The Unexpected

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Joshua got in the bed and laid next to me. I didn’t say anything after that because embarrassment flooded my body like a pool filled with water. Why would I ask him that?! He probably thinks that I like him or something. What made things even more awkward was he didn’t say anything back. We just laid there in silence, trying to fall asleep. Joshua, he really is a nice guy, but I can’t and I won’t ever fall in love with him! Nope!

When it was morning, I turned around to see if Joshua was still there, but he wasn’t. A morning person, I suppose. I got up from the soft, comfy bed and trudged out of the room. He was back on the kitchen stool, drawing in his sketchbook.

“Are you designing some new outfits?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I want to create an American outfit. Most of England doesn’t really have clothes like you guys do,” he answered.

“Oh, can I see what you have so far?” He passed the sketchbook towards my direction and I studied the outfit. It was a guy wearing white Nike sneakers and blue jeans. It also was wearing a sleeveless crop top with sunglasses.

“Wow, this is...interesting,” I replied.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ve never seen a guy wear a crop top before.”

“I wanted to try something new. I’ve seen a lot of women wear crop tops, so I wanted to see what it would look like if a man wore one,” Joshua explained.

“Well, I still think it’s nice.”

“Thanks Rebecca!”

“Anyways, what do you want for breakfast?”

“Um, why don’t we go to a coffee shop?”

“A coffee shop?”

“Yeah, I’ve looked up popular coffee shops and a place called Starbucks was one of the best options.”

“Well, I’m not really a coffee fan.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don't like coffee,” I responded.

“Oh…” Joshua looked kinda bummed and I hated seeing him like this. Y’know what, forget it! There might be something that I might want.

“C’mon Joshua!”

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“We’re going to Starbucks.”

“I thought you said that you don’t like coffee.”

“I don’t, but you seem a little disappointed.”

“Rebecca, we don’t have to go if you don’t like coffee.”

“No, we’re going! Plus, Starbucks doesn’t just have coffee,” I stated. He smiled and we both began getting ready. Joshua and I both wore what we bought from the mall. I bought a new pair of shoes with leggings and a periwinkle sweatshirt. Joshua wore his new pair of shoes with jeans and an Adidas t-shirt. He also wore a blue jean jacket that he also bought.

When we exited the apartment, something icy and itty-bitty drizzled down on our faces. Joshua stuck his hand out and something dropped inside his palms.

“Snow?” he questioned.

I groaned. “I totally forgot that it was supposed to snow today! Ugh!”

“It’s fine. We can still go.”

He clasped my hand and pulled me towards the car. Helping me inside, I felt my face burning hot. Joshua’s too sweet to be doing this. He doesn’t deserve my company after everything we’ve been through.

Joshua pulled off in my car once again and we made our way to the coffee shop. It was freezing cold outside still, like we were expecting it to be burning over a hundred degrees in less than twenty minutes. Though, we’re in Florida, so it is really strange to be having this weather. Joshua and I entered Starbucks and walked over towards the cash register, examining the menu.

I asked Joshua, “Are you ready to order?”

“Yep!” He looked over to the cashier. “May I get a Caramel Frappuccino medium?”

The cashier nodded and faced my direction.

“Can I get a Strawberry Acai Starbucks Refresher medium?”

“What name should I put on the cups?”

“Rebecca and Joshua,” I answered.

“Okay.” We ordered breakfast sandwiches and cake pops as well. Once more, Joshua decided to pay for our drinks and we sat down at a table.

“Okay, if you weren’t a fashion designer, what would you be?”

“Um, that’s hard! Let’s see...maybe an artist. I paint a bunch of portraits and I feel like selling them could give me a lot of money.”

“Oh, I could see that.”

“What about you?” he questioned me.

“Hm...a lawyer,” I responded.

“A lawyer?”

“Yeah, when I was little, I always wanted to be a lawyer. My parents were so happy that both my sister and I were picking careers that give a good salary. My sister was part of the medical field and I wanted to be part of criminal law,” I told him. “I was in college the first two years trying to be something that I really didn’t want. I wrote stories while my friends and roommate read them. They all thought that they were good. After sophomore year, I dropped out.”


“Well, when my dad went insane, I made sure that Brooklynn wasn’t going to be a part of our house anymore. I had her live with me in my apartment. Sooner or later, she moved out with her boyfriend, not even telling me. I continued writing stories since then and I never really went back to school. I became a writer and made that my job and you know that rest.”

“Do you still talk to your friends?”

“Actually, no. Some of them were upset with me for dropping out and the others moved away. There’s only one of them that I talk to, but he barely talks to me anymore. He now has a wife and a baby boy,” I explained.

“Isn’t he the same age as you?”

“Actually three years older.”

“So, twenty four?”

