The Unexpected

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When Rebecca finds out that a guy will be living with her for a month at the last minute, she gets frustrated and very annoyed. The guy, Joshua, is very nice and famous. Who knew that they would both start falling in love with each other.

Romance / Drama
Rachael Fry
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“I can’t believe you just did that!” I exclaimed.

“I’m sorry! I thought you might need someone to come live with because you’re so lonely!” My best friend, Brooklynn, cried.

“Look, I’m good by myself! You didn’t even ask me if it was okay or not!”

“I told you for the fiftieth time! I’m sorry!”

“Sorry isn’t good enough!”

“If it makes it any better, I saw his profile picture and he is a hottie! Turns out, he’s famous for his work,” Brooklynn said.

“What work?”


“Ooh, that must be the cutie!” she exclaimed.

“We’ll talk about this later!”

I hung up and got up from my bed. I walked towards my apartment door and opened it. There was a guy with brunette, shaggy hair and blue eyes. The white man wore a green jacket with a white shirt underneath and blue jeans.

“Hello, you must be Rebecca Olsen. I’m Joshua Evans,” Joshua greeted in a english accent.

“You’re british?”

“Yes, sorry if my accent is unsettling. I can talk in an american accent,” Joshua suggested.

“Do please.”

“Well, I just want to thank you for letting me stay here for awhile,” he thanked me, in a normal tone. “So, where am I going to be sleeping?”

“Well, I’ll just show you around,” I said. “Here is the kitchen. You can touch whatever you want except my pecans! You touch those you die!”

Joshua gulped. Good, now he’s afraid of me.

“This is the living room. If you want to sleep on the couch, hopefully, you brought extra pillows and blankets.”

We walked towards the back of the apartment.

“This is the bathroom. It’s very nice, but very small. Let’s just hope that you’ll be able to fit. Now, this is the last room, the bedroom. It’s a great room, so if you’re gonna be in here, don’t mess it up.”

“Hey, can I cook something?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Cauliflower Cheese,” he replied.

“What’s in it?” I asked, disgusted.

I mean, what is that?! Must be some kind England food.

“Cauliflower, breadcrumb, cheese, flour, and butter.”

“Does the whole UK not eat meat?”

“No, we eat meat. I’m just a vegetarian.”


I was shocked. This cutie’s a vegetarian? Wow, was not expecting that!

“Do you want to help me cook it?”

“No, I’m good. Just in case if I don’t like it, I shouldn’t put all of my effort into it,” I responded.

He nodded and started grabbing food out of my fridge. I walked into my bedroom and plopped down onto my bed. I pulled out my phone and decided to look up Joshua Evans. It said he was a British fashion designer. He design clothing for men from babies to elderly. I don’t know how he could be famous. I haven’t even heard of him till now!

Once again, my phone started ringing. I hung up, knowing that this person that was calling me was unimportant. An hour later, I walked back into the kitchen to see how Joshua was doing. He took the meal out of the oven. It looked good, but smelled weird.

“The food is done,” Joshua said.

I placed my phone on the counter and slapped the top of the food. Joshua slapped my hand.

“Hey!” I shouted.

“Don’t touch the food! At least wash your hands before you touch it,” he demanded.

“I’m not a pig! I wash my hands all the time.”

“I still don’t trust you.”

“Look, this is my apartment and you’re just a guest! I get to do whatever I want!”

“And this is my Cauliflower Cheese. I get to do and say whatever I want to it!” he fired back.

“Fine, I’ll go wash my hands.”

I walked to the bathroom and washed my hands, fully. I strolled back into the kitchen and saw Joshua holding my phone up to his ear. Why does he have my pho-NO!

I ran towards him. “End the call!”

I grabbed my phone and hung up.

“Why did you call him?” I questioned him, annoyed.

“He called!”

“You don’t just answer someone’s phone! You tell the person that someone is calling them just in case they don’t want to answer it, like now!”

“Well, I’m sorry, but why wouldn’t you want to answer your dad?” he asked.

“Why should I tell you?”

“How about I tell you about my family and then you tell me about your dad.”

“Ugh, fine!” I groaned.

“I have my dad, my mom, and one sister and brother in England. I also have two dogs, two cats, one guinea pig, and one ferret,” Joshua stated.

“You have six pets?”



“Now, what about you?”

“I have a dad and sister. I used to have a dog. Benji was the sweetest. He’s been with us before my sister and I were born.”

“What happened to him?”

I gave him a look.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to ask that!” he exclaimed.

“No, it’s fine. He just died from old age,” I replied.

