You are all that I need

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I wish I could've protected you

Adam is Walking me home and we are walking down the path this man walked up to us And started beating Adam up. I push one of the men beating Adam up “LEAVE HIM ALONE”
I heard sirens then the men run away. I lean down next to Adam resting his head on my lap my eyes are all watery I put both of my hands on the either side of his head and look into his eyes he had blood coming out of his mouth it is all over his chin. Adam looks up at me “Are you all right ?” “yes, yes I’m fine”. I take Adam to the hospital Adam sitting on the hospital bed, the doctor tells me “He has no broken bones, just a bruised rib” We were allowed to go home. I took Adam to my apartment and he’s
sitting on my kitchen bench, when I’m clean up his bruises and cuts, I put the cloth on his face to clean up the cut, he pulls away in bit of pain “I’m sorry” then he lets me clean it. I start to cry “I don’t want to see you like this, I wish I could’ve protected you, I wish I could’ve done more” I say with tears rolling down my face. Adam put both his hands on my cheek and kisses me people is away and looks into my eyes “It’s alright”.

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