The Sexy Little Girl Lives Across The Street

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Hey the sexy little girl lives across the street

I’m walking home in my red hoodie in my light blue skinny Jeans, I have long blonde hair comes up to my waste, with a frindge, i’m not that tall 5 foot, I was almost in front of my house. Daniel my neighbour, waves cross the street “Hey the sexy little girl lives across the street” he’s about 19 or so, “Hey”.

The next day at school

I’m at my locker, My locker is near wear the cool kids hang out, I glantz over and look at Robert, he’s basically the leader of the cool kids, he has light brown hair, and greenish blue eyes. (he has hair styled like this ⬇️)

One of the cool kids Alex A tall dark skin boy. Walks over to me and pushes me making me drop all my books “What the hell dude” Robert said annoyed, Robert leeds down and start helping me pick up my books “i’m so sorry about that” I look deeply in Robert’s greenish blue wish eyes “no no it’s alright” we both went off to class.

Time skip

I hear knocking at the door, I walk over and open the door and see Daniel standing on my porch, he has a nice bill for a for a man his Age, he was wearing a black singlet with Black sunglasses he has black hair, suits him well “Hey your parents said they’re coming home late tonight” I cross my arms “i’m 17 years old I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself” he smacks and turns around and walks back to his parents house, “do you want pizza for dinner” while he walks away.

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