The Sexy Little Girl Lives Across The Street

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Sexy Little Girl

Margaret pov
Robert came over so we could work on our science project we were walking up the stairs to my room “your parents are away a lot” “yeah my dad has this job that makes him travel a lot” we finally get my room. Robert standing there scanning the room, he look at me, are eyes locked. He walks over to me and smashes he’s lips against mine, he pulls away and look deeply into my eyes “i’ve always loved you” he kisses me again but more softly this time, I full backwards onto the bed, Robert crawls on top still kiss my lips me Robert kisses down my neck, he takes he’s out shirt and I take all my close off and Takes his jeans off and crawls on top of me kissing my lips then slowly kiss is my neck. Robert shoves he’s Dick inside me and starts thrusting we are both moaning i’m lying there with Robert shut this holding me, “you know that guy pushed you and made you to drop all your books, I belted he later, when you’re in year seven and that guy stole your phone I tracked he down, and got your phone back” “that was the day you showed up school black eye”and when they star talking about you, I always stand up for you” and he told me about these things he’s done for me that I never new.

The New day a School

Robert pulls me out of science class
and drags me to the back of the school he pins me facing the wall, he puts his hand down the back of my jeans and massages my clit with his fingers I whimper he shoves his fingers in into my vagina and starts thrusting with his fingers making me moan he says into my ear “i’ll give you Pleasure when you need it”.

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