“Yep, and guess what? His wife is french!” I exclaimed. Yes, I know I’m jealous of her because I used to have a crush on my old friend. Plus, I consider him too good for her. She deserves to rot alone, but now she can’t because she has that chubby baby to look after.

“Wow…” Joshua answered. I could tell he didn’t find that shocking by his flimsy wow.

“People do crazy things for love.”

“How long have they been married?” he asked.

“Five months and they just had their baby last month,” I answered.

“Joshua and Rebecca!” the worker shouted. We both hurried over to the cashier and grabbed our food and drinks. Joshua and I both sat back down at our table and he passed out the food that was in the bag. I had a Bacon, Sausage & Egg Wrap and obviously, Joshua had a Southwest Veggie Wrap. The cake pops that Joshua had was a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake Pop and I had a Fox Cake Pop since I wanted to mix things up a bit.

“This is pretty good!” Joshua said, eating his sandwich and cake pop. He took a slurp of his coffee and I chuckled, continuing to eat my food.

“What do you want to do today?” I asked him.

“Well, I was thinking about staying in your apartment today since we’ve been going to a lot of places lately. Plus, we can get to know each other more,” he stated.

“But we already know each other! We know each other’s careers, family members, and what we like to do for fun!”

“But I don’t know what you don’t like. I don’t even know your favorite animal or color.”



“My favorite color is green.”

“Well, that’s good to hear.”

“So, what are we doing at my apartment?” I questioned him.

“We can watch Netflix or TV,” he replied.

“I don’t know, staying home doing absolutely noth-”

“Can I draw you?”


“Can I draw you?” Joshua repeated.



“Why though?”

“When I go back to England, that portrait will be the only thing to remember you by,” he implied.

“Well, I guess.” Does it seem weird for a guy I just met not too long ago to draw me? Yes. Does it matter? No, not really. He’s leaving in less than a month, so I don’t really care. There’s another reason why I shouldn’t fall head over heels for him.

When we made it back home, Joshua started to pull out his sketchbook and pencil. I grabbed out two of my stools and sat in the living room, both vertical from each other. We both sat down and I crossed my legs, smiling at him. Sitting still, Joshua began.

Jack, draw me like one of your french girls,” I mimicked.

He chuckled. “Really?”


“That one scene in Titanic where Rose says that to Jack?”

“Well, it is an iconic sentence,” I responded.

“At least I’m not drawing you naked.” He continued to sketch me while I was sitting still. I knew that if I even moved once, I could mess up Joshua’s drawing. Even though I sat there for at least thirty minutes, it was worth it.

Joshua’s portrait of me was so beautiful. It looked exactly like me and I didn’t see any mistakes.

“Wow, this is amazing!” I exclaimed.

“Thank you Rebecca!”

“For what? You drew this!”

“For letting me draw you.”

“It is my pleasure.”I smiled at him and gazed back down at the sketch. “Hey, can I take a picture of this? I want to show Brooklynn. She’ll love this!”

“Sure,” Joshua answered. I took a picture of the drawing and sent it to Brooklynn.

“You do this for fun?” I asked him.


“You never wanted to be an artist over a fashion designer?”

“Well, that’s what my parents wanted me to be. They know how much I love to paint and sketch. Like I said, I wanted to make a difference. Make clothes for boys and men when they need it.”

“I’m guessing that your parents didn’t like that.”

Joshua sighed. “Rebecca, do you remember what I told you?”


“We’ve already talked about this before, remember?” he stated.

“Yeah, sorry! I just...forgot.” I could tell this was a hard topic for him.

“Are you sure you're okay?”

“Yep, I’m alright.”

“Okay, well, let’s watch a movie!”

“What movie?”

“How about...The Breakfast Club?” Joshua recommended, searching through my DVDs.

“The Breakfast Club?”


“Have you ever watched it before?”

“Nope, I just happened to glance over and saw that you have a DVD of it,” Joshua replied.

“Well, I guess we can watch it.”

I grabbed the DVD and put it in the player. We jumped on the couch and sat next to each other, definitely not feeling uncomfortable here. I held the remote and turned the TV on, the movie starting to play. Joshua and I watched it till the end and I happened to turn to him, Joshua crying.

“Are you okay?” I questioned.

“Yeah, it’s...just so good!”

“It’s alright,” I said, holding him close. “I cried the first time I watched it.”

After watching The Breakfast Club, we decided to continue watching movies and shows. After that, we watched a couple of episodes of Friends, my favorite show. Of course, he got addicted to it and is now in love with the show like me.

Sooner or later, the sun started to fade away and here came a sunset. Joshua and I stepped out onto my balcony and looked towards the horizon. It was so beautiful and bright. It’s been a while since I’ve actually focused on a sunset. We stood out there ‘till the sun was gone and the moon had risen. Who knew that something so beautiful is something that us people never created. Gazing at the shiny moon and the beautiful stars surrounding it. What made it even more special was that I was spending this time with Joshua.

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