The Graal

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Chapter 3

The Graal

Chapter 3: The murder

The night had soon fallen that evening. The girls were lining up to enter, just like the others in front and behind them. Inside though, everyone was dancing and having fun. The DJ played the most popular and sexy songs as well as requests. Girls danced with boys or were drinking in the corner. Some would flirt or be flirted with, others would be talking or looking around. No one expected what was about to happen except the one who would commit the crime.

The crowd had gathered around the yellow warning band like the ones you would use for Halloween only this time they weren't for Halloween.

The police cars were stationed just outside the parameters of the yellow bands. Officers were questioning the witnesses. By this time of the day, the sun was out but it was still early in the morning.

A grey looking car with tainted windows stationed itself next to the police cars and out of it came a tall dark-haired woman. Her sunglasses on, lipstick shining on her lips and high heels clacking on the pavement, she cut through the crowd and passed under the yellow parameter bands.

A police officer came and stopped her. She flashed him her F.B.I. badge and he stopped, nodding in acknowledgement. She put her badge in her pocket but in a way that others would see it and know she was allowed around the scene before she started walking again to the crime scene.

As she arrived close to where a round of officers were discussing, she stopped. A hand on her hip, she raised her sunglasses to her head with her free hand, revealing black eyes. The tanned Asian F.B.I. agent showed her badge to one of the officers, who immediately showed her the way to what had brought her so soon in the morning out of her bed.

She went towards a man who was taking pictures and stopped.

“Can you tell me why I was woken up so early in the morning on a Saturday?” she asked him.

The man stood up and looked at the woman.

“I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you…” He said, joking. “Take a look for yourself.”

The woman faked a nice smile and narrowed her eyes at him.

“How sweet of you…” She said to him with an ironic tone before looking at what her partner had been looking at and taking pictures.

“Ewww… that’s pretty gross,” she said as she bent down to get have a closer look.

There was a body, the body of a woman. It had been left there. Blood was all around the woman’s head. Her eyes wide open as well as her mouth. Her clothes were torn and you could see that her breasts had been cut off. But it didn’t stop there, oh no, there was even more gruesome things. For one, her legs had been burned, her hands and feet pierced and her tongue seemed to be missing.

“Yup. Whoever did this must have had a huge grudge against this woman,” said the man has he started to take more pictures.

“Hey, what’s that over there?” she asked pointing at some kind of round gold metal object.

“Hmm… looks like some kind of bullet shell or something like that,” he said as he took a picture before his partner picked it up and dropped it in a plastic cylindrical box with her now gloved hands.

“I don’t remember seeing a gunshot wound on the victim though,” she said.

“We’ll have to wait to see but I agree with you. I don’t see one either,” was the guy’s answer.” We’ll have to wait for the autopsy result.”

“I guess so…Let’s see if we can’t find anything else, shall we?” she said with a grin, her black hair falling on her shoulders.

“Let’s do this!” he told his partner. “How ’bout we have a look around then!” he said as he passed a hand in his hair.

The agent only smiled. He was flirting again.

“Before we do, tell me about the situation here. How and when was the body discovered?” she started. She stood as he did.

“Well, according to the witnesses, they heard a gunshot outside the night club and someone went to check it out but never came back so someone else went. When that person came in, shaking, they called 911 right away,” he answered.

“That’s strange,” she said.

“What? I hate it when you never finish your sentences…”

“Well, if this is a nightclub, with the music as loud as I think, how did they hear a gunshot?” she asked suspiciously.

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, if a deaf person tells you they heard a tree fell in the forest, what would you believe?” merely put the agent.

“You have a point. I’ll check with the witnesses again, see if the person who made that statement is a reliable source.” said the partner.

“Yeah, you do that. I’ll keep exploring and taking some more pictures and evidence.” she last said as she took the camera from her partner’s hands.

The man was about to leave but the agent stopped him.

“Oh, and, Shawn?” she started, the camera in her hands, looking at him over her shoulder.

“Yeah?” he said.

“Thanks for waking me up so early…” she said in an ironic way.

He laughed and continued his way.

She turned around and started exploring around the crime scene.

A while later, Shawn came back to his partner.

“Looks like you were right to be suspicious Aikwan.” He said.

“Oh, really?” She said. “Why am I not surprised?” She finally asked sarcastically.

That only caused Shawn to smile. He knew how good his partner really was. Murderers were too easy to catch for her but she always seemed to be enjoying it.

Hands on his hip, he looked as his friend.

She was now inside of the club taking more pictures and evidence here and there.

“You never stop do you Aikwan?”

“Stop what?” She answered as she looked at him.

“Working, you never stop. Every time I find you, you’re always busy.” Shawn answered.

She brought the camera back up and took pictures while saying:

“Are you mad because you never got a date with me?” She smirked as she said that.

“I never said that…” He defended.

“Who said you said that?” She simply told him. “No, you don’t have to say it for me to understand.” She looked at him once more.

“Oh really? Then can you tell me what I am going to say next?” He asked her.

