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Chapter Eleven - Brax’s POV

With true love you feel like the other is the reason your life is beautiful. It is when you're lost in those eyes, those thoughts and you think of them every moment. Loving someone is the best feeling in the world, and I couldn't imagine any other way than immortalising my love for her through song. "Say something, cutie."

"Can I read it?" I reached for the piece of paper, handing it to her. I felt a tiny shake in my hand, this was the most nerve wracking moment of my life. It meant so much to me.

They treat the act of reading another person like a book as something so simple. People make it sound like you can just look at someone and know exactly what they are thinking at all times, but that can't be the case, can it? I've heard that the eyes are a window to the soul but they aren't just a hole in a wall. I suppose nobody can really know, maybe that is a good thing or maybe it is a curse. One thing is for sure, humans are complicated and amazing creatures, so don't even try to look through the window until you can walk through the door.

I prayed as she read it, and then read it over again she would remember the night I was referring to. So when she finally reacted I was startled, but hoping this was a good sign.

Charlie giggled like a schoolgirl, a thing she did a lot when she felt happy. . . Man, I swear even the birds shut up to hear her beautiful laughter emerging and filling the air with gorgeous sounds coming from deep in her chest, composing what's still today my favourite song. I saw tears roll down her face and my eyebrow raised. "Oh my god babe, this is the best. I can't believe you picked that night."

I moved closer to her on the couch, sliding my arm around her tiny waist as I brushed those beautiful golden locks back. "Are you sure you like it?"

"I love it Batman, and it's so us. I remember that night perfectly. Chester pointed to you and said you had your Mary Jane on one side. . ."

"And my Charlie on the other." Her eyes twinkled, brighter than the night skies we saw on our travels, brighter than a shooting comment as I stroked the soft skin on her face, her body melting into me. "Plus it's your name, my song and it's out there forever baby. Just like you and I are."

I began taking the initiative and rubbed her smooth stomach, navel and her velvety legs as I held her in my arms. Nick and Chris were working in the booth over, but I couldn't have cared less, not that it would have mattered as we were obscured from sight. Before long we were making out on the couch. We took turns letting our tongues twirl, touch and lick. I let her tongue inside my mouth for a while before pushing her body against mine as I probed into hers. Our saliva mixed as I slipped my hand inside her jacked scooping up her beautiful breast. "Brax. . . Brax stop, we have to stop."

"I know." Her tongue dived back in my mouth and I took it with no questions as my hands rubbed up and down her beautiful body. I heard the studio door open and gave her a soft kiss, pulling back.

"Brax! Chris just showed me what you wrote. This is great man." I thanked Nick as he came over and shook my hand. "Can you give us maybe half an hour, forty five minutes then we can lock it down, if you have the time?" I said that wasn't a problem, we were happy to wait as Nick explained he was waiting for the sound technician they wanted to use to arrive.

He was leaving now so in the meantime Nick and Chris said they were heading to get some coffees down the road. I offered some money for Charlie and I but they wouldn't take it, and told us to make ourselves comfortable while we waited. "We won't be too long guys."

They headed out while we waited for the technician to get down here and I got up, taking Charlie's hand. She walked up to me provocatively and started kissing my mouth. I could still taste myself on her lips from earlier. When she took a step back and looked into my eyes hard, I twitched my head slightly as I spoke. "I thought we agreed we couldn't do this? You're making it really hard, Charlie."

Her eyes roamed my body before landing on my crotch, a smirk creeping across her lips as she continued to flaunt her sexy body, ignoring me. I sat on the large leather chair meant for the sound engineer, and looked sideways at Charlie who was leaning into a side control panel. Her panties were visible just under her navel, leaving me questioning if she had done that on purpose.

I looked on in lust at her smooth stomach and navel. Charlie turned around and I could see her panty string and the bulge of her firm cheeks. As she looked through a rolodex perpetuating her seduction I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up, sticking my middle and index fingers in my mouth to wet them. I lowered her bottoms in a firm grip with my left hand, and inserted my two moist fingers inside her. "Brax!"

Her heavy moan as she lurched forward did nothing to stop me. I kept fingering her slowly, or quickly depending on how her body reacted, stopping momentarily when I remembered where we were. After making sure the others weren't back I resumed, kneeling down, giving her left ass cheek a series of kisses. "Mmm Brax."

"What baby? Is this what you wanted?" Charlie nodded with her back turned to me, her palms stiff against the panel and her head hunched down. I kept my fingers moving, as her plump cheeks wiggled a little against my knuckles. I must have continued for two minutes straight because her pulled down panties were getting soaked under my hand.

I pulled my fingers out of her and kissed her on the mouth. I wanted to taste the raw wetness of her, I wanted as much of her saliva on me as possible. I fondled her bare ass cheeks with both hands. My stubble rubbed against her silky chin as I kissed her neck and returned to her mouth, tasting her tongue. I couldn't stop the growl that came from me as I lurched for her. "Come here, cutie."

I yanked Charlie's pulled-down pants making her take three steps toward me as I sat on the chair and began undressing. I was too worked up and knew we didn't have much time. She quickly pulled her pants down and posed for me with a seductive look on her face as I watched from the chair.

