International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Part two of Tour Series ~ First book is What Happens on Tour. Following the success of their regional Tour, the adventures of Brax, Charlie and the band continue a year later as they get their International breakthrough. Invited on a Six week tour through Canada what unravels will have you ready to pull your hair out. . . . . . or pee your pants laughing, there is no half way. Will they navigate International waters unscathed, or will an old foe in Richard test the bands unity beyond repair?

Romance / Humor
Luci Fer
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Chapter One - Brax POV

It had been a year since the success of our regional tour and things had gone from strength to strength. We had been back in the studio for the last six months solid, getting ready to release our next album. We had been called to the office today however for a meeting with Marcus and some of the other executives.

I rolled over in bed to my favourite midget as our bedside alarm started to blare. "Make it stop cutie." I mumbled into my pillow as I tried to get comfortable again.

She reached out and finally turned it off before laying back down. "What time did you get in Batman? I didn't hear you get home?"

"Late baby. I feel like I just went to bed." She turned in my arms and stroked my face, running her nails up into my hair. "Hmm that's nice." Charlie asked what time my meeting was and I had to quickly rack my brain before telling her eleven. I heard her say she would call me an hour before to make sure I was up and added "Ring the home phone. My mobile is on, do not disturb."

"Alright. I've got to get showered and ready for work, love you. Go back to sleep." I told Charlie I loved her too and without opening my eyes as I knew she was awake, I pushed my lips out to her signalling I wanted a kiss. I didn't have to wait too long before I felt the soft skin of her hand on my cheek before her lips touched mine, moistening them with the sweet nectar of her.

All too quickly she was gone and before I could register too much, I had nodded off again. I woke to the phone ringing a few hours later and answered it, still half asleep. I knew it was just midget anyway making sure I was up. "Talk dirty to me, sexy."

"I don't really see you that way bro, sorry." Fuck! Of course it was Chester. When I said he was supposed to be Charlie, I heard the amusement in his reply. "Clearly. I'm your wake-up call. Midget got stuck in a meeting. So still want me to talk dirty to you?

"Nope, I'm good. I'm up."

"Damn! I am better than I thought if you're already up." We both laughed as I bid the loser goodbye and said I would see him soon.

Twenty minutes later I was showered, dressed and driving into town to the studio. After expert navigation of Sydney gridlocked traffic, I headed in and up to Charlie's office. When she wasn't there I decided to head back out for a smoke and message her. "Cutie, I am here on time and I am exhausted. You're not even here to meet me."

"I am two minutes away babe. I promise I will take care of you tonight, early dinner, bath then into bed for a nude massage." I had barely read the message and smirked to myself when I saw another one come through from her. "That was a nice massage. Damn auto correct."

I laughed and replied, I was fine with the nude massage too. "Actually, we have an appointment at Four, I forgot to tell you." Charlie asked where we were going and I was about to reply when out of the corner of my eye, I saw her walk around the corner. Dressed in a checked mini skirt, black and white with gold accessories, and a knitted black turtleneck sweater, her luscious legs were drinking me in. Coupled with her beautiful golden hair, down as I loved it, I still couldn't believe how lucky I got.

I pushed off the wall I was leant again and went to meet her. I moved in to give her a deep kiss as I gripped her hip giving it a gentle squeeze. "Hi cutie, you look gorgeous."

"Thanks baby, And where are we going at Four?" Charlie looped her arm around my waist as we walked the short distance to the office. I told her it was a surprise and sucked her teeth at me. "Like that is it? Such a shame, if I knew what it was and I liked it, I could have had all day to plan that nude massage for you." Charlie stepped away from me and walked backwards towards her office as she waved and smirked. "Hope your meeting goes well babe, come find me afterwards."

"Evil Midget! It's not nice to tease a man like that, especially when he has to go into an important meeting." She giggled and I blew her another kiss as I headed off to the boardroom for the meeting.

When I arrived I was greeted by everyone waiting when Shane said it was about time. "Shut up man, it's not even eleven yet."

"Gives you time to wipe midget's lip gloss off then." Fuck, of course you had to point that out Chester. I quickly wiped my mouth as Mark highlighted his disappointment.

"I don't know, I was quite drawn to your lips man. You should have kept it on." We laughed as I ran over and started humping Mark in his chair. Of course, just as I did that Marcus and the rest of the executives walked in. The rest of the guys were still chuckling as I took my seat.

After the long nights we have had in the studio, I was mentally fucked when we walked out two and a half hours later. I had a few things to sort before I met Charlie, and we headed off to our appointment.

I got back to the office at twenty past three and went straight to her office to pick her up. She was in there, busily working away on her computer and hadn't noticed me standing in her door frame. "Hey cutie, want to go for a ride?" Charlie looked up at me and gave me that million dollar smile she reserves just for me before asking how the meeting went. "Really good. I'll tell you all about it, but right now we have to get going."

