The Sexy Little Girl Lives Across The Street

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Why Aren't You Happy Of The Girl Of My Dreams

A few days later

We walk in to the dining room of Robert’s house, Robert’s arm is wrapped around my waist Roberts parents walk out of a little room beside the dining room that’s the kitchen his mother short, but chubby woman, she has a Bob with blonde hair. Well his father looks like what every other father supposed to look like, toll that with a moustache. “Mum, Dad, this is the girl I’ve been talking about” “Roberts told us so many things about you” Robert told me to go upstairs to his room so I could start our science project.

Robert pov
My mum was sitting down at the dining room table “Robert can I talk to you for one minute” “um sure” I set down next to my mum “you like this girl since you were 5, isn’t it time to move on” she gives me a concerned look “with one of those girls Tiffany”
I starter angrily “I can’t believe you can’t be happy for me, I finally going out with the girl I’ve been dreaming about, the only reason why I went out with those girls is because of my statice”
I stormed off and go upstairs.

Margaret pov
I’m sitting at Roberts desk I could hear Robert arguing with his mum
about me Robert run upstairs comes up to me and hugs me.

Later on that day

I’m at Daniels house I’m in one of the rooms I see Daniel walk up the stairs he was a bit drunk so it was more like I was babysitting him then me, he’s sways side to side why he walks “hhhhaaayyy” he slurs “ha,ha,” he walks over to me well mudlarks waze, and pins me against the wall he moves in close he stunk of alcohol “one-day, I what’s going to ask you out” he laughs his wicked laugh when he gets like this and smashes his lips against mine my eyes are wide open I push on the way “what the hell are you doing”.

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