The Graal

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Chapter 2

The Graal

Chapter 2

I was stunned. Gordan Jefferson had invited David and me to a ball. I looked at David and gulped.

"G-Gordan Jefferson?"

David and I were both trying our best to avoid that man.

He was a man who could charm any girls but he was also obsessive and possessive. Anything he wanted, he usually got. Anything he got was HIS, not one could ever think of getting close to it. He was also popular in the matter of robbers that had tried to rob him; they had all ended up dead. As for any other kind of person who would try to do something against him, he usually learn it before it even happened and arranged things to guarantee a very different outcome.

When my mentor thief had first told me about it, he had said other things about him also but nothing as important has those. I had been asked many times to steal something from him and, overestimating my abilities or under estimating his, I accepted. I'm the only one who ever got out. But I had gotten out wounded. He had seen my face but didn’t know my name. Ever since the incident I had sworn to never set foot in his house again... But things change…

"Did you accept?" I asked with uncertainty in my voice.

He looks down at his crossed hands, his elbows on each knee. His answer was barely audible.


I couldn't believe he had accepted. How could he do this to me? I was doomed. I could already see what was going to happen. First we would arrive at the ball and talk to some men my fiancé worked with, then we would be presented to Gordan. Jefferson's face would harden as he sees me, he would order for my arrest and that would be it.

I looked at my fiancé and exhaled air audibly.

"Why...did you accept? You as much as me know what could why?" I asked, restraining myself from getting yelling at him. It would NOT be of help if I got mad at him.

He looked up at me, his blue eyes filled with sorrow. If he was trying to pass as the victim, it was not going to work with me. Not twice.

My gaze hardened and became cold. I twisted my mouth into an angry frown.

"Answer me!" It wasn't a request but an order. Keeping the blanket on my chest, I crossed my arms over it.

He looked back down and stood up from the chair. Passing a hand through his hair, he let out a sigh.

"I didn't have a choice. It was better than losing my reputation..." he finally said.

I opened my mouth, stunned by what he had said.

"Your reputation?? Is 'your reputation' more important than me?? Will 'your reputation' make you dinner or, or, get your clothes washed?? NO!! YOUR REPUTAION WON'T GET YOU ALL OF THAT!!" I yelled, out of control. I stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

David had just stood there like an idiot, looking at the same spot where I had been a couple of minutes ago. He was probably trying to register the words thrown at him.

He was done, though, when I came out of the bathroom, fully dressed. I stopped in the doorway of the bathroom. He was now standing in front of me, blocking me. I looked into his eyes as he looked back in mine.

The light filtered through the window falling on his tall feature. I could hardly breathe, he was standing in front of me in all his glory. In his eyes laid a small light of what could have been amusement but with him, you never knew what he was thinking.

I was out of breath and out of words. What was I supposed to do or say here?

I had imagined he would turn around and walk away seeing I wasn't saying anything but something indicated to me that he wasn't going to back down so easily today. If I was hardheaded then he was much worst than me.

What came next was very unexpected coming from him, in such a situation.

He smirked. He slowly leaned in and brought his lips on mine, a hand beside my head on the doorframe and the other on my cheek. He deepened the kiss a little then broke the kiss and parted just far enough to see me.

My face felt hot and my ears were ringing. I had closed my eyes during the kiss and opened them when he had broken away.

His hand on my cheek, brushed against it lightly making me look up into David's eyes. I could read amusement in them.

"I'm sorry, love. I didn't mean to say that. Will you come with me to the ball, or will I have to find someone else?" he had spoken on such a gentle and soft tone. I could feel his breath on my lips.

Seeing my hesitation, he continued.

"Even if the danger is big, will you accept to accompany me, in exchange I promise to protect you with my life if you ever get into a dangerous situation." he whispered. No, it wasn't a whisper but a form of quiet and low sound that resembled a whisper.

"Yes, I will come with you." I spoke with the same tone as him.

"Really?" he asked

"Yes, really. I mean, I'm the only who can teach you to dance, am I not?" I smirked on the last part seeing how he seemed embarrassed all of a sudden.

He looked down then back up and smiled at me. "Yes, you're right. " and he kissed me again with passion.

I just love nice endings don't you?

Girls usually take their sweet time when shopping but I'm the total opposite. I literally HATE shopping.

"Do we have to go shopping, David?" I asked pleadingly for the millionth time in our car.

"Yes, we have to. It's a ball, a formal ball, not a night at the club. Mini skirts and tank tops won't be very formal now will they?" answered my fiancé.

I groaned. Whenever I had to shop it always went quickly, when I shopped ALONE that is, but when I shop with David, I usually lost my time.

We finally arrived at the mall, much to my dismay. I got out of the red sport convertible car of my fiancé and closed the door behind me.

The second thing I hated when coming shopping with my fiancé were the girls that would always come too close to him for MY comfort. I know, it's selfish but I get jealous very easily.

David came to my side and passed his arms around my waist making girls sigh in disappointment and making me smirk.

David knew I hate when girls were all around him and so to disappoint the girls even more he gave me a peck on the lips. The girls turned around and walked back to what they were doing.

We walked inside the mall together. This was going to be long.

After a few hours of intense shopping, we both had what we would wear for the ball. I was happy with my dress and he was happy with his suit.

But all good things must come to an end...

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