“I said I could understand what you were going to say, not predict it. See the difference…” She closed her eyes.

Shawn shrugged. Aikwan opened her eyes and looked up for a minute then she put the camera back in Shawn’s hand.

“Here!” She said looking straight in her partner’s eyes. “You do it better than me anyways…” And she left, her sunglasses back on her eyes.

She was going to speak to the witness and Shawn just stood there stunned by the look he had seen in his friend’s eyes; sadness, anger and little bit of something else but he just wasn’t sure of what it was yet. He was just hoping she would be more careful then she was usually. She had a gift for getting into trouble and his job was always to help her out of those troubles of hers.

Aikwan had an idea in mind but she needed more background on the victim before she could be sure of anything. While Shawn was gone to ask the witnesses some information, she had been thinking about all of what she had seen and knew about this serial killer.

First, his victims were women between the ages of 16 to 30. Second, he only killed them around nighttime. Third, he always cut off their tongues and breasts and they always seemed to be looking somewhere, eyes and mouth open. The mentality of this killer was strange but it was not hard to guess, yet, there was a difference in his pattern, something that never belonged in the crime scene.

The first victims seemed like mere experiments, like he was new to this but the others seemed to be more and more precise. Also, there was always an object that was out of place, like this time: a gun bullet.

As Aikwan was thinking about it, she realized it was more obvious then she first thought. All this time, she had been looking at the obvious but she had been too far ahead, yet was she really thinking about it too much? No, she couldn’t allow herself to think about it like that; in this job there were no place for doubts.

She thought of the way his victims were disposed was different every time but this time it was stranger. Usually, the blood would be cleaned and the wound would appear older but the wounds of this victim seemed to be new. Could it be he was trying to throw her off or had he been in a rush with this one? Whichever it was, she had to take both into consideration.

She arrived to where the witness were and walked to the first one; a woman with blond hair, clothes that were inappropriate for a young woman of her age and she was chewing gum loudly which caused Aikwan to want to just “pop” that gum of hers.

“Are you Miss Greenwitch?” asked Aikwan.

The woman looked at the agent up and down, chewing her gum.

“Depends, who’s asking?” Spit the chewing gum woman.

“Agent Aikwan Chin of the F.B.I and I’m currently running this investigation. I am here to ask you some question, do you mind?” Asked very kindly Aikwan.

“Of course I mind do you know what time it is? Normally I’m sleeping at this hour of the day but nobody is letting me go so I can sleep…I mean how rude is that—“

“Look Miss, we are investigating a serial killer so if you are going to cooperate, then please stop wasting my time. The faster you answer, the faster you can go home and sleep. Do you understand me?” Snapped Aikwan.

The woman was taken by surprised; she had her mouth wide open. She then closed her mouth and answered:

“Alright. What do you want to know?”

“What were you doing at that club?” asked Aikwan.

“My job, I work there as a bartender.”

“Did you see or speak to the victim tonight?” Was the next question coming from the agent.

“Yes, I did both.” Was the short answer coming out of the woman’s mouth.

“What were you two talking about? And did she ask for a drink?”

“We were talking about one of the guys who had asked her to dance earlier and she did ask for something to drink but she never had a chance to drink it.” Said that bartender.

“Why?” Asked the agent as she frowned.

“A man came to see her. He said he wanted to talk to her. She seemed to know him very well.”

“Really? What did he look like?” asked Aikwan.

“It’s hard to say because there weren’t a lot of light but I saw him a little… He was very tall and he had blond hair with flashing green eyes. He was really hot if you want my opinion on that…” described the woman.

“But I don’t want you opinion on that… Next, did you hear what he told her?”

“He asked her to come outside with him so they could talk privately but she said no.” The woman chewed her gum once more.

“How did he react to that?”

“He got mad and grab her wrist and then he dragged her outside… That’s all I know… After that she never came out… Someone went to see her, that guy that had asked her to dance, and he never came back so someone else went to seek both of them and the body was found…” finished the woman.

Aikwan sighed.

“Thank you! That’ll be all! Don’t leave town, we might need to contact you again…” On this, she turned around and walked away.

She walked to the rest of the police officers.

“Are there any other witness then Miss Greenwitch?” asked Aikwan.

“Well, yes but the others are in total shock so it’s not much use to ask them questions… The young woman who found the body is crying close to the ambulance. She fainted a little before the police and the ambulance arrived…”

“I see.” Said Aikwan. “I think we’ll question them later… Have they been questioned once today?”

“Yes.” Said a police officer.

“Alright, then I’ll take my leave. Please make sure the victims do come sometime later today, since it’s morning they’ll be okay later.” She said.

The officer nodded and Aikwan turned around and started walking when she heard somebody’s scream. Her drew to her gun instinctively.

Seeing nobody was being shot or shooting, she walked calmly yet quickly to where the scream had come from.

There lied another body, a male’s body.

“Two bodies in one day…We’ve got work to do…” said Aikwan as Shawn finally joined her.

They looked at each other. It was time to get to work.

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