be a thief ever. It was my mistake and it was so long ago. This stupid wound had never healed completely. I don’t even know how long it was going to take to get it to heal but I was not going to stop working.

My name is Drea Katelyn Beldomoris but my criminal name was Ray. Don’t ask why! I know it’s a heck of a name but I can’t help it.

I got up on my feet and ignored the feeling of dizziness. Glancing back at the bed, I saw the sheets covered with blood.

Yet another one I would have to put in the garbage. ′ I thought.

I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror. As always, my deep dark brown hair was all messy and had curled in the heat and humidity of the night. Stupid curly hair! My brown eyes were red from the lack of sleep.

I don’t know why but these past few days had been hard. My boyfriend was always working and I was always left alone at our new apartment. My boyfriend is an assassin, a professional one. I remember the first time I met him...

The man’s bodyguard had cut my stomach, making me back away. I was tired from all the ducking and avoiding. Every time he moved towards me and I kept backing away until I felt something hard behind me. One glance made me realize it was the window. This time, I was done for. I smiled and fell on the ground in pain before blacking out...

I smiled as I remembered that part of my past. I loved David and he loved me back. We had been together for two months already.

“Surrender and you’ll get out of this alive,” Said my victim’s dark voice.

“Never!” I yelled back.” If you think I’m scared you are wrong!” My voice was stable and normal. I had learned to hide the emotions in my voice and eyes so my enemies would not be able to read them.

The lights from the streets passed through the glass window; the streets were empty and dark. The silver light of the moon beamed on my dark hair, but, since it fell on my back, they couldn’t see my face.

My only chance of getting out of there alive without throwing away my career was slim but I had to take a chance. I took out a gun and pointed to the roof.

“Your roof is really not solid, you know. One shot would make it crumble,” I said then I gazed at my victim’s bodyguard and threatened.” Touch me and I take you all with me!”

Of course I was just stalling. My gun was empty; I had nothing to refill it and no time to take any of the others out. I tried to keep my attention on all of them. I knew from the face expression of my victim that he was still hesitating. This was my chance!

Before I was even able to break the window, a shadow was cast from behind me. Seeing my lack of attention to my gun, I was hit with force and we fell, the bodyguard of my victim and me, through the window and toward the hard ground.

A hand grabbed me before I was too far down and pulled me up on the roof.

They were strong arms. I looked up to see who had saved my life but I only saw someone in dark clothing. In other words, dressed in an assassin suit. I could see his eyes though; the color was a bright alert blue.

I closed the door and went into the shower. The hot water rolled down my body and made my wound sting but I pushed back the pain. The hot water erased the nightmares and the worries of the night to leave room for happiness and joy.

I got out and dried myself before putting on clean clothes and arranging new bandages on my wound.

I looked at the clock: 9 PM. I would have to go to work soon. I worked in a nightclub as a bartender. It helped my boyfriend and I with our financial problems.

I took the dirty sheets of the bed and threw them it the garbage. I put on some new ones on and went to the kitchen to make myself something to eat. I made myself a typical meal of Quebec called a “poutine”, it’s fries with cheese and hot sauce, and it’s very good. Then it was time to go. I went to the door with my trench coat and my shoes on and finally walked outside. I turned around and locked the door before starting to walk towards the nightclub I worked at.

The air was cold but fresh and it made me realize I needed to go out more. The moonlight made my skin look like it was flawless and perfect. The light fell on my brown hair and gave it an angelic look and the shape of my body seemed to glow like I had a silver aura. I know because I’ve been told before.

My curled, loose hair, bounced on my shoulders with every step I took. I put my hand in my coat’s pockets to keep them warm. Winter was approaching fast which meant my birthday was coming up as well. I was born in January, which makes me a Capricorn.

The club was two streets away so I arrived very quickly. In the front, you could read E.I.B. as the name of the club. The acronym stood for “Everybody In the Building”. Original isn’t it? I think so too!

I went to the large guard standing in front of the back door and nodded my head as a hello. He replied by opening the door for me and nodded as well with a smile before I stepped in.

The back section of the club was for employees only and so, there weren’t many people. I took my coat off and hung it in the closet. I closed the closet door and turned towards the exit, on my left, to find a man with black hair talking to some girl, his arm on the right side of her head.

