Wrestling Royalty

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A steamy romance about Arabella Davis, the bad girl rocker chick, turned princess. As the last heir to the Mecca Island throne, they pull Bella from her quant Ohio life to the small Island of Mecca. Groomed to become the future queen, and continue the royal bloodline, the feisty girl struggles to fit into the royal lifestyle. This is not your average princess story. Princess Bella is the out-of-control royal who has a love for rock music and pro wrestling who always finds herself in trouble. When Arabella meets her favorite Xtreme Force Wrestling faction, Rebels of Destruction, she quickly finds herself in a whirlwind romance with the leader of the group and pro wrestler, Jett Flynn. When the monarch and Bella's crown become threatened, Jett and her new best friend Scarlett find a loophole in Mecca royal law to save Bella from entering into an arranged marriage.

Romance / Drama
Loretta Kendall
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Chapter 1

Rebels of Destruction, one of the top wrestling factions in the Xtream Force Wrestling, had just finished up a live event in front of thousands of adoring fans. They were riding on their personal tour bus heading to the next city. Life on the road as a professional wrestler was grueling but satisfying.
Their daily routine consisted of hitting the gym, ring practice, events, and then on to the next city to do it all over again. It was about being in the ring and hearing the cheers from the fans that kept them going. XFW was gearing up for a European tour and the entire roster was excited to visit the fans overseas.
The group of four men and two women were the rough-and-tough, leather-wearing, rebel-rousing trouble makers of the XFW wrestling organization to the fans. Behind the scenes, they were a tight night group of loving friends who loved their job and traveled the world together. Although the boys in the group were a little unruly, the owner of XFW knew they were stars and put up with their antics on the road.

“Do we have to watch this garbage?” Gaven Jaxx chuckled, giving Scarlett, the owner’s daughter, the side-eye to see if Scarlett would notice. He knew he was getting Scarlett riled up because he had been teasing her all night. He reached for the TV remote, and Scarlett slapped away his hand.

Scarlett was glued to the tour bus TV, overhead. Since she started dating Noah “The Storm” Wilson, the guys were always picking on her. Noah was a little annoying to everyone on the roster, but Scarlett had fallen head over heels for him. Even though she had an on-screen romance with the XFW’s top star and leader of the Rebels of Destruction, Jett Flynn, she would have rather been by Noah’s side in the ring. She knew eventually it would work out and she would be. But, the Rebels of Destruction were her friends, not to mention the fact that they were the hottest faction in the company, which meant it made her an instant star just being teamed with them as their manager.

“Shhh! Leave me alone, Gaven. I’m trying to watch this. Isn’t it crazy? A real rags to riches story. Arabella Davis was just an average girl from Ohio living a normal life. Now she will be a princess. Eventually, she will become the queen of Mecca Island. I would die to be in her shoes.” Scarlett hugged herself thinking about that possibility, obsessed with royalty. She even made her stage persona to be ring royalty. The self-proclaimed Queen of the Ring. “I wish I could be at the coronation.”

“Where is Mecca anyway?” Gaven asked while opening a bag of chips.

“It’s south of England. It’s a small country off the coast. It’s small but beautiful. I’ve been reading up on it and there are rare flowers there that don’t grow anyplace else in the world.”

The southern boy, Ace James, turned up the tv. “I heard she’s an XFW fan. Arabella said something about it in an interview. She caught a lot of flack for mentioning to the media. I heard she’s a rocker chick and the royals hate it. Princesses aren’t supposed to be like us normal folk, I guess.”

Gaven chuckled. “Dude. How do you know her name?”

“Shut up, bro. I think it’s interesting. Unlike you, I keep up on world affairs.”

The leader of their group, Jett Flynn, leaned over to get a better view of the TV. His eyes grew wide when he saw the fair-skinned girl with raven-colored hair. He didn’t have much time for watching TV so he wasn’t up on the new royal gossip. “Not you too Ace. But, hell. She’s hot. I would be willing to give her the royal treatment.”

Jett high-fived the fourth member of the group, Camdon Ames, from across the bus. The guys laughed and made more crude sexual jokes, as Scarlett grumbled under her breath at their crude behavior.

“You guys are disgusting jerks. I think it’s marvelous. Even if you don’t.”

“Scarlett, you just wish you were her. No matter how much you say it, you’re still not a real queen. Miss ring royalty.”

Halie, the only female pro wrestler in the group rolled her eyes at the men. “Stop teasing her, guys. She likes this stuff. Let her be.”

Jett sat back, lounging in his seat, and pulled his baseball cap over his eyes to rest. Scarlett huffed at his dismissive behavior and went back to watching the entertainment news show.

“Douche bag.”

Jett lifted his hat peeking out with one eye. “What?”

“Nothing!” Scarlett said annoyed.

Jett just grinned and went back to trying to get some rest before they reached the next town.

No matter what the guys said, Scarlett knew they were as interested as she was. The entire world was abuzz over the average American girl turned princess. If they had a chance to meet her, they all would jump on board too.


“Arabella, it’s time for your etiquette classes. A princess needs to be well refined.” The lovely and posed older duchess demanded, pulling back the blankets from Bella, hoping she was dressed. Bella was hiding in her bed, huddled in a ball. She gasped once seeing what Bella was doing. “What is that? This is not the actions of a future princess!”

The old-fashioned woman grabbed the video game out of Bella’s hand.

“Hey! I was playing that. I almost won. It’s the last level. Just five more minutes. Please?”

Bella tried to get a hold of the game remote. The 23-year-old girl was not in the royal mood today and just wanted to take a break from her princess training.

“Royal duties are more important, Arabella. You are very important to the continuance of the monarch. You are the last of the royal Mecca bloodline. I know this is a lot to ask. You have been pulled from the life you know. But, the country of Mecca Island needs you.” The demure woman patted her shoulder. “I know you are having trouble adjusting, but things will get easier. You’ll see.”

“Duchess Cora, I just want to still be myself sometimes. Can we at least do dining etiquette first? I’m hungry. Oh! Yummy! I want a cheeseburger.” Bella pulled herself out of her big royal canopy bed, wiggling her brows at the duchess playfully as she headed to get dressed.

“Of course, but you will have a salad. You eat too much of that junk. I’m hungry too. I may get the chief to whip up some dessert for tonight if you stay out of trouble today.” The woman winked.

“Fine. I’m sure I will die of starvation eating all this rabbit food.”

“That is highly doubtful. I know you sneak late-night snacks. Now. Up you go. Time for your lessons.”

“Yes, ma’am. Oh, Cora?”

“Yes, Bella?”

“I’m glad you’re here to help me. I know I drive you crazy but you’re a pretty cool chick.”

Cora smiled sweetly. “I think you are a pretty cool chick too, Miss Bella.”

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