The Unexpected

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I drove home from talking to Yvonne. She’s been having a hard time lately and I wished that she came to me sooner. I know our relationship hasn’t been the best, but I still care for her. It’s heartbreaking seeing her like this. I want her to be happy and I know she wants the same for me.

I tried calling Brooklynn to see if she was still at dad’s. She didn’t pick up. I’m guessing she’s still talking to him. I tried calling Yvonne, but she also didn’t answer. Hmm, I wonder what’s happening. Maybe her husband is keeping her phone away from her.

I turned on my TV and of course, started watching my favorite show. One episode later, I heard a sudden knock. I stood up from my couch and headed towards the front door. I gazed through the peephole, my sister standing outside. Opening the door, I let her in.

“Hey Brooklynn!” I greeted.

“Oh, hi Rebecca!”

“How was the talk with dad?”

“A pain in the butt!” she exclaimed, charging inside. “He kept annoying me throughout the entire conversation. I kept my cool, but I just had to walk out of there. I know it’s going to take a while till we can finally get that daughter-father bond, but I’m really hoping that we can get somewhere.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get there.” I shut the door and made my way over to Brooklynn who was now over on my couch. “So, what are you doing back here?”

“Well, I didn’t really think this through. I can’t really get a hotel right now, so I was wondering if I could possibly stay with you? Just for the night, that’s all,” Brooklynn said.

I sighed, covering my eyes to keep her from seeing my irated facial expression. I hate when she does this, but I don’t want my sister to be homeless. “Fine, but only for one night.”

She squealed, almost ruining my hearing. “Thank you so much!” Taking in what just happened, Brooklynn stared at the TV. “So what are we doing tonight?”

“Do you mean what am I doing tonight?”

“No, like are we watching something or what?”

“Well, you can do whatever you want. I’m going to continue watching ‘Friends’.”

My sister groaned, stomping her feet on the floor like a child. You wouldn’t believe she’s nineteen acting like this. “You watch it all the time! It’s like you’re obsessed with it. Have you ever tried getting a hobby or something?”

“Do you have anything better?”

“Actually, I do.”

She snatched my remote off the coffee table and scrolled through channels to find her specific show. “American Horror Story? Really?”

“What? It’s a really good show.”

“When you mean good, do you mean stupid?”

“It is not stupid!”

“The way some of them die sucks and the plot isn’t any better.”

“I know you ain’t talking! Don’t even get me started on your show! Who stays and talks at a coffee shop everyday?”

“They don’t do it everyday!”

“Every episode means everyday.”

“Not when the episodes have two parts to them!”

“Yeah, and that’s it!”

“Look, I suggest if you want to stay here, you better listen to me.”

“Fine, so are we actually going to watch Friends or what?”

Since Brooklynn is a guest, she can watch her show…for now, at least. “We can watch American Horror Story if you want.” Once again, Brooklynn loudly screeched, making my ears ring.

We watched the show all the way to seven o’clock. I decided that I was going to sleep on the couch and Brooklynn was going to sleep in my bed (I hated the idea, but wanted to be nice to her for the night). Then, we changed into our pajamas and dozed off to sleep. The couch was so uncomfortable. I kept squirming around, trying to find the perfect spot to sleep. Ugh, I can’t wait till Brooklynn’s gone, so I can get my bed back.

When it was the next morning, I found my sister still in my bedroom. She was sleeping so peacefully. I smiled at her. Awe, look how cute she’s when she’s sleeping, drool and all. In response, I grasped one of my pillows off of my bed and whacked Brooklynn on the head.

“Ow!” she shrieked. Honestly, I like her better another way: out of my apartment.

“Get up! Now!”

“Okay, okay! I just don’t understand what’s the big deal!”

“You are sleeping in my bed!”


“Just...go! Your boyfriend is waiting for you to come home.”

“Fine, I’ll get ready.”

“Thank you!” She got up and started walking towards the bathroom. I groaned and plopped down on my bed, home sweet home. I haven’t felt this relaxed, well, since yesterday morning. Bed, how much I’ve missed you.

A few minutes later, Brooklynn came back wearing her previous clothes, makeup, and her hair was no longer a mess, but still nappy. “Thanks for letting me stay the night. I really appreciate it. Even though you hit me with a pillow this morning.”

“No problem!” She opened the door and exited my apartment, waving goodbye. I waved back and when she was gone, I walked back inside. Grabbing my phone, I started to call Yvonne and once again, she didn’t pick up. Is there something wrong? Do I need to track her down and see if she’s okay? When I was out of panic mode, I looked and saw that Yvonne left me a voicemail. Why would she leave me this?

