The Graal

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Chapter 4

The Graal

Chapter 4

Are you sure you don’t want to go home?” I asked David for the third time in the car.

If don’t asking I’ll change my mind!” he warned me with a smile. “Yes, I’m sure. We haven’t spent so much time together and I think you deserve a night out…” He added, an eye on the road.

We did yesterday night…” I said.

He laughed.

I’m taking you to the restaurant whether you want it or not. And it’s my treat!” he said.

Wow. You’re last kill must’ve gone really well then…” I whispered.

He smiled and turned the wheel and stationed the car in a parking lot.

He got out and went around to open my door and help me out of the car. He closed the door, took my hand and put his other hand on my hip and we entered the restaurant.

I remembered the previous night and smiled. The dinner had been ever so perfect. He had been the perfect gentleman and mostly, he was right. I actually liked to be out with him, when it ever did happen. It had done some good to have gone out that same day.

I kept jogging, listening to music. Tonight was the ball and I feared how it would go. I was scared at the thought to be recognized by Gordan. It would be horrible if he recognized me… I would be arrested and brought to prison. Why, oh, why did I have to be there in the first place?

I sighed. I had to stop worrying myself with this or I would most likely jinx something, knowing how lucky I was. All right, enough thinking about tonight, now on with this morning.

I had woken up early this morning; David was still sleeping when I had decided to go for a morning jog. I had dressed up accordingly and went out. I had hesitated on the where I would jog but had set my mind on passing by the J.I club, to get some news of the competition. I was almost there when I saw a crowd massed around a yellow band.

I then decided to have a look. I stopped jogging and tried to make my way up front but I couldn’t even move one row so I turned around and jogged away but for some reason it stayed in my mind the whole time I jogged back to my apartment.

I closed the door to my apartment and walked further in my apartment. When I heard the TV, I frowned.

I entered the living room and found David in a white T-Shirt and grey boxers, sitting in front of the TV with the controller in his hands.

“What are you watching?” I asked him from the doorway.

“Shhhh…” he hushed.

I frowned even more. David never hushed me; he never hushed anyone. Something was going on, something HAD to be going on and it wasn't good news.

I looked up at the TV. I saw a woman with light red hair, the reporter is supposed, in front the J.I. nightclub.

I went around the couch and sat next to him. My arm on the back of the sofa and I stared at the television.

“Today, a woman and a man were found dead on the front the J.I. nightclub. The police and the F.B.I are currently working on finding the killer… The F.B.I. Agent conducting this investigation is the famous Aikwan Chin.”

“According to the police the woman would be the third victim of this so called serial killer. There also seems to be another murder yet it’s been said too soon to say if this other death should be added to the list of our serial killer’s victims.”

“Although the information on the victims are very restricted coming from the police, the witnesses have seen a man bringing the first victim out of the club. He would apparently have blond hair and green eyes--”

By then, I had taken control of the controller once more and I closed the TV.

“I wanted to listen—“ Protested my fiancé.

“Well not me… You’re worrying yourself far too much about murders…” I said charmingly.

He smirked and moved closer to me to grab the controller but I stretched my arm so he wouldn’t be able to get it. Then again, that wasn’t a very good idea considering he’s a head taller than me.

I had to get my back down on the sofa. He moved his head closer and kissed me while one of his hands took the controller and set it on the table. He had his other hand behind my neck; the other soon came on my cheek as he deepened the kiss. I passed my hands around his neck and merely kissed him back.

After our, intense yet enjoyable, making out session, which ended up in the bed and I imagine you can figure what else happened in there, I don’t have to tell you, I decided we should get prepared for this ballroom thing.

I mumble some things under my breath as I went to the bathroom to take a shower, leaving my clothes on the floor of our room while David was laying on his back, the sheet up to his hips, panting.

“ What are you…doing?” He managed to ask me.

“Taking a shower!” And I closed the bathroom door.

I turned on the water and walk to the door realizing I had forgotten something. I opened the door to find David, in his grey boxers, an arm on the wall, with a white towel in his other hand.

“I think you…” He started.

“Forgot this.” I finished for him with a smile.

He smiled and kissed me on the forehead.

“ I love you…” He whispered, a finger under my chin, keeping my head up so he could have a better view of my eyes.

“I love you too…” I said on the same hushed tone.

He kissed me on the lips, one of those kinds of kiss that is there yet barely there; a butterfly kiss. Then we broke apart, he went back to the bed and I closed the door. Yet, unknowingly, we both sighed out of happiness at the same time.

Some things are strange.

When I got out of the bathroom, steam escaped though the door. Even though I had opened the window, the heat inside hadn’t diminished at all. I had wrapped the towel around me so it would hide my body.

When I came in the room, David was on the phone. I silently walked on the beige carpet and put my clothes on the bed. He hadn’t noticed me yet. I took my jewelry box from the nightstand, listening in to his conversation. I know it’s wrong but I just had a bad feeling about something.

“Are you sure?” He said. “Well if the F.B.I. is on his case, they’ll retrace him back to the A.C. Well make sure they don’t! I don’t care what you do, if they catch him they’ll be able to trace back to us and then it’s over.” He said his voice raised.

He was mad about something. Who was he talking about? What had I missed?

“Well, hopefully I can keep them distracted at the ball tonight! They won’t know anything.” What? Had I heard this right? “But you have to act quickly and swiftly. You’re last victim was pretty messy. Make sure not to leave a mess this time! Yeah, I’ll talk to you later!” He closed the phone.

