International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Ten - Charlie’s POV

We got back to the house and I had barely stepped foot inside when Chester picked me up, and threw me over his shoulder. "Brax! Sort this baboon out." I saw Brax turn quickly when I squealed, and his natural instinct to laugh was quickly replaced with a blank stare as he made eye contact with Monkey.

"Why are you touching her?" Amusement painted my face as Chester stuttered over his words trying to explain his innocence. Brax lifted his eyebrow, even more so when Chester sat me down on the marble top of the kitchen island.

"Negative stereotyping here?" The little shit held his finger up to my mouth quieting me. I watched as he walked over to the lounge and picked up the chop bowl and rolling papers before heading back to me. "What?" A confusion flushed my face.

Chester stood wiggling his fingers in my face, convinced I had used witchcraft in order to roll like that. When I rolled my eyes, he made it known it was impossible to roll something that long. "That's not the only long thing she's good at with her hands."

"Brax!" The boys fell over laughing as my head shot to him and I waved my finger in his face. Marcus roared in hysteria when Chester was the one to tell Brax not to speak to me like that in front of other people, it was just rude.

"Well, do this voodoo already." I looked sideways at Brax as he winked at me, before I shrugged my shoulders and set about it. Five minutes later I threw it at Chester as I sat on the edge of the island kicking my feed. Yeah, okay I was feeling pretty smug.

"Her fingers went so fast." Chester grabbed my hand and started wiggling them, seeing if they detached as I slapped him for the fool he is. Amongst the ruckus we heard a knock at the door and Chester went bouncing across the floor quicker than we could blink.

"Aww I think he's got a band crush." After flipping me off he opened the door and greeted everyone. The drinks were flowing as the introductions continued and Marcus came over with the other band's manager.

"Nick, this is Charlie, our photographer slash marketing guru and Brax's partner." Nick extended his hand for a firm shake with a warm smile on his face. A very tall and lanky man with blonde hair, mid thirties, but yet his tower disposition was inviting and warm.

"Great to meet you Charlie. I've seen some of your work on the band's social media. It's extremely impressive." I grabbed them both a beer as we chatted further before we heard Brett shouting from the kitchen island. As I looked over I saw him holding my joint up inspecting it under the light.

When he asked who rolled it, Monkey pointed to me as Brett nodded his head impressed. "She grows extra fingers when she does it. Witchcraft man." When Brett thought he was serious for a minute, I sucked my teeth as I explained he was a baboon.

We grabbed the bowl and some blunts, while everyone picked a drink and took a seat. When I took up a fur throw and put it over our laps Brax smirked and asked if I was comfortable. Teasing me as I always say I loved the cold, he joked about getting me some slippers, pillows, a dressing gown? "I'd settle for you to stop poking me in the butt."

When the rest of the group giggled at him he looked at me horrified proclaiming his innocence until I too chuckled. "Cheeky shit."

A few hours later empty beer cans or spirit bottles lay scattered, discarded wherever they became empty. My vision was slightly blurred at this stage, but not enough to be completely incoherent to my surroundings. After grabbing another beer for Brax and I, I sat back in his lap and heard Marcus talking. "What's the worst shit you ever did as a kid then man?"

When Liam said he cost his parents five grand on purpose I nearly spat my drink out asking how? "We were overseas for dad in Singapore. He had promised to take us to Sentosa but his meeting ran late. I called him a fucking asshole because we weren't going anymore. He thought it would be clever to wash my mouth out with soap, that was until I ate it and it got stuck in my throat. His work paid for the trip, but it was his responsibility to sort out insurance, which he did not. He had to pay the full hospital bill before they would discharge me."

I was still shaking my head when Chester said he blew the park up across from his house as a kid. "Holy fuck!" The shock on my face found favour with the guys as they all laughed.

"We tried to make a napalm bomb with an ice cream container. Ended up melting that and all the swings in the park when he exploded."

"I smashed my sister's car window out with a slingshot and metal ball bearing. While sitting in the car and she was driving." Mark explained he had snuck it in and tried to shoot out the car window of a guy he hated, only problem was, he forgot to wind the window down first.

"You rookie!" He agreed with Brax sentiment when April asked what was the worst thing we had ever done to a partner. "Only one? I have a catalogue." When I highlighted to Brax that wasn't something to be proud of he pointed out I would have a bible surely.

"I think the time you drew on her face with a permanent pen was pretty good. Until she used her witchcraft again and managed to get it off without scrubbing." Kendall and April looked at Liam shocked when he said that and asked what I used. I waved my hand at them and indicated to lean over so the guys didn't hear.