“Hello Rebecca! I’m kinda happy that you didn’t pick up because no matter what I’m about to do, I know that you would try to stop it. I’m calling because I can’t take this anymore. I know that you’re trying to help me get my freedom back, but I just want to know one thing. How long is it going to take for you to save me? I’m not asking you in a rude way, I just want to know. If you say months or years, then I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I can’t wait that long. I can’t stay in this relationship when I know that it’s unhealthy. You were right the other day. I should’ve got out of it earlier, but I was too scared, gullible. I appreciate what you’re doing for me, but is this what I want you to do?”

She started to cry. I could hear her voice cracking with every word she spoke. “I-I’m going to commit suicide. I don’t care anymore. I don’t want to live in this world if I’m just going to live with this man. I just can’t! But when I die, I’m going to make it seem like he killed me. I’ll shoot myself with his gun. They’ll accuse him of murdering me and hopefully, something bad might happen to him. I love you, Rebecca. You’ve always been a good friend to me and I do really care about you. No matter what happens, I would always figure out a way to come back to you. Goodbye...Rebecca!”

The voicemail ended, tears flowing out of my eyes. I couldn’t believe this. I just started talking to her yesterday and now, she’s probably already gone. If only I was able to answer her call. I could’ve probably saved her.

Throughout the whole morning, I was in my bed, under my sheets, sobbing like I’ve lost everything. There was something, something that Yvonne told me in her voicemail. It was her address. She said if I ever wanted to take some of her stuff, I would always be welcome at her house. I grabbed my phone and called the police, holding the phone up against my ear.

“Hello, 911! How can I help you?”

“Hi, I’m here to file a report.”

“And what may that report be?”

“My friend told me that she was going to die in ten seconds. After that, she hung up and when I tried to call her, she didn’t pick up. I’m afraid something bad might’ve happened to her!” I cried out, lying through my teeth.

“Where does your friend live?” I told them the address to Yvonne’s house. “Okay, and is there anyone who lives with her or was with her at the time?”

“H-Her husband, yes. She told me that he would always hurt her over and over again, everyday, but she never reported it. I was going to report it today, but when I got that sudden call, I had to hurry up and call someone.”

“You did the right thing, ma’am. I’m sending someone over there now to check it out.”

“Thank you so much!” I hung up the phone and grinned, a rancorous grin. This is what you deserve! You made my friend commit suicide and now it’s payback time!

Thirty minutes later, I turned on my TV to watch the news to see if anything happened. When I did, there was a story that sounded way too familiar. “Today Jamie Harrison, a thirty year old man, killed his wife, Yvonne Harrison, a twenty one year old woman. He claims that he didn’t kill her and this is all a misunderstanding, but we received an anonymous caller saying that all of this is true. We also found his fingerprints on the gun that Yvonne was shot with. Mr. Harrison is getting put on trial for the murder of Yvonne Harrison.” They turned the camera to Yvonne’s husband. “Mr. Harrison, is there something that you would like to say?”

“I-I didn’t kill her, I swear!” he said, getting forced into a police car. “I loved Yvonne with all my heart! I’m being accused! I’m telling the truth! Believe me!”

I snickered. This is exactly what Yvonne wanted. This is exactly what I wanted. Revenge is the perfect medicine. You made my friend die, now you must pay the price. I was happy that he was finally gone, but did it make me feel better?

Not really. It doesn’t matter if he gets put into prison. Yvonne’s dead and it changed my mood thinking about it. I’m back to being the sad and mopey Rebecca. First, I lost Joshua. Now, I’ve lost Yvonne. It was as if my world was falling apart, just one thing after another. That ginormous void sweeping up everything I had. I can’t take this anymore. The problem is, what can I even do?

To cheer me up, I continued watching American Horror Story. It’s not bad, but I still prefer my show over this. Two episodes later, I randomly received a call from Brooklynn. “Hello?”

“Rebecca, I have exciting news!”

“What is it?”

“You know that whole thing that happened with Lucas and I?”


“Well, turns out he wasn’t cheating on me! He was buying me a ring and wanted it to be a surprise!”

“You guys aren’t getting married, are you?”

“No, we aren’t getting married. It was just a promise ring. One day, we will get married though, but not today!”

“That’s great, Brooklynn!”

“How have you been since the last time I saw you?”

“Oh, not good.”

“What’s wrong?”

“You remember Yvonne?”

“Yeah, I really loved her! She was amazing!”

“Well, she passed away this morning.”

“What?! How?”

“She killed herself. Her husband was giving her a hard time and she couldn’t deal with it anymore.”

“Oh my god, I didn’t even know she was married!”

