You are all that I need

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I see Adam “I’m sorry I just wanted to see you”
I wrap my arms around him, he hug me back.

Adam Pov
Holding Natalie in my arms my eyes wide open
I felt my heart beating fast, I feel like all my feelings towards her are coming out right then for her.

Natalie Pov
“I will always be there holding, loving you, Kiss you, no matter what I will always be there for you”. We pull away from the hug Adam smiles at me “let’s go Home” he grabs my hand Adam started walking but I stopped “I’m sorry disturbing you at work” Adam turns around and looks at me “I love see you” he says so sweetly. We walk through the park holding each other’s hands I rest my head on his shoulder.

Time skip night

We slow dance in the lounge room.

The end.

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