"Alright babe, let me pack up. Are you going to tell me where we are going yet?"

"On the way. It's only about twenty minutes." Charlie packed up and I took her hand as we walked to the car. I put her stuff in and we got in the car and on the road when she turned and asked about the meeting again. I reached over and placed my hand on her leg, rubbing her soft silky skin. Even after all this time, I loved the feel of her legs under my fingers. "Great. In fact I needed to ask what your schedule was like next month? I need you to clear it for six weeks."

"Agh, I would have to check babe, why is that?" So I turned to look at her quickly and asked her what she thought when I said Canada. "Love to go. Especially to watch hockey." I smiled at Charlie. I seriously loved this girl, everything was so easy with her. "What's that got to do with the meeting though? Are you thinking of taking a break before the album release?"

"Well, I am going overseas before it comes out." Charlie glared at me much to my amusement.

"Dude! Why are you being so cryptic?" Now she made me chuckle as I asked her since when did I get demoted to dude? "Brax! The meeting?"

"Ok, well we are going on tour again. To Canada." Now she was squealing, and while it sounded like nails down a chalkboard to me, I loved her shared passion in what I did.

"Holy shit babe! That's fantastic for you guys. I am so proud of you baby."

"Well, Marcus negotiated it so we could take our photographer from the last tour. After all, it was our biggest success." Charlie turned in her seat barely able to contain her excitement as she asked if I was fucking with her? "You think I would leave you for six weeks babe? You're out of your mind."

"Holy shit Brax, I fucking love you. We can go to a hockey game right?" I cracked up laughing at her and promised we would see a game. Charlie grabbed my hand on her leg and entwined our fingers, giving them a squeeze. The smile on her face was everything. I just hoped she was as happy when she saw the next surprise of the day. "So where are we going anyway? I told Charlie I needed her to get some photos for me of a property. "Are you considering using it for one of your video clips or something?

"Yeah, something like that." She nodded and looked out the window as we continued our journey. We soon pulled up and she grabbed her camera while I walked around to help Charlie out of the car. We headed down the driveway to the property.

In front of was an expansive Architecturally designed Industrial home. While from the road it looked one level, it was built in reverse so the second level went down and opened up into a pool, spa and entertainment area, concealed from the road.

I went to the lock box as I was instructed and got the keys to let us inside to have a look around.

I smiled as Charlie walked around taking various pictures and once she had finished inside I led her out the back on the lower level. "Holy shit, these views are breathtaking babe." The infinity pool and spa overlooked the forest that the suburb backed on to, with no prying neighbours behind. "I didn't realise it was two levels when we came in. It's built down instead of up and quite deceiving."

I smiled at her taking it all in before asking "So what do you think? Reckon you could make this work?" Charlie said without question before chuckling and I asked her why.

"We've spoken about our dream home at length. . ." I agreed we had before she continued. "And this pretty much ticks every box. It has the privacy of being on a bigger block, and no neighbours behind. It's not too far from the city, but far enough to have rural views, the Industrial yet modern feel of the interior. Pool and spa, and the down stairs level which is perfect if we have to work from home. You could even have that studio you always wanted."

"So when do you want to move in?" Charlie didn't register what I had said for a few seconds and then I saw her eyes bug out. I love it when I catch her off guard and the shock that adorns her face melts my heart.

"Say that again."

"I said Charlotte Bancroft. . ." I stepped closer to her. "When do you want to move in?" I was now close enough to her to wrap Charlie up in my arms and pull her closer to me. "We had a tough time working out where to live when we first moved in together eight months ago. I don't want you to always feel like you live at my house as you said, so let's rent it out too, like you did with yours. Let's move into our home baby."

Charlie scrunched her nose, the way she always does when I hit her in the feels, and in return she knocked the wind out of me again. She's the most adorable thing ever in my eyes. "You want to buy a house with me Brax?"

"I found our dream home babe, so all that's left is your signature on the paperwork and it's ours in thirty day."

"Just when I thought I couldn't love you anymore than I already did." She slid her arm up mine, over my collar and up to my neck. Applying a bit of pressure she pulled my head down to meet hers as our lips found their way to each other, moving as one as we got lost in the sensuality of our embrace. I eventually pulled back slightly and looked down into her eyes. "So, is that a yes?"

Charlie nodded her head, never breaking eye contact. "It's a yes Batman."

"I love you Robin." I picked her up off the ground and smashed my lips on hers as she wrapped her arms around my neck, accepting my tongue between her lips as we got lost in one another. Breathlessly we pulled apart and stared into the other's eyes as I continued holding her up.

Charlie brought her hand around to stroke my cheek before smiling at me. "You are so getting laid tonight handsome."

"You're fucking amazing baby. I can't wait to call this our home." As I saw the smile spread across her face, I was overcome with the same feeling I had been experiencing for months. It was on my mind even more since I found this house for us. So when we got back from Canada, I had every intention to make her my wife. . . If I can bite my tongue that long!

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