“Me neither, I just found out yesterday.”

“Are you going to be alright?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Well, I got to go. Lucas is waiting for me! We’re going out to eat to celebrate our relationship!”

“Good luck!”

“Thanks and I send my condolences to you.” I hung up and sighed. If only there was someone out there who wouldn’t leave me.

Out of nowhere, I received a knock on the door. Who could it possibly be now? I got up from my bed and trudged to the door. I was too exhausted, out of mind that I totally forgot to look through the peephole. What if I open the door to a kidnapper? I’m pretty much killing myself here! Dear god, please don’t let me die here!

When I opened the door, I saw a familiar man standing in front of me. I recongized that shaggy brunette hair and those beautiful blue eyes. I rubbed my eyes to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming. Is this real? Am I seeing things? And why is my mouth dropped to the freakin’ floor?!


“Hello Rebecca!”

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in England?”

“I came back for you.”

“Joshua, I’m not going to England. I just can’t!”

“I know, and that’s why I quit.”

“Quit what?”

“My job.”

“You quit your job?! Why? You said that you only became a fashion designer to make people happy. Do you not want to do that anymore? Are you just going to leave your success and fame behind?”

“I would leave all of those things behind for you. I don’t care if I leave my career and start a new one. To be honest, I was thinking about becoming a fashion designer here and I could start all over again if it means being here, in this place with the woman I love,” Joshua replied.

“What are you talking about?”

“Rebecca, the best times that I have are when I’m with you! You know when I went back to England, I was so depressed and bored. I couldn’t imagine living there, knowing that you’re here without me.”

“So, what are you gonna do? Are you just going to abandon your parents like your siblings?”

“I’m not going to abandon my parents. They have each other to depend on now and they’ll be just fine. Actually, my mother is the one who convinced me to come back here. She knew how deeply in love I was and she hated to see me heartbroken. If I recall, my siblings left my parents and if they can handle two kids gone, I think they can handle three.”

“Do you really want to do this, Joshua? I feel like you’re making a huge mistake here.”

“What’s so bad about that? I’ve come all the way from England to meet you. To see you again. To be with you.”

“Hold on, what did you say before? What did you mean that you were deeply in love with me?”

“Is there any way I can explain it better? You heard me, I’m in love with you, Rebecca. The real question is, are you in love with me?”


“Rebecca, tell me.”

“Joshua, I…” I looked away, having no idea what to say next.

“I understand. I get why you’re not in love with me. It all makes sense now and I see why you didn’t go with me to England.”


“I just thought after last week, we would’ve had a connection, y’know?”


“It’s alright. I should just go ahead and go before you turn me down. But hear me out, I will always love you, Rebecca.”

Ugh, can he let me talk! I can’t take it anymore. Not thinking, I kissed him on the lips, pressing my body up against his. I let go, hoping that would’ve gotten his attention. “Can I please talk for a minute?!”

He didn’t say anything.

“Good, now I can finally get out what I was trying to say. I was going to tell you that I accept the relationship and I don’t want you thinking that I’m only doing this because you came all the way down here just to tell me that. No, I’m accepting this relationship because I love you. You’re right, we did start to have some kind of connection and after you left for England, I kept thinking about how I should’ve come with you. I was so caught up trying to stay here, I didn’t realize what was standing in front of me. The love that I have for you doesn’t compare to this city. No matter where we go, no matter where we live, I will always be right by your side. I will be here and will never leave you because Joshua, you’ve stolen my heart and I can’t imagine a world without you.”

He smiled and kissed me once more as if there was nothing in this world that could take me away from him.

It has been one year since Joshua confessed his love for me. I was in my office in my new apartment that Joshua and I have lived in for five months now. It’s more spacious and majestic than the one before. Though, I do miss my old apartment: my tiny bathroom, the awkward couch, the vinyl balcony, my bedroom which I took pleasure in. I mean, that is where Joshua and I first laid eyes on each other.

I heard my door creak open, Joshua holding two coffee mugs. “Hello Rebecca! I came here to give you your coffee.”

“Thank you!”

“How is the story going?”

“I just finished it.”

“Great, I still can’t believe that you finished your first ever book in forever! To top it all off, it’s about how we first met each other.”

“Yeah, it was too special to me, so I had to write about it.”

“Do you have a name for it yet? I know you’ve been having trouble with picking the perfect name.”

“You know, I think I have one.”

“What is it?”

“Since our love was so unprepared and so emotional, I was thinking maybe I would call it The Unexpected. What do you think?”

“‘The Unexpected’, I like it!”

“So there you go. My newest book will be called ‘The Unexpected’. The story that started it all.”

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