The boy in green

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Honourable Soldier

We went in the morning we were walking to the Registry office, robert is in his uniform because there was a dedicate all the soldiers at the town hall, that went in the war. we walked in to the registry office and signed all the paperwork. When we finished all the paperwork and “you are husband and wife” Robert looks down at me, with the big smile on his face and leans down kisses me on the lips . We walked out of the registry office and we walked to the town hall, we walked into the town hall and we walked over to one of the sides of the room and I see a man’s with crutches and with only one leg he was in uniform like Robert. “Oliver” Robert says with a big smile on his face. Oliver said he got married to one of the nurses, Oliver looks at me you must be Julia I’ve heard so much about you. We all sat down listening to the corporal, and all the women helped out with the war got up on stage, they were all in they’re the military uniform. “And here are some honourable mentions that helped us out with the war” then I hear my name mentioned “Miss. Julia Shike that helped us out with a very important Telegram”. Went the dedicating all the soldiers at the town hall was finished. We walk out of the town hall and I see all the soldiers walking with their wives or lover, Robert stop and faces me and starts kissing me ” stop where in public” I giggle “why you’re my wife Mrs. Hoffsetter he says with a smile.

The end

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