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As his body slowly pushes up against mine my mind screaming yes, my hand make their way slowly up his back my nails dug into his back as his sweat dripped down his chest he slowly moves my leg up. "don't worry I won't let you go" he says before he pushes deeper into me. hello author here to say. all rights reserved to me this is a mental illness and also cross dressing book but will also have boy on boy parts. this book shall not be published anywhere else nor copied follow me on this bumpy road and see how far we can go but remember tho shall always start Touchless.

Romance / Drama
myrA Little
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The awakening

I walk away from the little coffee shop next to my office. The shop is not really well known but they can bet they have my money. I very much enjoy the peace and the service is just divine.

As I continue to praise the little shop in my mind I almost walk face first into the lobby doors. I push down the embarrassment. Nothing can ruin my day, not only did they have green tea but their coffee is absolutely fantastic.

I like their little theme a day idea. Today, the theme was books. The waitress not only served, she read to little kids who came in, which I find to be great.

I focus in on the tapping of my dress shoes as I walk past my secretary desk. "You have a meeting today at 3pm," Tanya says. I walk into my office with my dad sitting at my desk having a conversation with some guy in a suit. "Ms. Lloyd?" I yell for Tanya. She walks in and flips her blond hair. "Oh, also there is a visitor in your office." I nod, looking around.

I only hired her because I thought we could use more girls around here. She was also with my dad's company for 4 years before me.

I thought she would help me settle in but she acts so much like a bitch to everyone.

I have been the C.E.O for 3 months. Everyone respects me, but Tanya is gone catch these hands. I was so caught up in my own thoughts I didn't realize it was almost 2:30 pm. Wednesdays always seem to get away from me.

Oh right, my dad. I look to him and he bows his head as a greeting. Do I really want to ask? I really don't but I have to. "What are you doing here, Dad?" I ask as I grab my computer and fix my tie.

"Oh, you know, business that you should be handling. How many times do I have to tell you---."

I tune him out; he does this all the time. He wants me to act more like a girl with a skirt and heels and hair, whereas I am OK with a pantsuit and a bun.

I start to sing Moana’s “How Far I'll Go.” He grabs my arm. "Rian, I just think maybe you should take some time off," he says.

"Dad, it's not that I can't handle this. You just don't trust me enough to do this." I groan as he puts on his lecture face.

"This is not over. We will talk about it at home." he says.

I have changed those locks so many times but he asks the guards to let him in. Sadly the guards use to work for him so they have grand respect for him.

I sigh and stand in the elevator as it closes with my dad on the other side. this building has 36 floors and I'm on the top. I press the 35th floor and lean against the wall.

Why must my dad torment me? He must feel I was having a good day. I stand straight as the elevator comes to a halt. I make my way down the halls pass my employees. They bow their heads as a greeting. I do the same.

My workplace runs as this: you get what you give. Give respect, get respect. I place my gloved hand on the door, opening it only to find a man with a beard. His blue eyes are almost captivating; they hold you and make you want to ask who hurt him. His cheek bones seem to be so sharp they could cut through steel. Why am I focused on his face? I mean, his shoulders say he was a football player. I think he must have been a football player.

His proposal is very plain, I wish it had some-- never mind. I really just want him to be more concise and to the point I want him to act out his meaning. I want to say no but business says that this is for the best. "We can talk more about this later, I have an emergency." My British accent thick, he bows and goes for a hand shake. I shake my head and walk by him.

" I will have my secretary contact you," I announce as we make our way to the elevator. I get on my personal elevator that leads directly into a secret passage that allows me into my office.

That guy seems OK but my head would have busted with his simple words. I sit back in my chair and sing a bunch of Disney songs. "At last I see the light," I sing as I spin in my chair. Oh, today has been hard, and it's only been two hours. How did I put up with two hours‽

If I sneak out, I can go home and relax. That is exactly my plan. But I must wait until my rounds come up. My dad walks back into my office with a smile on his face. "Hello, Father, how may I help you?" I speak with a deep British accent. He just sets papers on my desk. I sit up a bit, reading the papers. I start to lose my cool, looking closely at what was just passed to me.

How dare this bastard! He can't do this!? Right?!?!?!?!

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