“Okay, let’s forget about death and talk about your other part of your family. Wait, you didn’t have a mom?”

I turned and looked at the cauliflower cheese.

“Okay, I need to stop talking,” he mumbled.

“I had a mom. She was amazing. You would’ve loved her. She died two years ago from cancer,” I told him.

“Cancer sucks! It’s like at least once a day, someone dies from it. I had a best friend who died from cancer. The worst thing that could ever happen to anyone!”

I giggled. “You hate it that much?”

“Who doesn’t!”


“So, about your father, why don’t you talk to him?”

“I used to talk to him. After mom died, he went crazy,” I explained. “He started drinking and doing drugs a lot. Sooner or later, I moved out and so did my sister. She lives with her boyfriend. My father was depressed and lonely. I would answer his calls and when I did, he would yell at me and tell me I was the cause of mother’s death. A few minutes later, he would call back and apologize and start crying. He did the same thing to my sister. That’s why I don’t answer his calls anymore.”

“Wow, I wasn’t really expecting that. I thought you were just being an as-”

I covered his mouth with my hand.

“I rather you not call me that word!” I demanded.

I took my hand off of his mouth.

“Yep, you definitely washed your hands.”

He smirked and I started to blush. Rebecca, are you starting to fall for this guy? What, no!

“So, your sister?” he asked.

“Well, her name is Brooklynn. Like I said, she lives with her boyfriend and is about to go to college. When I tell people about Brooklynn, I usually tell them that she’s my friend because I feel like I can never really trust people.”

“Wait, you trust me?”

“I never said I trusted you.”

“Well, you just said that you don’t tell people that Brooklynn’s your sister because you don’t trust them and you just told me that Brooklynn is your sister. Which means that you trust me,” he explained.

“We are now roommates. By the way, you were talking to Brooklynn online, not me. I just found out this afternoon that you were going to be living with me. She did it secretly because she thought I was lonely and needed someone.”

“Well, she was right about that.”


I punched him, softly. He started laughing.

“Is the Cauliflower Cheese cooled off yet?” I questioned him.


He grabbed plates out of the cabinet and placed them on the kitchen counter. Joshua took a knife out of the drawer and started slicing up the food in squares. He propped two squares onto the plates. Joshua picked up the plates and rested them on the kitchen table. We started eating. It was pretty good, I’m not gonna lie.

“How is it?”

“It’s okay,” I responded.

“Says the girl who’s almost done with it. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t just okay,” Joshua stated.

“Okay, fine! It’s delicious.”

“Thank you.”

“Y’know, you never really told me about your family.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Hey, I told you about my family problems! The least you can do is tell me about yours,” I ordered.

“Well, my brother is in college right now and my sister has a husband and three kids. They actually live in Scotland. My parents live with me in England.”

“Do you see your sister and brother often?”

“Well my brother actually drops by twice a month and my sister sees us three times a year,” he replied.

“I feel bad now…”


“You have a family that loves you and you barely get to see them.”

“Rebecca, you have nothing to feel bad for. Your whole family loves you, including your father even if he doesn’t show it.”

“Thanks, I guess.”

“No problem. So, how old are you?”

“Why do you want to know?” I asked, curious.

“Just want to know.”

“Twenty one, you?”

“Twenty three. Two years apart, eh?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

We finished eating and decided to watch something on Netflix. Gosh, that thing is so addicting! When the sky got dark, we made up our minds and decided to go to bed. Joshua grabbed his pajamas out of his suitcase and he put it on in the bathroom. I did the same in my bedroom. When I was fully dressed, Joshua walked into my room. All he wore was a tank top and some shorts.

“So, you’re sleeping in my room?” I asked.


“I guess I’ll sleep on the uncomfortable couch.”

I grabbed my extra pillows and blankets and started walking towards the living room till-

“Why don’t you sleep with me?” Joshua questioned me.

I don’t know what to say! Joshua, a twenty three year old British fashion designer, wants me to sleep with him?

“I mean, in the room,” he confirmed.

“Um, I guess…”

I placed my pillows and blankets back into the closet and started to lay on the floor.

“Are you comfortable on the floor?”

“No, not really,” I answered.

Joshua got up from the bed.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Making you comfortable.”

Okay, that sounded weird. He picked me up off of the floor and placed me into my bed. Joshua laid right next to me. I felt awkward being in a bed with a guy that I just met.

“Are you comfortable now?” he whispered.


We both started to drift asleep. An hour later, I felt something touching me. I don’t know what it was, but it felt like an arm. I woke up from my slumber and faced Joshua. His arm was around my waist!

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