The boy in green

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The Sergeant walks in with 2 soldiers to pick up the supplies. And the 2 Soldiers started picking up boxes. “Miss Shike” I walk over to the Sergeant, the sergeant was standing by the door, one of the soldiers is standing next to him “this is Nigel Sheffield” I nod and I went back to work. I see the of the soldier packing, he looks similar to Robert I thought. The soldier that the sergeant introduce to me walks up to me and picks up one of the heavy boxes next to the machine “this is quite heavy work for you ladies”. I walk past the soldier we both stop he looks down at me “do you fancy me” “no you look similar to someone I no” I keep seeing him glancing at me, when he’s moving heavy boxes. I walk outside out the back, and I see Sheffield sitting on a ledge smoking on his break, I smile and walked over to him and sit down next to him, “Sheffield” I look at him you know smoking is a bad habit “do you have a lover ?” “no”. I walk into the factory, and I see Nigel leaning his arm against the wall talking one of the girls at work in the factory. (It was more like flirting) I roll my eyes and walk away he sees me “no it’s not like that !!” he follows me. I turn around “first you want me, then you go flirt with some other girl” I say with annoyance “I turn around if you want a girlfriend you shouldn’t treat them like that”. Nigel explained and apologised and I for gave him. We were leaning against the machine “I haven’t seen any pretty women for 9 months” “I’m already taken, yeah are lots of pretty ladies here, I smile. He looks down at me “I already have my eyes on someone”. We started talking about the war and he asked me do I have anyone in the war, “my cousin in the war” and told him his name “yeah i’ve heard of him”.He picks up a piece of paper and starts writing on it he were smiling when he writing on the piece of paper, he smiled and gave it to me it was his postal address. I sent Robert and Nigel both a letter.

Writer note she was annoyed with Nigel he was making hints he liked her, then he flirts with some other girl and she doesn’t want him to toilet girls like that, she’s not interested in him.

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