When I whispered how I used the isocol they both burst out laughing calling my idea genius. When Kendall said it was so simple I couldn't help but add "Just like our boys. But if I had to go with my favourite, I would say it was the time Brax insisted on coming shopping with me, wouldn't you agree babe?"

The disgusted look on his face as he tried to push me off his lap had me chuckling. Of course Chester couldn't wait to ask what I did. "I was tormenting her in Honey Birdette. She took some underwear in and I waited until I knew she would be getting unchanged. On the loud side I said I couldn't wait to get her home so I could take them off with my teeth."

Everyone that knew me well enough cracked up, picturing the look of horror and embarrassment on my face. "Yeah, but who got the last laugh babe?"

"Well Evil Midget here heard some people laughing so replied to me at the top of her voice, 'you know when I tell mum and dad what you said they are going to ground you' as everyone around me looked on in horror." Now the hysterics were at Brax's expense I felt proud as punch.


I woke the next morning to Brax leaning over the top of me, tickling my cheeks with the strands of my own hair. "Quit it you pest, I'm sleeping." His voice was saturated with sarcasm as he asked if I was hungover. "No, I'm tired."

"Sucks when you're trying to sleep and someone keeps pestering you, doesn't it?" I snorted at Brax calling him a funny fucker before pulling the blanket up further. Not satisfied with that, Brax pulled it back as he rolled on top of me and started tickling my face and chest with the stubble on his face. I gripped his head in my hands, squealing and trying to push him off.

"Alright you baboon, I'm awake!" When he sat up on my hips beating his chest and insisting he was a caveman I shook my head giggling at him. "You're an idiot. I'm awake ok. But why?"

"I've got a surprise. But I need you to come with me to the studio." Brax was so damn lucky I loved him because this bed was unbelievably comfortable, it was quite literally like sleeping on a bed of clouds, that moulded perfectly to every curve and movement your body made. Brax agreed and said he had even checked the label on the mattress. And this man was everything, I too had done the same thing.

When I asked Brax to get me some coffee while I went for a shower his eyebrows did that evil crooked smirk when I knew what was to come. "Fine, get in the damn shower."

We'd showered and dressed, and after grabbing our coats sat down at the kitchen island to have a coffee before we left. When Marcus walked out and asked where we were off to, it was Brax that answered before I could. "I'm meeting Chris down at the studio to work through some songs and playlists before we hit the road. Charlie was awake, so she said she would come with me for the drive."

What the fuck? No I didn't! I didn't get to voice that as Brax planted his lips over mine and glared at me as if to say he would explain it all soon. As he drank the last of his coffee, taking our mugs over to the sink he told Marcus we would see them in a few hours before we locked up and made our way to the car.

When Brax still wouldn't tell me what was really going on, I turned my head away from him to look out the car window, not before he reached over and took my hand. I felt him bring it up to his lips and kissed my fingers softly before dropping my hand in his lap, holding it tight. "Behave for a little bit longer please, I promise it will be worth it." A cheeky grin spread across my face as I rolled my eyes at him, much to his delight.

After arriving at the studio Brax took my hand and led me inside, before we arrived at a studio occupied by Chris and Nick. Brax stuck his head around the corner and waved to Chris who came racing out. "Hey man! Good to see you. Thanks for a good night, looking forward to getting out on the road with you lot."

Chris asked what brought us down to the studio when Brax reached into his pocket and waved a folded piece of paper at Chris. "I came bearing gifts." I watched between Brax and Chris as he leaned back against one of the soundboards, furiously reading whatever Brax had handed him.

He took his time, and I could have sworn he read whatever it was more than once or twice. His eyes darted across the page, too much excitement to contain as he drank in every word. "You wrote this since we spoke?" Brax wrote something? He never mentioned it, but when I saw him nod it was confirmed. "This is tight! Are you free now? Do you want to stick around and we can mix it in?"

"For sure, bro." Brax grabbed my hand and led me over to the couch at the back and I sat down next to him as Chris called Nick out. When they shouted for some techs I had to ask Brax what was going on. "Chris asked me to write a rap verse for their new song. So I agreed, it's a mad tune." I smiled at him, knowing an international collaboration was a huge step for them. "I wanted you here for it, because there's a personal touch in there. Just for you, Charlie."

I froze, realising what he just said. My eyes locked on his as I saw nothing but love seep from every gaze his eyes threw back at me. "Awww baby, did I just hit you in the feels? Your eye bugged out."

The shock had only slightly waned when I reached out and took his hand. "You wrote a song for me?"

"Well, a verse. But yes Charlie, it's for you."

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