The Sexy Little Girl Lives Across The Street

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Walking home

Robert Pov
I’m standing there with my friends i’m staring right past one of the guys in my group i’m staring at Margaret, Tiffany looks at Margaret then looks back at me “there been rumours going around you been going out with that girl,it could ruin your reputation” and then laughed I push through my friends why are you say “I don’t care about reputation” I smash my lips against Margaret, I deepen the kiss all the cool kids look at me in shock.

Margaret Pov
I’m walking home with Robert, Robert is holding my hand he looks down at me and smile and looks away i’m looking at Robert he smiling ear to ear I smile and look away. “Hey” Daniel waves with a smile we Both turn are heads to see Who it was Robert and I smile back “hey” Robert yells back.

The end

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