Charlie approached in just the tee shirt that she had on under her jumper. Opting to put her shoes back on when she complained about the cold floor, it wasn't long before she had straddled me on the chair. As I got her tee shirt off, I felt the urge to sniff it. Her secretions on the fabric made it sacred to me. I wanted to keep it with me forever.

Charlie moaned as I lowered her bra cups, exposing her peaks of perfection. I began nursing on them, rubbing, kissing and licking them. "Oh god, I love the taste of you. Every inch of you."

I kept repeating as I bit and suckled on the flesh of her tender nipples, able to feel all of her against my wet tongue. With my right hand, I pulled my erection and lined up against her slit, parting past it. As I pushed inside Charlie opened her mouth. "Yes Charlie!"

I roared as I offered her my arms so she could hold herself up. Charlie kept gasping, looking down as I pushed up giving her body a few hard thrusts, while ripping deeper inside her.

She felt like a ripe peach, bursting under my hardness, sheathing me in her magic, the tiny drops of her juices shining under the dull lighting. I held her up with my hand on her ass; the ridge of my ring finger spread across her rosebud as we began building momentum.

Charlie rode me on that chair and we began fucking hard, knowing we didn't have much time. She moaned out and I couldn't help spank her beautiful ass as she began bouncing furiously on my lap. I ran my hands up and down her back and ass, both of Charlie's breasts began rocking up and down, her erect nipples poking out.

"Fuck! Charlie, I want you from behind." Not wanting her to feel the cold floor, I carried her over to the couch where we shared our kiss earlier. I stood as she got on all fours on the couch with her back to me.

I watched her creamy back arch in the dim light, as I began fucking her again, thrusting inside of her as I held her hips and spanked her ass. Droplets of sweat poured from me onto her back. Her blonde mane of hair covered her face, her plump ass cheeks were being crushed against my sweaty pelvis with each thrust as the flesh on her ass rippled when I sunk into her again and again. I desperately wanted to paint her womb from the inside and consummate this act of savage love.

Rivulets of her fresh sweat ran down her glistening back to her ass. Staring at her sensual spine fully arched for me, I spat on my hand and spanked her tight ass, hard. After a while I held onto her shoulders for more control, her warm fluids running down me. "Aww Charlie! I'm going to come. Where? Where do you want me?" I mumbled between grunts.

"Inside me Brax, please." I pulled out of her, flipped her over on her back as I entered her for a third time. I felt Charlie wrap her legs around my lower torso, her shoes denting my cheeks as she did. I pulled them back and apart as I kept plowing her. She had gorgeous fucking legs. I loved them, and I began licking them up and down as I fucked her like a wild man in that recording studio.

With that I began to feel her orgasm build. Her nose shrivelled up cutely and then her jaw tensed. She closed her eyes tightly, her entire face flushed as she let out a throaty cry of satisfaction. I waited a little after she came, just looking at her body below me as she enjoyed her pleasure.

Once she regrouped I propped one of her legs up on my chest and fucked her faster and harder, my balls slapping hard against her, the flesh on her thighs vibrating with the impacts. I pulled that leg back and high and kept banging away as I leaned in on her, making out with her deeply, as we looked lovingly into each other's eyes.

I held her gaze as I prepared to release myself into her, feeling it ready. I came so hard into Charlie that I felt my whole body spasm as it passed through me. A hard orgasm cutting deep into me, making my whole body shiver as my love seeped deep inside her.

We lay together spent, drained, dehydrated. Two bodies soaked in sweat, senses overloaded in a cocktail of raw emotion, love and sex. "You're so bad, baby."

"I love being bad with you, but it's time to get dressed now cutie." We got up and pulled our clothes on, while Charlie headed to the bathroom to tidy up, I straightened the studio, hiding all evidence of the way in which we just defiled it.

I was sitting on the couch when she returned as we smiled at each other coyly. "Come here, beautiful." I wrapped her in my arms, brushing some away as I leaned in to kiss her sweetly.

"Mmm, carefully baby. I am still so worked up." I raised my brow as my hand wandered down onto her butt, not before she slapped it away.

"Alright, no playing." I hugged her into me as we waited for the other's to return, scrolling through our phones to kill some time. When they finally walked back in handing us a coffee each, I was pumped and ready to do this.

I got in the recording booth ready as they sound proofed it and Nick played me the background track. We went over the mix a few times before we locked it down and started the record. We only had to do a few cuts and to be able to record that, with Charlie watching, knowing this one was for her, meant everything.

We had not long finished as Nick and Chris opened the booth and came in to congratulate me. I saw Charlie standing near the door, taking some photos to remember this moment and I couldn't help but smile at her. After thanking everyone, we took up our coats and I invited them all around tonight if they had nothing on. Nick said they would be there "And I will bring you a copy of the track, we should get the rest of it rolled in this afternoon."

When we got back into the car and Charlie took my head in both her hands, I turned to look at her. "Thank you Brax, I love you more than words do justice." She kissed me softly as I looked at her beautiful face. I knew I couldn't wait to get back to ask her to be my wife. I wanted this woman more than anything.

Fuck! I need to talk to Liam and fast, before I blow this plan out of the water.

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