By then I was standing on the other side of the bed, a hand on my hip and I was staring at my fiancé.

David turned and saw me. He smiled and came to me, going around the bed.

“How was you’re shower? He asked sweetly.

He was going to give me a hug but I stopped him but putting my hand towards him.

“Don’t!” I said, not looking at him. “ I heard you talking to your friend there…” I started.

I looked at him. He looked worried all of a sudden. Even though I had told him not to touch me, he grabbed my shoulders and threw me other side of bed where he was standing a few moments ago.

I hit the ground hard. I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face. That's when I saw the knife in his hand and a handgun in the other. I stayed out of view of whoever was at the door. I had a feeling this wouldn’t end up so well. I grabbed a mirror and placed so I would be able to see who was there.

There was a man standing with a gun, the barrel pointed towards David. I couldn’t help as small gasp. I automatically clasped a hand over my mouth. David didn’t look at me but I could tell he wanted me to keep silent and stay safe, but was I really going to just do nothing and watch him die? Answer: No.

I silently passed an arm under my bed, my hand looking around for something. As soon as I found what I was looking for, my hand grasped the heavy object from under my bed.

“What do you want?” asked David.

His voice had startled me. He was talking to the stranger, staring at him. I figured he was getting impatient. I also pictured the man was staring back.

I opened my cell phone and pressed the record button before putting back under my bed.

That cell phone of mine was a real gadget that could pick up sounds better than regular cell phones. Which meant he’d pick up from under my bed.

I glanced up at David; he had put the dagger away, judging the combat wouldn’t be a close combat but a ranged one. The hand that was holding the knife was behind his back. He made some signs. He was signing me to attack while he distracted the man.

When we had decided we would live our entire life with one and another; him and I had decided had had a long talk about the dangers of our past jobs and current ones. We had decided that we’d need some kind of way to communicate in case of danger like this. We had picked sign language because it wasn’t too hard and not a lot of people could understand it.

I nodded to him. He wasn’t looking at me but I knew he had understood. I rolled under the bed, being careful not to knock my cell phone.

“ I asked you a question! The least you can do is answer me!” spoke David.

I placed myself into position under the bed. I could see the man’s feet perfectly but I had decided to wait a little bit. The man needed to make a reckless move.

“Yer lady! Wer’she at?” Had asked the man with a strange accent. It was the mix of a Scottish accent and something else. It made him sound funny though.

I bit my lower lip not to laugh.

“She’s absent at the moment. But you can leave a message and I’ll make sure to deliver it to her myself!” calmly proposed David.

The man laughed. I knew David enough to know he was clutching his gun so tightly his knuckles where white. I didn’t need to go look to know that. He hated to be laugh at. I prayed God to make sure David wasn’t to one who would do the reckless move.

“Really?” asked the man, now calmed down a little bit. “ Well, ye willna have to tell her anythin’ ‘cause you ain’t gonna be there when she comes home…” said the man.

I stiffened. I knew the accent was familiar now. I hadn’t expected anything like this to happen so soon. I had heard the man before.

I clutched the handgun tighter.

“Oh really?” David replied shortly, amusement in his voice. “How so?” he continued.

I heard some rustling noise, like someone looking around in clothes or pockets then it came to a stop. My heart was pounding in my heart beating ever so fast.

“’Cause I donna want you alive no more…” was the answer that ended the conversation.

I had been able to see the man take out some kind of power. There was a smell. No!!

There were three shots fired and the loud thumb of a falling body.

I was no longer under the bed. I had rolled from under it, placing on knee on the ground, holding the gun with both of me hands, and I shot twice at the man; one at the hand holding the gun and another at his shoulder. The man visibly stunned, fell back against the wall behind him, eyes open widely, looking at me.

Holding the gun with both of my hands, I stood up. I kept the gun towards the man yet lowered it a little and looked behind me; David was on the floor, holding his shoulder. I looked back at the man and raised my gun to the man.

“Who are you working for?” I asked.

“I donna know his first name… just his last.” He said.

While he was talking, I kept walking. I kicked his gun away from him and keep my gun towards him.

“Give me a name!” I asked, raising my voice.

“Dragonclaw…” breathed out the man.

I frowned. I had heard that name before yet I couldn’t remember where.

“What was your business here tonight?” I asked.

“To kill…”

“Kill who?”

“Him…” he pointed in the direction David had fallen.




“I don’t know… We told to obey, we do…” he said.

Me not being a killer, I couldn’t kill him, I didn't want a death on my conscience. I had the recordings and it was enough.

“Get out of here! If I ever hear of you again, you’ll regret it!” I said my voice raised once more.

I put the gun the on the ground and kneed at David’s side.

“Are you alright?” I asked him.

“I’ll be okay. You should change…” He whispered.

He sat up, looking at me. I looked at his wound. It was minor, just a scrap; nothing to worry about. It took a few seconds to realize what he had said.

“Huh? Why?” I asked puzzled.

“You’re still in a towel…” He said with a smirk. He passed a finger on the tip of my nose.

I looked down and realized he was right. I blushed.

He raised my head up and kissed me so softly, tenderly. I could tell he had been worried about me.

“Thank you… I owe you one.” He whispered.

His finger still under my chin his lips so close to mine. I could feel his warm breath on my lips, sending shivers down my spine.

“It’s nothing, David… You would have done the same for me…” I whispered back. I kissed him one the lips before getting up and walking to the closet to get some clothes.

I didn’t realize it right away but David had stayed silent at my comment.

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