The Sexy Little Girl Lives Across The Street

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I was walking home it was pretty late, my neighbour was having a party Daniel yells standing in front of his house where the party is coming from, “HEY THE SEXY LITTLE GIRL LIVES ACROSS THE STREET COME ON OVER” he smiles in in the darkness of the night, that I can see faintly from the lights from the party “NO I CAN’T I GOT HOMEWORK” I yell back “THAT BOY YOU LIKE HERE” “FINE” I yell. I’m standing in the corner by the staircase standing there with Daniel and a bunch of his 19-year-old friends all of them are a bit drunk, well except Daniel he was a little bit drunk, they were all standing around me saying stuff like hey sexy and stuff like that, “I told you she was sexy” they all laughed, “come on guys let’s her go after some other guys” they all grow Daniel works out of the group walks away.

Robert pov
I’m walking down the staircase Daniel walks up the stairs and approaches me,
We were both looking down at the party and all the people dancing, then I see Margaret, Daniel look at me and notices I’m looking at Margaret and look at her. “go dance with her” I look at Daniel “What shall see me” Daniel smokes and hands me a mask “where this” we both look back at Margaret. “Come on go dance with her” I will down the stairs and walk over to her, I start dancing close behind her, I move my body close to her body I whisper in her ear “Hey” she it’s a head slightly and whispers back “Hey” I went down from her ear to her neck, brushing I lips against her neck, I take a big breath in smelling her perfume, I start kissing down her neck, with my hands on her body.

Daniel pov
I’m standing on the staircase watching Robert and Margaret, I smart to myself.

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