The boy in green

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Time skip 3 days later

I hear the telegram from one of the rooms one of the side of the factory, I walk into the room where the telegram is, and put the headphones on and started writing down what it said. I realise it was something really important about the war. The Sergeant walk in, and I am walking behind him, trying to get he attention. “Sir” he just ignored me “SIr” he still wasn’t listening “SIR ! for once just listen to me, it’s something really important” he stop and I hand him a piece of paper. I got told to go back to the room telegram is to see if there was any more important news. One of the soldiers was there to assist me “How do you know how to do that ?” he says with a curious look, “My cousin taught me”.

Writers note I know they taught women how to use Telegram in World War II, but I didn’t know that when I was writing a story and I didn’t want to chang it because it won’t make a story that’s in my head.

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