I smiled. The man in question was named Amon Delta. He had been my very first friend when I had moved to Ottawa. He was a charmer and, most of the time, his flirting would actually get him a girl, but not all the time.

I walked behind him and pulled him by the ear, leaving the girl with a shocked expression on her face. I dragged him to another corridor and let his ear go. He rubbed it and looked at me walking away.

“Oh, Drea, I know you like me but we’re not even together. I mean you have your fiancé so it would be impossible to--” He started running after me and teasing me but I interrupted him and turned around.

“Amon, dear, ” I started with a nice voice. “Even if I weren’t engaged, there would be no way I would ever go out with a playboy like you! Get it in your head, idiot! You’re flirting and charming ways will get you into trouble one day and that day, I won’t be there to save you!” And on this I turned on my heels and walked into the club behind the counter.

Amon came soon after me and we both did our jobs talking sometimes when there weren’t any clients. Fights like the one we just had never lasted very long between us because we were good friends.

Another client arrived and I started to serve him.

“Excuse me! M’am I would like a beer please!” said another client, rudely.

“Yes, sir. Give me a minute.” I answered with a polite tone and served my first client’s drink. Then I looked back at the other client and smiled. “What sort of beer would you like to drink tonight sir?”

“Give me the best you have!” was his answer as he turned his head to a screen where they were showing a video clip of Jennifer Lopez.

I served him his drink and served another client. I felt like I was being watched the whole time since I had served the man. There was something about him but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Amon! There are lots of clients here and I’m very busy. Can you please lend me a hand?” I yelled to Amon.

He made his way next to me and served some clients. I sighed when the clients stopped coming and drank some water. Amon was talking to some girl again and I didn’t bother to tell him she had a boyfriend, after all, it was his problem, not mine.

I picked up some dirty glasses and started cleaning them.

“Hard night?” I heard a voice say from the other side of the counter making me turn around.

I smiled at the man and his dirty blond hair, his bright and alert blue eyes. David had come early from work. I put down the glasses and turned to Amon.

“Amon, I’ve got to go see someone. I’ll be right back!” I yelled at him.

He looked over to me, followed my gaze and nodded.

I went around the counter and hugged my fiancé. He kissed me passionately.

“Wow! I knew I missed taking you in my arms but I didn’t think I missed kissing you so much,” he said as I broke the kiss and he looked at me. ” I love it when they do that,” he added.

“When what do what?” I asked confused.

“When your hair curls. It gives you that angelic look. It’s beautiful.” He said that and kissed one of my curls.

I felt like teasing him.

“I see. So it’s not for me that you came by but for my hair? Then may be you should marry them instead.” I said my hands on his shoulders and his now around my waist.

“Hm...Or maybe I can marry you both...” Looks like he was in a good mood tonight, which meant his assassination had gone perfectly.

“I finish in two hours, can you wait till then?” I asked, my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

“I don’t have a choice, now, do I?” David looked down at me.

I looked up and gave him peck on the lips but still kept my lips close to his.

“Nope!” I kissed him one last time and pulled away, against my will. “But you can stay and I can serve you something.”

He smiled and nodded before sitting down at the bar.

* * *

Two hours later, we were walking down the streets to our apartment, his arm around my waist. I had one arm behind him and the other on his chest. He stopped, took my hand and kissed my fingers.

Looking up, I saw an odd look in his eyes.

" I still can’t believe I fell in love with an angel and that I’m actually engaged to the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my entire life.” We started walking again.

“And I can’t believe I was saved by a prince in a shining armor and that he asked me to marry him.”

The rest of the way was made in silence but a beautiful silence. We entered the apartment and I took off my coat. I was just done taking it off when I was picked up bridal style and carried into our room.

David gently put me on the bed and then went back to close the door.

* * *

When I woke up the next morning, my body was sore all over. I turned on my side expecting to find David but he was wasn’t there. I opened my eyes slowly and saw him sitting in a chair by the bed, looking down at me. He was dressed normally but there was something weird.

“David, what’s wrong?” I asked a little worried.

“We were invited to a party the day after tomorrow.” he said.

“But, David, that’s great! What’s wrong about that?” I was sitting up, keeping the covers on my body to hide the fact that I had nothing on.

“The host for that party is Gordan Jefferson,” he let out in a breath.

I gasped. This couldn’t be happening! It had to be a dream and I was going to wake up!

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