The boy in green

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Is about a soldier who went to war, and his love is at home, in World War II, Julia the one Robert loves is helping out with the war at home.

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The boy in green

Writers note This story was based in World War II so it is about
1939 to 1945.

A Young man who went to war, and he’s leaving the one he love at home, when he it’s off to war, and there love for each other that lasted through the war.

Robert Hoffsetter is 23 years old he is a kind young man, who went to World War II, he’s always waiting from Julia’s letters, she had his heart a long time ago, he has brown eyes and and light brown hair that’s cunt over pocket on the side.

Julia Shike is 23 years old she is a very kind and because very difficult for Robert, Julia is helping out with the war at Home, when Roberts in the war , She has wavy hair.

This is what Julia hair look like ⬇️.

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