The Sexy Little Girl Lives Across The Street

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Science Partner

Robert pov
I’m in the hallway at school in between class so the hallway was empty, it’s like a ghost town I look down the hallway and see Margaret in her blue jeans and baggy Hoody I was in a daze looking at her wow she’s so cute, I walk up to her “Oh hey” she turns around “hey” I feel my cheeks going red, I just stared at her I couldn’t say anything, i’m just stunned, her she is so short I thought to myself. The bell rings’ and I go off to Science. We had a Group project of 2, so we were in groups off 2 The teacher calls out my name, And I set down next to Margaret, we both look at each other I felt my cheeks are going red again, “and this will be your partner for the next four weeks” The bell rings and we all lee’s to go to lunch. I’m standing there with my 5 Friends looking at Margaret, I was taking out of my days by Alex he notices I’m staring at Margaret “dude you had a crush on her since kindergarten, isn’t it time to move on” we were both looking at Margaret, “she was pretty cute back then” “what do you mean she’s always been cute” I say defensively.

Time skip later on today

I’m at this guys house he throws pretty cool parties, he’s a bit older than me but that’s alright he lives across from Margaret’s house we go upstairs to one of the rooms, “hey you know Margaret likes your no, I would go out with her you not, but I’ll wait intell she’s a bit older” where in a room with a big window directly facing to the house across the street. “look” he smacks I see Margaret through a round window across the street getting changed, I feel my cheeks going red I look back at Daniel, he smirks “she’s pretty hot isn’t she”.

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