The Sexy Little Girl Lives Across The Street

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Triple Choc Please

Three days after the party

Margaret pov
I walk out of school and see Daniel in a black convertible I hear people around me whispering about Daniel, I what down the ramp towards Daniel’s car Daniel look at me “your parents aren’t home so they asked me to pick you up” I getting the left side of the car and driver off, “The guy, from the party other day, he like you no” “yeah right, he probably can’t remember what he did the other day,” I sigh “Come on you know high school, he is and, I’m not” “come on i me show you something.” We drive up to a ice cream bar we both walking to the ice cream bar I look down at all the different flavours of ice cream, “what flavour do you want ?” “Triple Choc,” do you want one ? “nah I’m good” I look up and see Robert in a green apron, and a Little white hat he stares at me he snaps out of his trance “Um that will be $3.30”. Daniel gives him the $3.30 and put $3.00 in the tip jar, we walk out of the ice cream bar, Daniel drives me home I set there eating my ice cream, and Daniel drove me in silence.

Robert pov
I’m standing there in the hallway I watch Margaret walk down the ramp and getting into the back convertible and drive-away, and went to work.

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