The boy in green

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Coming back from the war

The war was over, we were all waiting for the soldiers to come back. The bus arrives, Robert sees me and walk straight up to me and huggers me he let’s go and see Simon, Simon runs over to him and hugs him.

a few days later
it was in the middle of the night

Robert Pov
I wake up and sit on the side of my bed, I get up and I call Julia “Hello” “can you come over”.

Julia Pov
I’m standing in front of front door, Robert opens the front door walking to his kitchen “do you want to sit down ?” We were both setting down in the kitchen and Robert setting in front of me “I can’t sleep” “do you want to talk about the war ?” “no” he says softly. Robertstands up and hugs me “I don’t know why but holding you makes it all go away” “I have an idea, you hold me when you’re lying down, and the bad thoughts will go away” we both lie down in his bed Robert wraps his arm around me and drift off to sleep.

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